"It’s a joke that good people get what they deserve."
"Because there is no absolute good in this world, you have helped others and naturally harmed the interests of others, so that the cause and effect have ended and the curse has been buried."
"Doing a good job is death!"
"Only dead people can be called good people."
"So big brother often advises us not to be good people."
"Especially for me, I am told in every way."
"But eldest brother didn’t expect that today I still failed to live up to his entrustment to be a good person."
But I don’t regret it.
When I was walking, I suddenly thought of the past and couldn’t help but shed tears. This is not the crying of all beings, but my own tears.
Brothers and sisters have been together since birth and will never see each other again.
And he
Even the last goodbye
Didn’t do it
How sad it is to think about it!
He will lose everything when he goes, and he will never be heard again.
After he went,
Witches can be better.
"Don’t be a witch!"
Finally, I took a look at the direction of Pangu Temple and said resolutely
"Father God, the ancestor of the witch, Pangu, will not rest in peace after seeing that heaven and earth are not reincarnated!"
"Been willing to incarnate reincarnation"
"mending heaven and earth"
Behind the sound, the earth suddenly burst into bright purple light, which was more dazzling than mystery, and his body gradually melted in this purple light
The sky was filled with terror and majesty, and a pair of purple eyes quietly crossed the void and came to the land of the blood of the underworld.
That’s heaven!
At this moment, he really arrived
It’s not the arrival of the will as before, it’s not the ancestor of Hongjun Taoism, but it’s the real manifestation of the world
Obviously, the birth of reincarnation is so important that even Heaven can’t help but have an accident in person.
"Great goodness!"
The indifference sound from heaven drives inexplicable forces to converge towards Houdi to help him evolve reincarnation.
At the same time, the reincarnation disk in the depths of the underworld suddenly vibrates violently, sending out a great suction to suck the afterearth light mass in the past.
The figure of Houtuyuan reincarnation disk becomes more and more real, and it seems that as soon as he has the power, he rumbles and turns, sending out terrorist suction to sweep the whole universe.
For a moment, after Pangu incarnated everything, the residual power of heaven and earth was completely aroused, manifested from the virtual, and rushed toward the reincarnation.
Houtu Pangu Jingxue Metaplasia!
In the reincarnation disc, he summoned Pangu’s residual power to complete the final evolution and be born perfectly.
This is also the meaning of the reincarnation.
The great changes have taken place in the blood of the nether world, and those great magical powers of the universe should not say that the whole universe has been disturbed.
"Been this is …"
When you wake up from the closed room, the great magicians will understand the cause and effect in their hearts.
They were immediately shocked.
Been crazy. Don’t sacrifice yourself to improve the wilderness.
This world
There is such a fool!
At this moment, the hearts of the great magicians are full of absurdity and disbelief after learning about the action of been changed.
Isn’t it good to live?
However, they found it difficult to understand, and at the same time, they could not help but feel sincere admiration for Houdi.
Hundreds of millions of years of hard work have once turned flowing water into perfection, and this virtue can be said to be the name of Pangu descendants.
"Empress Hou Tu is merciful!"
After adjusting their robes, the great magicians bowed in the direction of Houdi with a serious face.