The god in brown clothes snorted and said, "Hum ~ I am the god of Wanshan in the north!" "
"Wanshan Shenjun?" Luoyun thought for a moment, looked around at Babur and Anu and said, "Have you heard of it?"
Ba Bo Er laughed and said, "Never heard of it."
Anu asked, "Many mountains … which one?"
Luo Yun shrugged at Wanshan Shenjun. "See? I haven’t heard of it! Since he is a pawn, why don’t you go away? "
"fanatics!" Wanshan Shenjun suddenly thundered, "Little … Shenjun will see how long you can bully today!"
After saying his word, his big hand was a huge mountain shadow, and then it turned into a square foot and made a big seal!
This printed brown yellow fluorescent light is densely covered with mountain patterns, and many practitioners are not surprised when they see it!
"The magic weapon of the terrace-over the mountain!"
Chapter 75 Attract many anger to draw stones from the strong
The magic weapon of climbing the mountain and Indian stage
This Indian soil is a heavy weapon. Although it does no harm to the Godsworn Yuan Shen, it can crush the Wanjun Giant Mountain and cause the Godsworn’s flesh to turn into a pool of minced meat and blood in an instant, which is extremely bloody and frightening.
The mountain seal that has been turned over has already spread far and wide, making the monks feel frightened.
Wanshan Shenjun has always been violent and fierce as a landslide, and even more, with his weapon in his hand, he was printed on the mountain and left a fierce name for several opponents in the metaphysical repair in the middle of the shadow!
It is also because of this that he can win a seat in the mountain alliance, and there are not a few followers who are dominated by a force of scattered practice.
Now he has already seen the four "outlaws" very pleasing to the eye. At this time, all sides are angry, and he doesn’t want to take the lead and want to give these four people some color to see.
And Luo Yu naturally saw that Xiao Luoyun couldn’t compete with Wanshan Shenjun by the temple method. I’m afraid it was a smooth display of the fourth-order peak law, and it couldn’t defeat Wanshan Shenjun.
Besides, the gravity of the mountain seal in the hands of Wanshan Shenjun is extremely afraid that Luoyun can display the fifth-order array, and the rolling array of mountain seal will also fall apart!
Thinking of this, he interrupted with a morbid cough, "Ahem ~ I have always respected the strong and bowed to the weak in the mountains outside the mountain, so it should be decided by the strong, right?"
Xuantianzong Qianji Xingjun disdained to hum lightly. "~ I’m sorry to say that you are not … strong when you are sick and weak!"
Hehehe ~
Luo Yu chuckled with three sharp eyes. It seems that "Xing Jun said that since many people are not as tall as this, it is better for the strong and the winner to decide the order of the secret realm. Isn’t it killing two birds with one stone once and for all?"
Wanshan emperor immediately tiger roar sarcasm "are you? Also qualified to say strong words win …! "
The voice did not fall, Luo Yu’s figure did not move, and he snorted "noisy!"
The sudden harsh’ 嗯嗯’ is endless, and the collision noise of Tiehua has already stung people’s hearts!
In an instant, I was shocked and eclipsed by the sight of the waist iron feather and silver awning flying like a stream, and the phoenix wing cracked and spread.
Hey ~
Strangulation in the year suddenly exploded, and the spirit was violently plundering the party, but the monks around them were frightened and retreated!
And in the crazy strangulation of Tiehua’s golden feather, Wanshan Shenjun has been rushing to drink like thunder.
In a flash, the mountain seal becomes bigger in an instant, and the brown mountain ghost covers the body.
But for a moment, many practitioners were shocked.
Around the strangulation amount, the silver feather blade wound like a silver dragon and phoenix wing, rapidly killing and cutting the seemingly stable brown mountain shadow …
Ah ~
The God of Wanshan Mountain, who is a foot tall, was so bloody that he was tortured in the year.
And the so-called weapon mountain seal has long been suppressed, and the mountain shadow is so broken that it wants to collapse.
Ma Wei is out of Luoyu, so I’ll call it a day.
He casually called Tiehua’s golden feather’ Xi Li Li’ button and attached himself to his waist
Boom ~
Previously, the mighty God of Wanshan has sat down with blood all over his body at the moment!
The monks gasped in succession when they saw the sad appearance.
Obviously, this light and flint confrontation has been judged to be the mysterious enemy Wanshan Shenjun in the middle of the shadow, and even the slightest resistance can’t be achieved!
Ahem …
The morbid cough is ringing weakly, but it makes the monks shudder.
Luo Yu scanned the crowd and asked word for word, "Is it … public qualification now?"
Surrounded by birds
It is suspected that the sick’ outlaw’ has proved by thunderbolt that he is absolutely qualified to be the’ strong’!
At that time, I hesitated to encircle the four people and practice various forces.
Because this’ sick man’ just showed off his edge and easily defeated Wanshan Shenjun, then he said that his strength is absolutely shadowy. Now, in the middle stage, if he just started to work on his own, wouldn’t it affect the overall situation?