"That looks unfamiliar is physique? So tough! " Smell three younger brother thought amazing words wind yue wanted to think to guess "should be similar to your monster beast JingXie quenching body …"
Popular reached over his shoulder and teased, "Why don’t you feel that he is cruel and overbearing now?"
Feng Si grinned and then jumped forward and waved his legs. "Bang ~ the foot broke and the fist broke out in the whistling mountain forest … handsome and violent!"
Looking at the third brother who is waving his fists, Feng Yue spoils and falls with a smile. The last fashion is to look back at Luo Yu Xiaofan and smile …
The periphery of the southern foot of Qingqiu
Luo Yu wore a black mask and walked with a bottle gourd in his hand, drinking without a bite.
Seeing the founder humming a ditty and jumping with a smile, Xiao Fanluo asked, "So heart?"
Xiao Fan suddenly turned around and patted the bulging bag and looked at Luo Yu. Xi Xi smiled. "~ Of course, it’s because I got a lot of spirit crystal demon Dan and our horse can leave here to talk about the forest."
Luo Yu came forward and shook the gourd in his hand, so he wondered, "Who said anything about leaving here?"
"What?" Xiao Fan immediately dialed the wine bottle gourd in front of him and looked at Luo Yu in surprise and asked, "Sir, didn’t you tell the three siblings to leave for Qingling Town? You also sent them a first-order demon Dan. I can see and hear it. "
Luo Yu raised the wine gourd and tapped her forehead with a smile and scolded "stupid"
Xiao Fan hugged his forehead angrily and muttered, "Dan Lao said that you can’t knock on your head. Knocking too much will make you a fool! Come on, you said you were leaving, and now you say I’m stupid … "
See small who actually Dan old saying is feather so serious nodded.
Stay small any hands away from the forehead, his load on her head and knocked a smile "you believe an old man with a bad mind to talk? Who do you say I don’t knock? "
Without a headache, Xiao Fan suddenly remembered Dan’s madness and suddenly stood in shock and said, "Yes!"
Then she depressed with feather bowed their heads and stuffy behind asked "that said to go to the town of green spirit but inseparable? If you can’t say it, you can’t knock me again, let alone say I’m stupid. "
"Good ~" Say Luo Yu casually dressed as an old man and shook his head with his hands behind his back to dispel doubts. "Now all the monsters at the southern foot of Qingqiu Mountain are hiding, but most of them have self-protection ability. The three brothers and sisters used to be the ancestors of Qiu Shui clan, but it is still difficult for Qiu Shui clan. We have destroyed most of the disciples of this peripheral monarch and most of them have left. What will happen if we leave this three brothers and sisters at this time?"
Hearing Luo Yu’s words, Xiaofan looked up at the sky and thought, "Without the monster beast, there will naturally be more people. They should continue to hunt the monster beast, right?"
Luo Yu nodded and affirmed "Yes"
At the moment, although Luo Yu is sure of words, Xiao Fan still asks doubtfully, "Then don’t we have to leave?" I said yes. "
Turned around and shook the wine gourd Luo Yu laughed. "You think it’s right, that’s right."
"ah! ?” Looking at the gaping little Fan Luoyu then says, "Here’s the key! Previously, we killed the disciples of Jiu Yuejun’s family, who had already flown swords. The family will definitely send someone to look for us soon, and it’s all settled, but I don’t want to leave now because there are still your family in the middle of the southern foothills of Qingqiu, and I also need a higher-level demon Dan to upgrade my physique. We are away from the periphery, not the southern foothills of Qingqiu. "
Listen to Luo Yu said that Xiao Fan was suddenly surprised. "Sir, we want to go deep into the middle? Don’t say that there is a second-order monster beast, just say that several disciples in your family are all refining gas. dzogchen has two scales in the middle … "
Said Xiao Fan and looked anxiously at Luo Yu.
Los feather look as usual to the depths of the forest faint way "no, there will always be a chance to dark"
Xiao Fan nodded his head and asked, "But your family already knows about this, and it is bound to send a strong man. How can we get away when we get there?"
I heard Xiao Fan’s worry that Luo Yu stopped and smiled. "This is why I told the three brothers and sisters that we left. First, we spread a fog to confuse the audience, and then we went into the middle of the foothills to hide. Your family came to check and ask about the peripheral scattered repairs. I said that I was leaving on purpose. At that time, these three brothers and sisters played a role in knowing that we left the middle of the foothills …"
Luo Yu said this and Xiao Fan immediately clapped his hands and cheered, "Great, the three brothers and sisters will surely say that we have left for Qingling Town, and the disciples of your family in the middle of the foothills have never seen us, so that maybe your family will go to Qingling Town in the wrong direction to find out."
Touching Xiao Fan’s head, Luo Yu smiled. "Yes, this has delayed a lot, and sometimes this is our opportunity."
Suddenly Xiao Fan seemed to think of something and hurriedly asked, "Wouldn’t it be if they went to Qingling Town and found that we hadn’t been there …"
Feather wave is a gourd knock her forehead "stupid! Didn’t I ask the North Eleven couples to help me dress up as you and go to Qingling Town? "
Xiaofan was suddenly surprised. "Sir, you thought about retreating seven days ago?"
Luo Yu looked at the setting sun slanting south and looked at the endless mountains. He murmured, "It’s not a retreat, it’s a diversion."
Wangyaocheng lobby
Junshan sits high on the throne of sandalwood, and there are pale golden eyebrows hidden in it. Those long and narrow eyes are looking at the sight and respectfully stand an old deacon.
Since Junshan broke through in one fell swoop with the help of vitality, the long-term bodhi old zu protector, Master Jun, has no doubt ordered him to act as the temporary master. Junshan deserves to be the master elder brother of the Five Elements Sect, who is calm and capable, not to mention the size of the clan. He has handled it properly, which can be described as effortless and methodical. For many days, the clan has been flourishing, like Junshan, whose name is less, and it is praised by the eldest brother of the clan.
At the moment, Junshan is staring at the old deacon with a slight wrinkle in his brow, thoughtfully saying, "My disciples at the southern foot of Qingqiu actually died in less than half a month?" Deacon Shen, do you know whether that ghost face is human or not? "
The old deacon Shen’s name looked at his temples, which were quite old, and his forehead was already gray, and his beard was three inches as white as snow, but he looked hale and hearty.
He is the old deacon who is in charge of managing disciples in the clan, and even more, you have no doubt to arrange assistance to Junshan people. Although he is not good at repairing disciples, he is a good hand in handling disciples’ affairs. It is also much easier to have this assistance to Junshan, and Junshan, the old deacon, has always been treated with courtesy.
See "old deacon caressed the grizzled beard and thought," According to the flying sword, the ghost face is physically strong and can be killed by physical strength alone. I have never heard of such a character in the later stage of refining gas. In addition to our royal family, which clan family has refined and forged? Want to come should be scattered repair "
After listening to Shen Lao’s analysis, Junshan nodded and immediately asked, "Does that ghost face have a companion?"
Shen Lao shook his head and said, "The emergency message didn’t say that this ghost is wearing a ghost face, bandaged face, full of blood and red eyes like a spectre!"
Smell this junshan that looming pale gold heavy eyebrows suddenly wrinkled.