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After he blocked the Golden Wheel, the French king and the old eunuch each vented their strength, and their palms were not tightly attached to the Golden Wheel, so they stabilized the overdraft capability of the old eunuch and stepped back. After Li Zhichang unloaded juli, he moved back and pressed the old eunuch’s chest to input a alcohol and force into the old eunuch’s body. The old eunuch’s face recovered a little ruddy, but his breathing was still a little short. He said that he was injured lightly. The old eunuch knew his own business. He never coughed on weekdays, but he was seriously injured. Instead, he didn’t cough and he couldn’t even force blood out. It was

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Turning around, Jane and Lian Ze left the coachman for a moment and muttered something about turning the car around and leaving.

"Sister, you are amazing. I feel much more comfortable in my heart!" Even ze laughed…