Stuart foresighted that this could not help but be pursued by the mighty sword again, but he wanted to shoot down the wings of the vulture monster beast with a chop.
Nai vulture monster beast is good at fighting, but at this time it is not sent to a dive, and its wings are folded, so it just hides in the past.
And the rainbow wrapped around the powder twill and the vulture monster beast soon rushed out of the distance and flew high.
"Hum! Zhao Laogui, you stupid gourd! After collecting so many things, you spit out a fart without black light? " Situyuan angry look at him and said
"Ahem, old man, this disaster relief gourd can be wonderful and poor. It can not only attack and defense, but also make wine! But just didn’t receive any severe poison, which translates into no natural attack, "said Zhao Laogui forcing himself to calm down.
Stuart farsighted that it was inconvenient to send it again, but looked at the crane and couldn’t afford to fall on the ground for seven people.
"I don’t know what to do if the souls of these guys are scattered and they are eroded by black gas?" At this time, one of the five elements of Zongdi looked at it and said to him.
"Let’s give them these pieces of soul-nourishing Dan, but they can keep outside," said Situyuan, handing him a jade bottle.
After a little trimming, the three teams set off again. Although the five elements lost a few hands, they were still the largest in the three teams.
Half an hour later, they finally arrived at Yanbo Lake, but they never touched a monster beast.
Seeing the lake is wider than seeing the end at a glance, and the farther it goes, the more distant it looks, and it is covered with a faint white fog.
Yu Yilie is reminded that there is a fourth-order monster beast Xuan water crocodile, which is equivalent to the monk in the later period of the preconditions.
And the lake has a large area, which is extremely beneficial for the crocodile, fearing that they will be killed a lot before they enter the secret territory.
However, the three monks of Tsukiji looked indifferent and took precautions and went straight to Yanbo Lake.
Although Yu Yilie has many doubts in his heart, he is not easy to wake up. After all, he is just a little monk in the later period of practicing.
In a short time, everyone saw an island in the middle of the lake. Although it was only an acre in size, it was covered with all kinds of exotic flowers and plants, all of which were glowing with little light.
At the center of the island, there is a small tree five or six feet high, and the leaves are green and dripping like jade.
Yu Yilie recognized this tree as the condensate fruit tree at a glance, but if so, it was either swallowed by the Xuanshui crocodile or someone beat her to it.
After all, it is impossible for a tree to have no fruit when it is ripe.
When they landed on the island, they soon found a small mound where there was a nest covered with hay.
At this time, the burly man with thirteen stories of practicing qi said in disbelief, "Isn’t this the lair of the fourth-order monster beast Xuanshui crocodile?"
"yes! But that mysterious crocodile has been killed by our elders. Don’t worry! " Situyuan light mouth explained at this time
Everyone can’t help but feel relieved at the bottom of my heart. No wonder they March into the original misty rain without worrying. The most powerful monster beast has been killed.
"You can take a rest on the island first, and you can also pick some elixirs. I’ll wait for the three of you to send you in immediately," said Huahongxian lightly.
Everyone responded in succession, and the three younger brothers also dispersed to look for valuable elixirs everywhere on the island.
When I saw this, I fell behind and followed my three brothers to pick the elixir.
At this time, the three monks of Tsukiji came to the shore of the island and looked at a certain direction of the lake.
"Hua Hongxian’s your shot!" Zhao old ghost shore negative hand and light said
On one side, Hua Hongwen nodded and walked to the lake in the first two steps, and then saw that he reached out and took out a transparent bead and threw it at the lake.
The bead has not yet fallen into the water, but the water surface automatically divides with the bead, and the falling water surface is divided into one foot wide.
Soon the three men saw the mud at the bottom, and at this time, Huahong stepped on the pink silk, followed by Zhu, and at the same time prompted the mana injection.
Seeing this, SiTuYuan Zhao Laogui stepped on his own spirit and followed her forward.
After tea and kung fu, the three men came to a broken ruin, but most of them were buried with a little mud.
"Found let them come here! Then play the moon palace enchantment to send them in "Zhao old ghost eyes peep out one silk reminiscence and then said.
"The moon palace? Zhao Laogui, do you know something when you live for a long time? " Situyuan asked
"I know a fart! When I was a little practicing monk, this place was called forbidden area. It is said that a clan door was torn by the demon king in the demon domain and the southern boundary was destroyed! However, the Zongmen enchantment is still somehow later, and the Zongmen whole mountain gate collapsed to form this smoky lake. "Said Zhao Laogui, who was dressed in a black robe and looked slightly shocked."
Chapter one hundred and twelve Map
Heard Zhao Lao ghost words SiTuYuan and flower rainbow face also with shocking color lich king level even if they add up to three elders is not necessarily a close enemy!
"You shouldn’t! Is there no tube on the surface? Moreover, there is no reason for this clan door to provoke the demon demon terror! " Situyuan puzzled asked
"You ask me who I ask? I guess it has something to do with it! Maybe it’s the demon king? Let’s hurry up and seal that guy! If we let it run out, the lich king will tear the South Heaven Enchantment again, and our three cases are estimated to be finished, "said Zhao Laogui dignified.
Smell speech flower rainbow Situyuan nodded no longer wordy, and all the monks arrived after getting their sound.
"Later we will play shakotan coast remember you have half a month! Get to the core area of the secret land as soon as possible! If you need to seal the monster beast to repair the ban, you can’t make more trouble! " Situ Yuanshen said