Pikachu, a pet with less flowers and less flowers, was taken back by his owner just after a "skill amplification" addiction. The flower in the elf ball was hard to hide from the scallop that was attacked by Pikachu. He angrily fought back and raised his light wand to attack. A large scallop was killed in seconds.
"All right, let me out of here," said Xia. Seeing that there was no one outside, the soft mushroom "wall" of the beast rang again. "Although I don’t want to say it, you can actually attack from my eyes and mouth."
"What? Why didn’t you say so earlier? "Xia is really overjoyed. A crispy wet nurse’s greatest weakness is defense, and the phrase" the beast of chastity "is simply that she has added a continuous defensive buff, and if someone attacks from behind her and she doesn’t find the beast of chastity, it is appropriate to take her to avoid the attack at a speed that is not in line with the" snow mark "
The "window" of the moral beast gently turned over and said, "If you weren’t too lazy and had enough food, I would have become an indomitable spirit."
What’s the indomitable spirit … Xia instantly remembered that the indomitable spirit of Chinese characters was "moral integrity" when she first met the moral integrity beast. However, the moral integrity beast has been harmonious in the afterlife online, and even if it grows again, it can be a huge mushroom instead of a word "moral integrity".
Somehow a little regret summer with a sigh.
"Gollum", a bubble of private chat, emerged, which is especially suitable for this beautiful underwater world.
"(whispering) Xia Xia Xiao Tao Xia Xia I have good news and bad news which do you want to hear first …"
Xia looked at Tao Yaoyao and sent a message. She was in a trance. Since she entered the underwater world, she can’t take Tao Yaoyao to train together. I don’t know if she is doing well on land, but it should be good to have Utopia.
"Let’s talk about the bad news first." Xia feels that it is better to be bitter before sweet than to be bitter before sweet.
"(whispering) The bad news for Xia Xia Xiaotao is … I may have to leave the game for a while."
Xia leng a what? Is it because the final exam hit too hard that Tao Yaoyao plans to drop the game this semester and concentrate on his studies? But she didn’t say during the day that the reason should be in the game.
"(whispering) The row where my store is located in Xia Xia, Xiaxia Xiaotao, was rented by a real company and came to my store."
What? !
Xia was a little anxious and said hello to Huahua Shaoshao and swam to a reef without scallops to report back to Tao Yaoyao.
"(whisper) summer Xia Xia rose what will happen? What company is so overbearing that rent is rented? Didn’t the shopkeepers protest? "
Tao Yaoyao’s equipment store is not long and its location is not good. It is far worse than the quiet Zhiyuan coffee shop and the wedding day bakery. Even the skill store hidden in the alley every day is not as good as Tianlan, but her reputation has been played out. Even though the store is remote, people still come here.
Thanks to the Utopian family patriarch, Mirror Fairy is a young and low-key young man who has set up a teahouse in that commercial street. At ordinary times, he usually plays chess with his guests and lives like a fairy in the city. When he heard the reason why Xia and Tao Yaoyao entered the game, he took the initiative to help a lot, including Tao Yaoyao’s fame.
After all, players who study sewing and smelting life are afraid of the smell of wine, and Xia and Tao Yaoyao have always been grateful to him. What’s more, Tao Yaoyao’s shop has also been funded by the fairy in the mirror, but he didn’t lend it to Tao Yaoyao but became a shareholder. But what should I do now that the shop is gone?
"(whispering) Xia Xia Xiaotao heard that the wd group was stationed there. It is necessary to build another big shopping mall there, which is as big as Dashun Shopping Mall. There will be various real-life shops in it, which is equivalent to moving the real wd shopping mall into the game Xia Xia. Then we can try on clothes together."
Although Tao Yaoyao’s message is written, Xia can see that her tone is not depressed at all but very heart.
"(whisper) Xia Xia Xiao Tao Xia Xia, what is the bad news for you? I can’t help but say the good news is … "
Tao Yaoyao sold it, but a private chat will arrive soon.
"(whispering) Xia Xia Xiaotao wd group gave a lot of’ demolition’. After I paid off the financial support of the fairy clan chief in the mirror, the gold coins left over and I saved up for so long were just enough to pay off my debts!"
Pay off debts?
Looking at these two words, Xia is a little afraid to ask Tao Yaoyao if this "debt repayment" means that she owes neil debt or …
"(whispering) Xia Xia Xiao Tao. Oh, I didn’t make it clear just now. I mean, all debts are yours and mine."
Summer looked at this sentence and suddenly his nose was sour and his eyes were hot.
Although good clothes and weapons make a lot of money, the skill proficiency needs to be accumulated bit by bit. Tao Yaoyao has to work as a clerk in her own small restaurant every day and wash dishes after closing time. Every game is late, and she has to make it up in the classroom during self-study the next morning. Even so, she still insists on making money for vr headphones and vr eye cards … This is really a very, very difficult thing.
"(whisper) Xia Xia rose Momo in summer … it’s very kind of you … I don’t know what to say to thank you …"
Far away on land, Tao Yaoyao saw this sentence like a cartoon, but her face showed a wry smile. She could imagine that Xia was grateful for tears, but did the fool forget something?
"(whispering) Xia Xia Xiaotao Xia Xia is the place where I bought your vr headset but didn’t give it to me. I was paying my debts, and there was another card payment. To be honest, I was a little tired after fighting for so long, and I just wanted to quit."
"But you can go to another place and start over. How about coming to the bottom of the sea?" Xia is a little anxious. She remembers that Tao Yaoyao first entered the game for the afterlife. There was no plug-in and no workshop life in online. The fact proved that she was right. It was only a little more than a winter vacation, and she earned the vr headset money, although it was a friendly price for her.
It’s a pity that she hasn’t made money for herself and her family.
"(whisper) Xia Xia Xiao Tao Xia Xia I’ve made up my mind. I want to concentrate on my study …"
Looking at Xia Falai, I feel sorry that Tao Yaoyao can’t even smile with a wry smile. Who but herself would know that she entered the game to find another person? However, Li Xiao’s confidential work has been done so well for so long that she has no clue. She brushes the news in the class group and Li Xiao and Weibo every day, but Li Xiao’s news is still too little. She is tired.
"Hey Momo!" Tao Yaoyao looked up and saw that Leng Wen knew that her Utopian family was most worried about freedom.
Tao Yaoyao has been in the family for a long time, but she didn’t know what her job is. Today, I saw her working as a clerk in Xiyingtian Bakery to learn to bake cute cookies or make delicious cream cakes by herself. The next day, I saw her go to Quiet Zhiyuan Coffee Shop to grind coffee by hand, and the day after tomorrow, she went to Tiantiantianlan Skills Store to make soy sauce … Occasionally, she came to Tao Yaoyao’s shop to help make a "model" and "try on" model, wearing those carefully built equipment to show to customers.
Later, Tao Yaoyao pieced together the coolness and warmth from the family chat channel, knowing that she was welcoming her niece to the game. It was purely for "playing". If she was not interested, she would change to a game that fully benefited the flexibility of the game, experience life and find something she was really interested in.
Compared with Tao Yaoyao, she feels that she is not playing games at all, but being played by games until her academic performance drops.
"Momo, you work so hard every day, and now you can finally have a rest." Leng Wen knew that "what are you going to do next?"
Without waiting for Tao Yaoyao to talk, he said, "Do you know that there are various training courses to be stationed with wd Shopping Mall this time? I’m going to learn lip language. Are you interested in going with me? There are many other skills to learn, all of which can be found in reality. "
Tao Yaoyao is a little strange. Leng Wen knows why she is interested in lip language, but she doesn’t ask her. She shakes her head and smiles and declines. She has an appointment with the fairy in the mirror of the patriarch to give him some gold coins, and after he deducts his own share, the remaining ones are converted into Huaxia coins according to the current exchange rate and transferred to her father’s account. Now it’s time to go to his teahouse.
"Huh?" Passing by, I realized that I looked at my barrage and said to myself, "The real photo of the first beautiful man in the afterlife has been exposed?"
This is a divination, but Tao Yaoyao’s heartbeat suddenly accelerated. She stopped to go to the teahouse, so she pulled out the unified panel from the search engine and entered the afterlife online forum.
At the same time, the thunder domain family channel also blew up
"The (family) clouds are falling. I saw the real photos of the deputy heads of families. How handsome!"
When Xia Gang saw this sentence, she heard a rainbow bubble burst suddenly. This prop has a duration of 3 minutes. Oxygen must be made in each bubble before the countdown is over, or she will drown. Xia just talked to Tao Yaoyao and forgot about it and didn’t notice the countdown next to Tong Shi.
I can’t swim in the summer, and my chest seems to be suddenly crushed by the sea. A big stone has tightened my neck. She wants to ask Huahua to help or ask the animals to float to the sea, but she can’t seem to speak or type.