Taotao took out a rope with a hook and claw from the stone, hung the hook and claw at the mouth of the cave and jumped.
"The teacher elder sister-"The wind tried to hold her, but he jumped too late.
Taotao fell a little faster than Cui Xuanyi and grabbed his collar for a second before he was about to fall into the water.
Cui Xuan gasped in horror, but he was still in shock and showed a perfect smile. "It’s very kind of you, Sister Zhou Yu."
Taotao was so sick that she looked at her feet. The stagnant water was shallow and there was no biological suspension. There was no danger.
So she let go of her hand without hesitation. "You’d better go to the bubble."
Cui Xuan fell into the water defensively, and Taotao swung to the shore through the rope.
She looked up and saw the wind clinging to the surrounding rock walls, where the strange rocks were not smooth and naturally formed caves.
The wind reach into that hole and found a clay figurine with a body similar to that of a human.
The clay figurine has no facial features, and he holds a rusty wood knife in his hand. He just attacked peaches in the middle. It is it.
It is motionless at the moment, and the wind throws it. It falls into a dead lake and instantly melts into mud.
The wind jumped into the lake on the half rock wall and swam to the shore in a few minutes.
A piece of old paper floated slowly in the lake-it was originally sealed in the clay figurine.
Peach peach pick it up "this should be a puppet art? I’ve seen people do it before, but I didn’t expect mud to do it. "
The wind took off his clothes and wrung the dry water. "The clay figurine’s soul is not easy to control. There should have been a powerful spiritual master here. If it hadn’t been for too long when the spell was lost, the attack power of these clay figurines was far more than that."
Taotao looked at him. "What happened to your back?"
At this time, the wind can clearly see that his back skin has dozens of criss-crossing horror scars, each as long as half an arm, like a whip wound, but the wound has many external thorns and corners. Ordinary whips are not so sharp.
Wind dressing "nothing was injured when exorcising evil spirits before"
Taotao is dubious. "What evil can hurt you like this?"
"Very fierce and evil."
What I said is equivalent to not saying that if I send air to sign up for the nonsense contest, he must be the most powerful contender for this nonsense king
Taotao said, "I heard that grandmaster has engaged you in a marriage. You should protect yourself or the bride will see you covered in injuries in the future …"
"Sister" wind interrupted her, and her tone was a little cold. "I’m not engaged."
Taotao leng leng "didn’t order it, didn’t you order it?"
"Not fierce"
"You’re fierce," said Taotao. "You’ve been wrong since early. What’s wrong with you?"
The wind said "no"
"Ah," Taotao asked, "Are you blaming me? I didn’t discuss with you to deal with the fog demon with my own blood. I knew it was dangerous, but that was the only way I could think of at that time. "
"I don’t blame you, I blame myself."
"Blame yourself?"
The wind is low and says "not strong enough"
Taotao wants to comfort you. How can she not be strong? You have three spiritual veins at the age of twenty-three, or you are a top genius with the unique ability to break the magic light! If you’re not strong enough, don’t other spiritual teachers, including me, die of shame?
But she was just about to speak when she suddenly thought of a very important thing.
-what are there two people on this shore at the moment?
She looked at the still water lake and exclaimed, "Oh, no, that Cui won’t drown!"
Chapter 64 Chapter 64
God won’t create a second method to control the avatar.
Taotao is about to jump into the lake to find it, and the wind pulls her "leave him alone"
"There may be something evil in the water in case he dies …"
The wind said coldly, "It’s just right to die."