In 3 minutes, Bayern finally broke the deadlock. Ribery took the ball to the left and cut the front of the restricted area with a long-range shot. Joe Hart blocked the ball from Muller and made up the shot and was magically saved by the goalkeeper. But soon Gomez outflanked and made up the shot again at close range to help Bayern 1 lead.
"The ball went into Bayern and took the lead!" Duan Haha explained the Bundesliga, but because Bayern’s opponent is a national player, Sun Yao Manchester City, his voice also converges slightly.
"Bayern is really great. This is the Champions League competition jngyàn! The situation is actually equal for both sides, but Bayern can seize the opportunity to give each other a fatal blow at the crucial moment! "
Seeing that the half-time game was about to end, Bayern scored another goal in stoppage time. Croce sent the ball into the penalty area. Van Bitten threw his head and attacked the door and was blocked by Joe Hart. Then Gomez and his left foot made up the shot and Joe Hart blocked it, or tried to stop the ball from entering the net. Bayern expanded the score by 2.
It seems that Bayern’s victory has been decided!
Manchester City’s wild talk before the game seems to be a handle for their opponents to tease zj after the game.
The atmosphere in the dressing room is obviously not very good. The bench is not general méyou, but Mancini obviously believes that zj is starting these guys now.
Mancini’s adjustment at half-time was that Likarov changed Barry.
This move is to hope that the team will stabilize the game and at the same time recognize that Krarov’s offensive ability is better than Barry’s. bjng organizes offensive words, méyou, Bariatura Toure and David? Silva also did well.
However, the final effect seems to be not much different from Barry’s presence in shhou.
Ten minutes into the game jnháng, Sun Yao finally stepped forward.
The protagonist should naturally reflect the value of zj at the key moment!
"I don’t want to end up like this. How can I prove that I have been here without leaving some shme here!" Sun Yao cold way
Facing Ram shjè is one of the most reassuring wingers at right-back.
Bayern Munich field captain
Sun Yao was in front of him at half-time and méyou got too many chances, but this time Sun Yao was ready to break through Ram!
Ram is also very serious about it and méyou let his guard down when the team leads by two goals!
Instantaneous Sun Yao started a continuous change of direction plus a false move after the change of direction breakthrough!
Snake step plus quick start
The ball soul wonderful football G m: njao let Ram take a step and Sun Yao took advantage of it to kill the road.
Ram, on the other hand, was quick to react, and the second reaction and teammate Gustavo temporarily resisted Sun Yao and posted it to Sun Yao.
Sun Yao saw that the situation was not good and broke through.
But out of the corner of his eye, he suddenly found Clichy on the side.
Sun Yao’s figure slowed down slightly, and the ball was directly sent to the front of zj side by Sun Yao’s heel, while the speed yjng sprinted up. Clichy naturally dumped Ram who was attracted by Sun Yao.
The flank assault is finally finished. Look at the last one.
Sun Yao went straight to the penalty area after the ball was finished.
Clichy directly!
Gao Zhe Ke and méyou headed the ball, but because of the scuffle between the two sides, méyou cleared the ball out of the penalty area.
Smart Aguero should never have poked the ball around Van Bitten.
However, boateng and yjng returned to the restricted area, and Schweinsteiger put shovels to stop Aguero’s shooting angle, which was blocked by Aguero’s ball, which also made Aguero lose zj’s shooting opportunity.
Aguero directly knocked the ball forward five meters in front of zj, and Sun Yao killed wèzh.
Almost everyone was attracted by Aguero to his side and yjng to Sun Yao.
Sun Yao, look at the ball. It’s time to head-on Neuer!
Shoot at the foot!
It’s a goal!
Manchester city pulled back a city!
Haha, this shhou section is naturally extremely excited. bjng, this is why Sun Yao is not excited about scoring!
Sun Yao méyou celebrated too much and went to the goal to pick up the ball and continue the game.