"That’s true, and it took three days," the man replied truthfully.
"The potential list is 42, and the sword tablet list is 20, so the forest edge can be my opponent." The young man tapped the wooden table: "Go, I’ll go and see, he is my goal this time."
Wearing a blue long-distance running, the man reached the peak of the later period of Zifu directly, and his body was as majestic and powerful as the sea.
This man is the 21st blue water cloud in the potential list, and he has reached the peak in the later period of the purple mansion.
Come, his ranking is only 30. In the last six months, he has challenged the strong, and his strength ranking has also moved forward step by step, directly reaching the 21st place.
Yu Jianbei ranked in the list, but also 20, that is, he was just surpassed by Lin Yuan, and was ranked in the 21st place at this time.
"Did you find out where he lives?" Blue water cloud light asked, with a pressure in the sound.
"The hand has found out the position, just in front of a restaurant in Jianta District. I entered the restaurant and never came out."
"Ok, let’s leave now, and I’ll meet this person." Blue water cloud’s face is full of confidence, and his hand flashes through the blue spirit to show his decision.
Restaurant, Lin Yuan recalled his fight a little bit. For three days, he was the most basic swordsman. Although his realm did not change significantly, his understanding of kendo became deeper and deeper. What’s more, in his mind, his understanding of kendo became clearer and clearer.
The forest edge fights with others by lowering the boundary. This side is a practice. If every game is like this, the promotion is the fencing of the forest edge. Although the boundary cannot be promoted, however, one’s body is always absorbing spiritual power, and this root does not hinder it.
What he needs is fencing, fighting capacity, and the realm is auxiliary. Moreover, once he reaches the realm of Tao and soul, what he needs is no longer spiritual power, but sentiment. Now, with the help of the Heaven Tower in the Purple Mansion, the roots don’t have to be sharp and anxious. Lin Yuan is now feeling.
"Four Swords perished, and now I have just mastered it. Although I can barely display it, once I display it, I will be hurt myself." Lin Yuan estimated his trial in his heart.
"Unless you meet something dangerous, you must never display it." Lin Yuan decided in his heart.
What is the most important thing for a swordsman? It is to know his own strength, know yourself and know yourself first, and then know others. This is king.
"Linyuan, come out" is on the verge of thinking, and a sound penetrates the whole restaurant.
"Come, it’s so fast, but I don’t know the strength, such as" Lin Yuan’s heart changes, knowing that he has challenged, and his figure flashed and rose directly.
A blue figure, suspended in the forest, looked at the direction of the forest edge, with a proud look on his face.
Instantly, Lin Yuan’s figure also appeared in the middle school, his face was not broadcast in ancient and modern times, and he was not nervous at all, but he was a little happy.
That’s what I want, and that’s what I want. I want you to challenge me.
"You are Lin Yuan, with a potential list of 42 and a sword honour list of 20. It seems that you are deeply hidden," said the blue shirt teenager.
"Are these important?" Lin yuan a light smile, asks
"Isn’t that the potential list of 21 blue water clouds? It seems that there is a lot to see."
"Yes, Lin Yuan challenged the sword honour list to belong to his 20, and now it is occupied by Lin Yuan, so it is natural to get it back, but I didn’t expect this blue water cloud to be here."
"We have a good show. This time, it is definitely a peak confrontation!"
Someone exclaimed, waiting for a big war to start.
"Yes, you are qualified to be my opponent. However, you are just an opponent. You will be the cornerstone of my peak." Lan Shuiyun sneered and entered the ancient battlefield, challenging many fighters step by step, and he also developed a sense of pride.
"You are confident, but it’s a pity that confidence won’t let you beat me."
Lin Yuan admits that the blue water cloud is very strong, and its own strength makes it reach the late strength of the purple mansion, and the potential list is 21 and the sword honour list is 20, and its combat skills will definitely be amazing.
Smell speech, blue water cloud laughed, "I didn’t guess wrong, you just broke through the late purple mansion. It seems that you did kill Yan Yunlong with the help of the middle purple mansion. Although you are a strong opponent, don’t overestimate yourself."
"Your arrogance is too early."
Finishing a garment unlined upper garment, the back of the forest edge is straight, and a firm but gentle wave is coming out. qiankun sword appears, blooming purple and golden light, clanking.
"You talk too much nonsense, do it!"
"Since everyone wants to beat each other, let’s do it!" A blue magic weapon appeared in the blue water cloud hand, and the glittering and translucent sword was like a handle made of ice.
In the blue water cloud, the sword appeared instantly, and the surrounding temperature also dropped rapidly. The whole, transient became silent.
"Attribute spirit!"
Lin Yuan was slightly surprised. I didn’t expect this blue water cloud to have such a magic weapon, which will greatly increase his strength.
Qiang Qiang!
Qiankun sword instantly unsheathed, and the forest edge waved a purple-gold ripple, ready to test the destructive power of the blue water cloud.
Purple-gold sword awn contains terrorist destructive power and attack power. When the opposite blue water cloud touches it, it immediately explodes continuously.
"It seems that he is really a strong enemy, so that he is qualified and does not waste his challenge to Jianta."
The edge of the forest flashed back, and in front of it, the blue sword awn rushed over. It was just two firm but gentle blows that formed gas strength, and it was torn in an instant, and a crack appeared.
Bang bang bang bang bang!
Shape to draw an arc, the forest edge shape directly back, to avoid these waves, followed by a purple-gold barrier, and some tables and chairs near him, it is blackened.
"Yes, I have the strength to fight with me."
Blue water cloud nodded with a smile, hands endless, series of firm but gentle from the blue spirit, twisted firm but gentle vibration, flyby everywhere, blocking the dead angle.
Lin Yuan is not the kind of person who doesn’t know how to fight back. In his hand, qiankun sword instantly attacked, and a huge sword fern carried the terrorist power, flying in vain, and the speed increased by times.
Purple-gold sword awn shuttled in the middle, at the same time, the blue firm but gentle shining like thunder also sent out a killing move, and the blue firm but gentle shot out instantly.
Violet gold shock wave instantaneous explosion, blue shock wave moment crazy spread.
"Ha ha, you are still a little young."