Recalling the picture of the day, Yuding is still a bit concerned.
"This …"
It’s the first time for everyone to hear about it, but it’s a little shocking at the moment. The heaven is really different before.
"Listen to teacher younger brother said that being original just now is really not feasible."
Shook his head and said
Then everyone talked with each other for a long time, and everyone didn’t discuss any feasible methods.
"The only way to do this is to rob the court."
See all discuss along while also didn’t say a feasible plan to jade tripod reality bitten to grind mouth and said
"robbing the court?"
They smell speech some uncertain asks.
"Yes, it’s robbing the court!"
"Together, we can definitely save Yang Jian’s mother from the demon-cutting platform."
Jade tripod reality nodded and repeated
"This is also a way!"
After careful consideration, they nodded their heads, which is indeed a feasible way.
It may not be very strong to explain and teach Twelve Jinxian to pull it out alone, but twelve people working together can really win the first world war
In addition, the Canadian God has given them a magic weapon, even in the face of the quasi-holy strong, they also have the ability to protect themselves.
So it is not difficult to rescue Yang Jian’s mother from heaven if they join hands.
It would be easier to deal with the aftermath after rescuing Yang Jian’s mother.
What, do you dare to go to Kunlun Mountain to be important?
"Ok, let’s do it!"
After the heart has decided, everyone nods in succession.
At this time, the brothers are still not ready to break up. Naturally, they are willing to share their worries and solve problems, far from leaving Kunlun Mountain and going their own way like later generations.
"Being original, this generation of villain Yang Jian thanked you!"
See all nodded and agreed to jade tripod without hesitation. The real heart was very touched and couldn’t help but salute them.
"They are all brothers in the same family, and they have to wait for me to be polite?"
Seeing this, Taiyi reality hurriedly stepped in the previous step to hold Yuding reality and not let him worship Yu Jiejiao, who also nodded and said yes.
So it’s a deal to rob the giving court and save Yang Jian.
There is a better and faster way to save Yang Jian’s mother besides robbing the court.
That is, the real jade tripod went to see Yuan Tianzun and begged him to come forward to save Yang Jian.
What does Yuan Tianzun need to do? He needs to write a letter to Hao Tian, so please be gentle and ask Hao Tian to give him a face and put Yang Jian away.
In this case, will Heaven of Science refute Yuan Tianzun’s face with a Yang Jian?
Nature is Yang Jian after a period of time to find a header to put him.
But it is such a simple way to teach Twelve Jinxian, but no one says it.
Did they not think of it?
It’s not such a simple way that they can’t fail to think of it.
Now that they think of it, they don’t say it’s ridiculous, of course
Let Yuan Tianzun face the needs of Heaven of Science, which will make Yuan Tianzun lose face in front of Heaven of Science. Therefore, even if he tries to rob the giving court to explain his brother, Yuan Tianzun will not be allowed to come forward.
It’s very expensive to explain your face
Time flies quickly to the fake Yao Ji Yang Jian execution day.
On this day, two North and South God of War led Leiyu elite to personally hold up the fake Yao Ji Yang Jian, and they came to the stage of beheading immortals outside the worse gate.
The location of the demon-chopping platform is not far from the worse gate. The purpose of setting up the demon-chopping platform here is naturally to warn all beings.
Chapter seven hundred GouChen heavenly palace
All sentient beings in the three realms can clearly see the scene of the execution outside the worse gate.
Seeing this, all sentient beings are afraid, which naturally serves as a warning.
However, setting up the Nantianmen Gate outside Sendai can warn all beings, but it also gives some people the opportunity to take the opportunity.
It’s like robbing the court!
Even outside the worse heaven, it is much more convenient to start work here than inside the heaven.
Do you know that those brothers are sure to successfully rob the court and rescue Yang Jian’s mother? It’s not just because you cut Sendai that you’re outside the worse gate.
Once successful, they can directly escape into the wild land, which can be said to be very convenient
If they cut the inside of Sendai Heaven, they should think about whether to rob the giving court or not.
Because even in heaven, they successfully rescued Yang Jian, and his mother couldn’t get away easily. There is a high probability that she will be suppressed by heaven.
On the day of pulling Yang Jian to cut Sendai, the soldiers pressed him hard and knelt down.
Then there was a long wait.
There is no need to choose a good time to kill people in heaven, but since we want to warn all beings, we must choose someone to maximize our goals.
Waiting now is just a reaction to all beings in the three realms so that they can look here.
In a flash, an hour has passed and a month has passed.