The venerable Mohling came to the front, his eyes flashing, and he said sincerely, "Good deal will be the fairest deal in the world for you."
See Todd quietly looked at his ink spirit honour person and then said, "If you want to integrate the holy spirit Todd, you can help her. You want to protect your pool and you will become the first and second strongest in this mountain and sea for decades; Into this world trillion creatures look up to … God "
"Ha ha ha ~" Todd suddenly laughed face upwards, full of irony.
Laughing, he looked sarcastically at the Mohling Venerable Master. "Devil, it seems that this is not a fair deal."
Ink spirit honour person smile gather together to "Todd you are too clever! Of course, it’s really unfair to you, because once you combine the holy spirit and the sacred body, you will never be able to live in a square inch of mountain, but you … but you can be reborn with the step statue of the straight sky. You should know that I have been trapped for too long and I long for a broad world; Longing for the arrival of new students; Longing for free breathing feels even if it is to give up the status of the holy Buddha … to be your vassal. "
Listening to Mo Ling’s highly inflammatory speech, Todd watched quietly. Finally, he raised his mouth. "I have to say that it’s tempting to ask you to applaud, but the devil, you and I, Todd are idiots? Will you listen to your lie? "
"Oh ~ Todd" The venerable Mo Ling seemed very sad. He shook his head and sighed, "You know that you have Bai Dicheng or not. My roots can’t dominate you. Your will will eventually become your vassal. What are you hesitating about? Don’t you want to be strong? Don’t you want to control this magnificent world? Don’t you want to … save her? "
Said the ink spirit honour person lightly pointed to the money shine.
Smelling this, Todd was caught in a tangle, and his look changed, rain or shine …
Finally he shook his head and said, "No! You are a demon! You are a nightmare! I, Todd, will never let you out Even if it will lose all … "
Before Todd finished speaking, the venerable Mo Ling said faintly, "Does it include her life?"
As soon as this statement came out, Tao Dejue’s mind buzzed, and he sat down stupefied beside Qian Linger, trembling and stroking her hair in pain, muttering, "I can’t, she can’t, she won’t forgive my teacher, and she won’t forgive me … Are you going to show up?"
"Todd ….." The venerable Mohling also came to the side with earnest relief. "You never thought that I would appear if you needed me."
"no! ….. no, no! Not me, I didn’t … "Todd shook his head painfully. He looked at Qian Linger and explained something to her.
Looking at the pain and shaking his head, Mo Ling sighed, "It doesn’t matter for an hour … she is your favorite school sister … then the flame of life will go out forever."
TaoDeWen was a shock that touched the palm of your hand also stopped money shine earlobe edge.
Mo Ling Zun seems to be deeply touched. "Todd has to say that you make Zun sympathize with and touch others. It is ridiculous that you would rather give up your lover! Isn’t it ridiculous that you can’t save your beloved, but you keep hurting her, and you think the devil is always by your side trying to help you? "
Slowly approaching Todd’s back, the ink cloud wrapped around his arm finally fell on Todd’s shoulder. "Boy! Is this mountain and sea righteous and evil person determined? Only the strong won or lost 100,000 years ago. They made laws and wrote orders to divide good and evil … It’s just to control the world and exclude dissidents. There is a saying in mortals that’ the winner is the king and the loser is the coach’. Isn’t that right? The ants are still white, and you must be obsessed? "
The house was silent for a while, and the Venerable Mo Ling looked at Todd’s back with deep blue eyes flashing, while Todd just quietly looked at his eyes closed and Qian Shined.
I don’t know how long it took him to withdraw his arm and reveal a pure smile. He said faintly, "Don’t worry, junior sister, you will be fine."
Then he got up and laughed and faded away.
Exhale a mouthful of depressed gas Todd turned to look at the ink spirit honour person.
"I am willing to … trade"
The waning moon hangs high at night.
There is a weak bonfire in a rock hundreds of miles outside Zhaodu City, and the red flame is swaying slowly in the breeze.
Two dog, a small fan by the campfire, had already fallen asleep, while a lonely figure was sitting on the edge of a broken rock not far away.
Luo Yu looked up at the huge waning moon in front of him, looked at the mottled crater, and felt the countless cracks and cracks, and the night wind slowly blew past him. The waning moon in front of him looked like himself at the moment
Looking up at the gourd, I drank a few drinks, but I couldn’t bring myself a little drunk
"Hoo ~" Spit out a mouthful of medicinal alcohol. Luo Yu looked at the wine gourd in his hand and smiled and asked, "Can the moon be found in the wine?"
"Little friend can have more wine …?" Los feather feeling asked behind suddenly to an old man.
Smell this Luo Yu’s cold sweat on his back and instantly arouse the chill behind his head!
Chapter 231 Repay kindness and seek revenge when dad sins.
"Little friend can have more wine …?"
An old man’s voice suddenly came behind Luoyu at the edge of a broken rock.
Smelling this, he felt that the cold sweat on his back instantly excited the chill behind his head! It’s as if I’m being surrounded by a number of sharp knives, and the night wind that slowly blows around me actually sends out a’ squeaky’ threat to stab the seven senses of the sea!
Seeing this, Luo Yu’s eyes are really Rowen’s pressure to vent, and at the same time, he resists, "Do you want to drink alcohol?"
Xuanlongling, the body of Luo Feather, has surrounded and escorted the knowledge of the sea, and has been able to resist the coercion of the gods in vitro!
"hmm?" A thin old man figure slowly revealed a post behind Luo Yu.
The old man looked a little surprised!
He was wearing a lavender gown with a very serious discoloration, and stood in the moonlight. The long imperial scarf was slowly moving with the night wind. The old man’s thin eyebrows, long beard and beard were old but unusually sharp, especially the short hair that was different from others. The roots were as neat as needles, which made people feel sharp.
The old man doesn’t seem to want to stop there and see that his sparse pale eyebrows have suddenly surged like a mountain, and "Little friends can’t drink a lot, and I’m afraid little friends won’t give up wine."
The old man’s knowledge of coercion has once again covered his body. Luo Yu feels that the intimidation bursts are like the sky falling down, which makes people want to suffocate!
Luo Yu doesn’t know the old man’s intention at the moment? He had to hold on, but fortunately, Xuanlongling broke through and became stronger after several times of devouring the evil spirits, and he could barely resist.
After the initial surprise, Luo Yu instantly returned to normal!
Xuanlongling is guarding the sea power at the moment to resist the old man’s coercion.
Luo Yu, on the other hand, looked back at the old man behind him and looked quite relaxed. "If you don’t abandon your predecessors, you can give it a try and be afraid that this spicy thing will not be respected."
Said the feather will wine gourd left near the ground.
"Oh?" Looking at Luo Yu’s move, the old man was curious and immediately revealed a smile.
God’s knowledge and coercion are gone, and the footsteps are slowly approaching.
Although the old man came with a faint smile, it was not the case in his heart. At this moment, his heart seemed a little surprised. At present, this young man sitting alone on a broken stone cliff was not afraid of danger, so he felt that he could not see through it!
Just now, although he didn’t try his best to test his mind, it was not just a condensed star monk who could resist it. However, after the young man was initially "flustered", he gave his knowledge to resist the overseas knowledge!
You know, when he touched this teenager, he knew that this man was extremely strong in physique, but that’s what really surprised him!