The more Emperor Jinglong looked at the paper, the more serious his expression became. Finally, he angrily slapped the console table. "What a Su Xianfei, what a vicious bitch!"
Qiye is also watching JingLong emperor after reading the paper and finally reading it, saying, "I didn’t expect that my brother was assassinated in Minnan and Su Xianfei wrote it! Zhang Heli Zuosang, these two people can really hide, and they actually take bribes. There must be a lot of them, and Su Xianfei’s family is also involved. "
Emperor jinglong ordered "to raid Zhangfu and Zuofu Sufu all night, and arrest both men and women!"
Recently, Emperor Jinglong couldn’t wait for a quarter of an hour, so he didn’t want to dispose of these conspiracies quickly, and let people directly open the palace door and enter the harem.
It’s too natural to be informed that it’s impossible to keep the lights of Queen Meng’s harem as bright as day.
When Taihe and Queen Meng arrived at Yifang Temple together, the Yifang Temple was full of guards coming in and out, and all the maids were tied up in one room and guarded with their mouths shut. From time to time, someone was pulled out to another room for interrogation.
On the way, the Queen of Taihe Meng obeyed and spoke a few words, "Su Xianfei conspired with her family Zhang Heli Zuosang to seek rebellion, which has been verified."
Queen Meng couldn’t believe that this would happen and hurried to Yifang Temple.
When I entered the door, I saw that I was sitting in the first saint, and the king of Jin was next to me.
I suddenly realized that a few days ago, the saint was assassinated, and I was afraid that it was a fake investigation of Su Xianfei. I saw that I was kneeling on the ground, although I was dressed neatly, but my hair was messy and abnormal. Queen Meng jumped on her forehead and went to salute.
Emperor Jinglong waved her hand so that she didn’t have to bother. "The queen is waiting for you."
At this time, Queen Meng doesn’t know whether to ask what’s going on first or how Su Xianfei, who is kneeling at the bottom, suddenly pops up to seek rebellion. But the king of Lian Jin is visible, and it’s not a cave.
Especially in the end, I can’t ask a word from Su Xianfei and Queen Meng with a quiet look on my knees.
The queen and Taidu both arrived at Emperor Jinglong and glanced at Su Xianfei with disgust. "Do you know Su Xuan’s crime?"
Su Xianfei looked up calmly, "I don’t know male and female servants."
"I don’t know!" Emperor Jinglong sneered and threw a pile of paper in front of her. "Look clearly, these are all Zhang Heli’s poems about them. You and your mother’s family deceived and accepted bribes to win over the courtiers’ party for selfish ends. At your instigation, you assassinated the King of Jin many times in the court two years ago when you were wooing South Fujian. Now you have been recruited. What else do you have to say?"
Su Xianfei denied that "who doesn’t know that the courtiers and concubines don’t get along very well with each other is what Zhang Heli and Zuo Sang did, and how can they, the courtiers and concubines of Su family, do such things?"
JingLong emperor sneer at a "deny? You’ve committed more than that. How dare you instigate the Four Emperors to get close to the feelings of their brothers, to harm them and poison them, and to frame the King of Jin for trying to seize the office of a poisonous woman! And you’re a bitch. You’re hooking up with a waiter. I really can’t find out. "
Su Xianfei’s calm face can no longer be maintained. Emperor Qianlong found out about Zhang Heli. If they want to deny themselves, they are fighting. But he even found out about all this? What else haven’t you found out?
And the four emperors …
She bit her teeth and forbeared to say nothing about it.
But Queen Meng was stunned.
"What? !” Meng queen fingers trembling ran at the first too "sheng son you poisoned? Where … "
Too busy holding Queen Meng to comfort, "Mother and child are fine, don’t worry, it’s fine. The poison has failed, and no son and minister are fine."
"Failure? ! ! !”
Su Xianfei didn’t resist the shock and looked up in disbelief.
Ridiculous! That’s ridiculous!
How can the drug still fail? ! Is it slippery?
It should be that he didn’t eat or ate less, but it can’t be ineffective!
Then heard JingLong emperor darkly sound "is invalid! Su Xuan, are you very disappointed? This is providence! You tried your best to make ginger candy containing poison for Xiao Si, trying to borrow his hand to send it to Tai Kou so that he could have a weak body, but you didn’t know that the poison had been left for years, and it was too bad for your stomach, so you were afraid and unexpected, right? "
Su Xianfei looked at Tai Wang again. Emperor Long never thought it would fail.
She’s been planning this for years, and this is the key link, and this is what happened?
Empress Meng was relieved when she heard about it, and then she looked at Su Xianfei, which was very complicated, angry and puzzled.
This is my own friendship from the boudoir. They were laughing and talking yesterday, but she actually killed her own son behind her back? !
Queen Meng was holding her hand and shaking slightly. She was held back by her chair and looked at Su Xianfei in a complicated way. He couldn’t accept it when she learned about it.
Not to mention that the Four Emperors regarded their brothers as loving Su Xianfei, because his mother was very kind, and he always respected her, but it seemed that he did not fight for her and secretly did so!
Listen to Emperor Jinglong’s anger and ask, "Where did you come from to say poison? Is it Gao? "
Just after asking Zhang, he walked out of Su Xianfei’s bedroom with a waiter holding a small box in his hand and lowering his head to the ground.
Chapter 36 Chapter 36
"That may be that you are pregnant with an evil seed and deliberately lead me to the past." Emperor Jinglong’s conspiracy theory came out and he couldn’t stop, and he became more and more suspicious that the Four Emperors were not his own children.
Su Xianfei deliberately buried the Four Emperors in front of Queen Meng, but she really loved him, especially now that she has lost her life, and she can’t let go of the Four Emperors. If the Four Emperors are questioned by Emperor Jinglong again, they don’t have to think about it all.
Just now, Su Xianfei was quibbling to deny that she could no longer bear it. "Saint, son is really your child, otherwise, male and female servants wouldn’t have planned to take away your son. No matter how bold male and female servants are, they dare not confuse the blood, and Lin Huai can’t make his daughter bear him. He can’t … I don’t believe you, ask the doctor too much."
Su Xianfei is convinced that this child is Emperor Jinglong because she knows very well that even if Lin Huai has left half of it, she can do something in the same room, and she has to use foreign things. He has no female fertility.
King Jin even knew that after a man went to the testicle W pill, he lost his androgen. Without sperm, he completely lost his fertility. Naturally, he couldn’t make a woman pregnant, so he whispered, "Brother really won’t make a woman pregnant."
Emperor jinglong knew that his younger brother had enjoyed the group, but he still called the doctor too much to ask the doctor too much, and he was on duty at this time, and he also verified the Jin Wang dialect with him.
Su Xianfei was relieved to be holy. Don’t be interested in the life of the Four Emperors, even if it is saved, otherwise a non-royal blood or adultery will definitely be put to death.
Emperor Jinglong’s suspicion is also a temporary cure-too-much and the words of the King of Jin. Naturally, he won’t suspect that the Four Emperors didn’t do it himself, but since he suspected that he had left traces in his heart and had Su Xianfei, the biological mother, he didn’t want to see the Four Emperors again in the future.
Because Emperor Jinglong suspected that Su Xianfei, who was born in the Four Emperors, had already confessed, but the specific Emperor Jinglong had to be interrogated clearly.
"When you have a rebellious attitude? Can Gao have it? " Emperor Jinglong deserves to be the emperor who hit Su Xianfei in a word. "If you honestly confess that I will give you a good time in front of the Four Emperors, otherwise the Four Emperors …" Is that if the Four Emperors threaten to justify and hide again, it will make her four Emperors not good.
Su Xianfei knows that Emperor Jinglong is very disgusted with her now.
Just now, I also suspected that if the birth of the Four Emperors made him unhappy again, it was very likely that he would be angry until the Four Emperors closed his eyes. "Well, I said, I will ask the Holy One to listen to whatever I want, for the sake of the childish Gu Rao Four Emperors to let him be safe."
Emperor Jinglong didn’t speak again. When Ken Su Xianfei spoke at this time, there were some things that he wanted to ask her personally whether she would waste Gao Guifei, or she would have been dragged to trial early.
"I’m an imperial concubine with some origins, but I’m not a saint." When Su Xianfei said this, she looked at me tonight. Since she came in, she asked Taina that sentence and never spoke again. Queen Meng suddenly smiled and called her boudoir name "Yun".