The result of demoralization is a debacle!
Players in the Yuen Long Club will go to Jiuchong just like mice see cats. If you avoid it, you will be lucky. Where will Jiuchong rush? Players in the Yuen Long Club will be scattered in flight.
It’s hard to accept that the national players can kill tens of thousands of troops in Yuen Long with only one eye.
Yamato national players are temporarily caught in a brain short circuit.
Their brains are short-circuited. Yamato Soul and Bushido brains are not short-circuited. It is a good time to beat up Reservoir Dogs when the guild channel ordered all Yamato national fighters, "All Yamato national members are ordered to fight out of the city and destroy the rabbits of the Yuen Long Association."
"Oh … Oh!" When I heard the call of Yamato Soul, Yamato national players came out like a dream. They recovered from the shock caused by Jiuchong, and roared and rushed out of the city. Together with Jiuchong, they blocked the exhibition of down archers of Yuen Long Games.
In this fight, Daiwa national players were surprised to find that they all seemed to be getting worse. Just now, the players of the Yuen Long Club were so arrogant that they were killed by them with one blow.
After tasting the sweetness, the confidence of national players suddenly rose, and the momentum was like a rainbow, killing the enemy like a wolf!
Compared with the Yamato national party, the players of the Yuen Long Club have just swayed down a peg or two. At this moment, one by one, the dogs are in a hurry, and the Yamato national players are chased around like dogs and chickens.
"This ….. this is how to return a responsibility? What’s going on? !” Shan Zhen’s hands are clutching his head, and he is in a state of madness. He looks at the players who are heavily outnumbered in the array and shouts, "Somebody please kill this beast for me! Kill him. "
It’s a pity that these players in the Yuen Long Club have long been frightened by Jiuchong. Who dares to provoke this plague root? No one listens to the truth and runs away.
"Just now, you showed off in an ostentatious manner!" It’s a good thing that Shanzhen didn’t shout. This shout attracted Jiuzhong’s attention. He was found in the crowd. Jiuzhong immediately turned his spear and went straight to Shanzhen to kill him.
"Come … come … ah!" When I went to Jiuchong to kill Laishan by myself, I suddenly lost my soul and wanted to call for help. Unfortunately, Jiuchong had already killed him without saying anything, and directly smashed the mountain into a pool of meat.
Chapter two hundred and thirty-nine The tables have turned
There are still some scruples about the remnants of the Yuen Long Association coming to the mountain. Now that the mountain is really standing, there is nothing to be polite about. Run! With about 30,000 yuan left, the players of the Yuen Long Club immediately dispersed and fled.
Yamato national players will continue to catch up with Jiuchong and wave their hands. "If you don’t catch up, you can’t run away from the temple and go directly to the old lair of the Yuen Long Club!" Lead the way before your head! "
"Come with us if you are an expert!" Immediately, Yamato national players stopped chasing down the beaten army of the Yuen Long Club, but gave Jiuzhong the lead and rushed to Yuan Langcheng, the lair of the Yuen Long Club.
When Yamato Soul and Bushido saw this, they quickly summoned their mounts and rushed out of the city to chase Jiuda Soul and said, "Boss, my mount!"
"good!" Although I was running before, I was running high in the sky, but now I can’t make the virtual ability to run on the ground. I’m really not used to it.
Together with Bushido, Yamato Soul drove the mount to overtake Yamato National Army and took the lead to lead the team towards Yuen Long City.
Yamato City is not close to Yuen Long City. It is certainly much faster to send troops to the city than to go cross-country in this way, which can save a lot of time. Yamato Soul and Bushido naturally know this, but there is still a nine-fold. The nine-fold does not belong to the Japanese area, so the Japanese city can’t send troops. Considering this, they can go all the way to Yuen Long City.
Four minutes later, Yuen Long City appeared in public view.
The meeting hall of Yuen Long City Guild is dead, and the mountain is really furious. It is furious to throw a vase to the ground and swear, "How did this happen when I scolded the next door?" We are strong and strong, while the Yamato nation is a group of Uzbeks. Why will we lose? ! And is the man invited by the Yamato people today sacred? What would be so horrible and destructive? !”
Everyone shook their heads when they were reprimanded. "… I don’t know!"
"Then check it for the old man!" The mountain is really splitting. "Be sure to find out this beast for me and I’ll cut him to pieces! Go quickly-"
"Yes … yes!" These players were about to leave the meeting hall when suddenly a player ran in from the outside in a panic. "Report … Report … Report that President Yamato and the ethnic people have attacked our Yuen Long City, and now they are in the city!"
"What?" This mountain is really one leng. "This Yamato people are afraid of ambition and dare to attack me in Yuen Long City? !”
However, just after he finished, he thought of Jiuzhong and couldn’t help but arouse his spirits. "Tell all members of the Yuen Long Club to be on guard and guard against death!"
"Yes!" It is reported that the player has left the Chamber again.
Just now, those people who were about to go out to inquire about Jiuchong news asked, "President, should we continue to track down the Yamato people and invite the master?" !”
"Tracing a fart!" Although Shan Zhen was furious, he still kept his head and walked towards the outside of the chamber with a knife. "Let’s repel them first!"
Shanzhen came to the east of Yuen Long City and looked out of the city. The Yamato National Army was stationed at a mile outside the city and was ready to attack Yuen Long City at any time.
Drilling a hole and sweeping the mountain really roughly estimated that Yamato’s national strength is about 60 thousand. According to the fact that his city’s strength is half less, he can’t help but sneer at the corners of his mouth. It’s wishful thinking for people to want to break him in Yuen Long City.
But for a moment, his eyes turned to nine hearts sitting behind Yamato’s soul, and he couldn’t help but say, "Shit … this beast again."
Outside the city, Yamato Soul and Bushido looked up and sighed at the head of the city of Yuen Long. It’s really a turn of events to come to my house today!
Who would have thought that before, they were worried that the guild war day would be their end, and that the city would be destroyed and people would die, making Yuen Long a stepping stone to rule the whole map of Yingye, but now the roles of the two sides have been reversed by a hundred degrees, and they have become aggressors, and Yuen Long will soon become their stepping stone.
It’s really unexpected. People are doomed to misfortune. Things are often left unaddressed. You can sigh and make people feel bad! But this time, it is obvious that fate has taken care of them and given them such a big backer!
Shan Zhen’s soul and Bushido came to him, and Bushido shouted at the city with a commanding attitude, "Shan Zhen, don’t hide and see you!" I’m telling you, if you listen to the old man clearly, you can give him a gift. Maybe I’ll leave you a toilet cleaning job when you are still sensible! Dare to step over your Yuen Long City today. "
After bushido, it’s like taking a sauna. Don’t feel refreshed. It’s really comfortable to be so high up here. No wonder so many people want to get ahead!
"Mom Bushido, what the fuck are you?" I was so angry when I heard Bushido clamoring for Shanzhen’s nose. "Just because your Uzbek Yamato people want to step over me, Yuen Long City is really not afraid of the wind flashing your tongue!"
At this time, Jiuzhong jumped from the Yamato Soul Mount and came to the front of the battle line and said, "If the tree is not repaired, it will not be good to deal with such people without repairing it!" "Nine heavy lead and rushed towards Yuen Long City.
When Yamato Soul saw it, he quickly ordered Yamato national players to "flatten Yuen Long City for me"
"Kill" After the battle of Yamato City just now, Yamato national players are in full swing at this time. Although the average level is not as good as others’ strength, it is even worse than others’ strength, but now they are afraid of it. They are fierce and fearless, chasing Jiuchong towards Yuen Long City and killing it.
"attack! Attack "rushed to the mountain at Jiuchong Chaocheng. I quickly ordered the garrison troops to attack" give me fire in the middle to attack that beast. Don’t let him rush to the city. "
The players who will defend the city in Yuen Long have to make thousands of attacks pour like waterfalls at once, but the distance is still far. They can’t attack Jiuchong, so they completely block the distance in front of the city to prevent Jiuchong from invading.
"Hey … play with old water curtain cave! Then I’ll have one ~! " Say "Nine Heavens" and chant incantations and brew magic. After a burst of chanting, his hands suddenly lift up to the sky, holding "Forbidden Curse # Angry Storm".
Chapter two hundred and forty My god!
With Jiuchong’s hands in the air, three rows of black magic circle suddenly appeared side by side in the oblique side of the head of Yuen Long City, stretching for miles almost as long as the whole east wall of Yuen Long City.
Three rows of thousands of magic circles are rolling and turning, and the black light is extinguished and the indefinite arc is intertwined and flashing. An atmosphere of destruction covers the players guarding the city in Yuanlong City as if a great disaster is about to come.
When these magic circles run to the extreme, "boom-"seems to have opened a thousand kilograms of sluice gates, and rivers burst their banks, and the torrent rolled and made a loud noise. However, this torrent is not a current, but a rolling purple-black fire wave, which turned into a raging wave of anger. It was like nine days when the Milky Way flew down and the city head on the east side of Yuen Long was submerged in a sea of fire, and Yuen Long would block the offensive to an abrupt end.
It may be because of the burn that most of the fire magic released after the nine-fold combination is flame, and the properties are all purple-black magic burn flame.
As soon as the curse was released, Huo Ran accelerated like a left arrow and crossed hundreds of meters to kill the city and came to the gate.
"… hurricane!" Jiuzhong first used the incidental skill of shooting stars to catch the moon to enter the ultra-high-speed attack state, and then swung his dragon’s teeth in his hand and danced like the wind, waving a curtain to bombard the city gate exhibition of Yuen Long like a storm.
The attribute of Nine Heavenly Bodies is really abnormal, even if it doesn’t make the double-artifact, double-fierce ghosts with fierce attack power settle for the second place, it will make damage per second as high as the dragon’s teeth with holy spirit level. Plus, the defense force and blood volume of the Yuen Long Huicheng Gate are also really abnormal. Generally, after three seconds of violent bombing of Nine Heavenly Bodies, it will be destroyed by a "bang".
Shan Zhen suffered a loss in Jiuchong’s hands. He played magic and played it by ear. He slipped faster than a rabbit and fled the city to avoid a bullet.
But in the future, I have to be glad that I heard a loud bang and went to the East Gate. The nine-fold evil figure broke in from outside the city. The mountain really went crazy. "Damn it, how did this beast destroy the gate so quickly?" ! Stop him quickly! Stop him! Can’t let him into the city. "
Let’s just say that these players are nine times worse than thousands of miles. It’s easy to smash them, and they can’t stop them at all. Now the situation is that they dare not stop them at all
Fifty thousand main battle players of Yuen Long Club have just been killed by Jiuchong in Dahe City. These people have already been terrified by Jiuchong. Seeing Jiuchong is like seeing athel Loren, and they can’t afford a trace of resistance.
At Jiuchong, they smashed their strong gates into the city like tofu. These players who just returned from the defeat of Yamato City finally decided to run!