Seeing this, he hurriedly saluted the horse in January with a respectful manner, saying, "It’s rude for the elder to become a warrior."
Los feather hurriedly looked around before sad way "hidden travel please keep it a secret"
As soon as Tao Chengwu heard it, he immediately drank back and said, "You all back!"
All the foot soldiers to JiYingNuo far away.
Seeing that the left and right sides have retired, Tao Chengwu asked with a little excitement, "How did you come to the overpass?"
Los feather pointed to the north nai wry smile way "want to fly to the north and a line of fear of consuming shit to prepare this overpass, which ever thought of being questioned by foot soldiers to prove one’s identity and didn’t want to expose the Xuan door’s identity, so this situation"
Said the feather also stand stand hand out a pair of nai sample.
When Tao Chengwu heard it, he saw that his predecessors had been’ captured’ by his pawns! He immediately angered, "The elder can rest assured that Wu Ding will take care of those ignorant bastards."
"No, no, no" Luo Yu smiled with the wave and pointed to the distance. It seems that Wu Changdao is worried. "That corporal is good at respecting his duties and responsibilities, and he is careless and meticulous. Don’t be responsible for me."
Tao Chengwu stared at the corporal in the distance. When he saw the other side panicked, he withdrew his eyes and laughed. "The elder was too open-minded to blame the soldier of fortune. By the way, there will be a great war here soon, and the questioning will be very strict."
Tao Chengwu took out a bronze token and said, "The elder can hold this token. If it weren’t for the war, he could safely pass the north-south barrier."
Luo Yu smiled when he took the token, and the bronze medal disappeared with a move!
Seeing this skill, Tao Chengwu’s face was surprised. He knew that this elder must be a magic weapon.
And Luo Yu naturally looked at Tao Chengwu’s eyes with a slightly envious look in his surprise, so his backhand was called again and there was another dry bag!
Immediately handed it to Tao Chengwu. "This is a dry Kun bag. You should have heard of it, right?"
Tao Chengwu is also considered a monk. Naturally, he has heard of Gankun bag.
Don’t look at him and his brother Tao Chengwen. He is a general who rules a thousand armies, but he can fix the true world. It’s really nothing. He doesn’t have many crystal spirits! Two brothers are worse than casual repair! It’s a poor couple
They know that the dried Kun bag just can’t afford it! The two brothers have been to the fairy city in the capital city several times, but when they go shopping and have fun, they can have a long view of the world. What can they think about?
Looking at the dry bag, Tao Chengwu couldn’t speak, and his heart was jumping around and nodding.
Luo Yu saw and laughed. "I can’t help but say that this dry Kun bag has hundreds of crystal and ten pieces of gathering gas Dan as a thank-you gift."
"Psst ~ … this!" Tao Chengwu gasped and then hesitated!
This dry Kun bag, 100 crystal spirits and 10 gas gathering pills are all he needs now! If you have this elixir and crystal, he and his brother will be able to go to the next level, and there is even more money to buy two universal instruments, but this gift is too heavy! Too heavy for Tao Chengwu to accept.
Looking at the eyes, though eager, he hesitated to accept Tao Chengwu Luoyu’s heart secretly praised andao. This Tao Chengwu is a good person. It seems that Senior Brother has a good eye.
Seeing this, he forced the dry Kun bag into the hands of a surprised Tao Chengwu and immediately smiled and said, "Take it ~! If you feel guilty, take it to your master, and he will surely ask you to accept it, and maybe even call me stingy. "
"ah! ?” Tao Chengwu leng in situ!
How can such a precious thing be stingy?
Tao Chengwu is impulsive but not stupid! But for a moment, he reacted and added his master’s attitude. In front of him, he must be a master.
Thinking of this, he was even more respectful. He escorted Luo Yu all the way in.
Not to mention that when Tao Chengwu Fuyuan was not shallow and fragrant, Luo Yu gave him a dry Kun bag and other things, and God also taught him several sets of basic techniques such as water ring and rattan binding! I was so excited that I couldn’t wait for my brother to pay homage to Luoyu.
Todd inherited Bai Di’s inheritance, but after all, it is a vein of heavenly spirit, and others are yuan soul bodies. Naturally, there is not much obstacle, but the Tao Chengwu brothers are different. The celestial spirit clan’s skills are not suitable for their practice. They can learn some basic skills and their power is greatly reduced, while Luo Yu’s teaching is the basic skills of the five elements, which is naturally suitable for practice.
Prevention watched the figure of longitudinal horse north Tao Chengwu show gratitude.
Beside the corporal passive Nuo Nuo ChuiShou dare not speak.
Stay away from Luoyu, Tao Chengwen withdrew his eyes and was about to shout behind him, only to find that the guard corporal actually knelt down!
He immediately smiled, "Get up, the … adult praises you for respecting your duties and responsibilities."
"I dare not be humble!" The corporal also said irony to the general and immediately fell deeper!
Tao Chengwu laughed funny. "Why can’t you see your carelessness if you can’t understand everything?"
See the corporal smile apologetically looked up TaoChengWu nodded "hey ~ also really a little! All right, I’ll be in a good mood today. What’s your length? "
With that, he galloped in with a horse’s belly.
Looking at Mercedes-Benz and rolling away, corporal, oh, no! What is long? He immediately held his head high and sighed, "What a noble man! Meet a noble person! "
The pawn beside him was puzzled and asked, "who is the noble corporal?" Is it the spy? "
"What spy? Full of nonsense! " What long immediately rebuked way "that is noble and! After call me what long "
"Good corporal" foot soldiers responded heartlessly.
But in his heart, he seemed very puzzled. Didn’t he agree to be a spy? How did you become a noble person? If it’s really a noble, then the corporal has offended the noble, but how can he be promoted if he has offended the noble? Promoted to the rank, that’s the corporal. Yes, that’s the spy! But if it’s a spy.