Lin Chong plays with AWIC all over the world.
While studying the accidental acquisition of gadgets
That’s the incarnation of the machine
After all, it is too convenient to carry out all kinds of scientific experiments with the help of lingshi, and there is no need to go further and further, and do something purely scientific and industrial.
When the most advanced VR technology on the earth is the combination of artificial intelligence and robot technology AI technology, Lin Chong suddenly found that he could turn this AR body double into a real’ incarnation’ when he got the root fruit and brought the Confucian orthodoxy and inheritance of Kunlun to the earth.
This is the embodiment of the machine
"This is very clever …" Lin Chong visited the most advanced AR technology in a most advanced AR brand factory.
AR augmented reality is a technology that combines virtual technology with reality.
Since buzhoushan brought AI technology to the earth 140 years ago, VR technology has developed rapidly and the derivative AR branch has flourished.
At present, AR can’t afford to send all kinds of machines. body double can’t afford to go out and see thousands of miles from a distance by means of scenic browsing and sensory delivery.
And the machine body double is the size of a bee, so that the graphite dilute pool can be charged for three minutes and fly for ten hours.
"Xiandi’s adult, if you are interested in purchasing, we can make you a product that is most suitable for your production, and you will be satisfied." The chairman of the manufacturer promoted it in time.
Followed by a large number of reporters constantly pulling the camera shutter.
Recently, the news of Vientiane Xiandi Earth is always in the headlines.
"I really need some machines, body double," said Lin Chong.
"That’s great!" Half-bald chairman feels that his forehead is glowing, and he can imagine what his company’s stock will look like if there is an immortal emperor.
The earth enterprises that were visited by Vientiane Xiandi before have now become fountains in the stock market.
"The technology should be as simple as possible, and the structure should be as simple as possible. The only requirement is that the battery life should be as long as possible, preferably biology and solar energy." Lin Chong said as the chairman noted.
And at the first time, I went to the science center of the card ball and went to the technician and the chief engineer in turn. I didn’t ask what the gold master’s father was going to do, and they could make body double!
Lin Chong received a large number of orders from the earth in the past two months, involving industries such as planting (residents in the physical world purchase excellent species), high technology (machines, high-tech industrial lathes in body double, etc.), cultural industry (importing 100 high-quality earth shadows to Kai Jie) … and so on.
It took about seventy billion yuan in two months. For Lin Chong at this moment, it’s a number anyway. He has seen that thirty percent of the income scale including the demon system chip Life Energy System (Shennong, Peng Zu) belongs to him.
One hundred and forty years later, this is an astronomical figure that can buy the territory and residents of several small countries.
After counting the personal property of Vientiane Xiandi, a wealth ranking immediately ranked him first, which opened a new era for the rich to calculate their personal property.
After buy buy bought it.
You have to face the problem of how to transport things home.
The earth belongs to the queen of the dragon.
In addition to the annual exchange of materials, the two sides can transfer materials
At present, it has added the Zao Fu and the human world channel.
Twelve-day official association of Zao Fu for transferring large items with limited transfer capacity.
Humans can transfer terrans, although they have a single function, but they are strong enough to cross the limit of the number of people in the world channel.
The earth’s connection to all worlds through the celestial prayer is limited, but it can be transferred to the celestial crossing.
Let’s ship it to Yueluotian first.
Especially those machines, they will have a lot to offer when body double explores the living world.