But it’s not bad to see the panic side of prithee! That’s why she arranged the play because she knows everything.
It’s really a good move to kill someone with a knife. Even if things are exposed, all the evidence will point to the poem. After all, she didn’t start it, so she wouldn’t be stupid enough to push herself to the forefront. It’s too foolish and resourceful to blame the poem.
"alas! I didn’t expect the palace to be eventful. "Yun Yong marveled at what had just happened.
Yunwan sneered at "Yundi naturally doesn’t understand the palace affairs when he is abroad, so it’s not that you are the only one who will be in the White House, or that you are out of sight and suffering from the accident."
"Elder sister said that Yundi was educated." Yunyong replied and looked at the sky. "I’m going to see Sylphy. This hour should be when he is on duty, and the elder sister will go back to the office first."
Yunwan nodded and let Yunyong go!
The latter man walked outside the palace gate only to see that it seemed painful to lean against the rockery not far away.
The evil hook in the corner of her mouth was a heart before she left.
"The princess is not well?"
Bai Lixian was shocked by this man’s landing. When she recovered, she found that Yun Wan’s face was slightly pale and smiled. "Thank you, I am in good health but a little tired!"
I want to throw up! My stomach is rolling and I want to throw up quickly. Hurry up.
That disgusting woman let her out like this. Chapter 34 Being demoted as a concubine (1)
She was born in Dongwan since she was a child. At that time, her mother had long been crazy, and her life in Dongwan was worse than that of a beggar. She could never forget that day. Asking for a bowl of rice, Cao Luoshui, was waiting for a gesture to laugh at her.
She was unwilling to do so, so she planned to approach the Queen Mother step by step and get the Queen Mother’s favor to restore big princess’s position
That is, she deserves it. She doesn’t want to be a cow and a horse. She should be proud.
No one knows her life story, but she never thought that today her terrible past was exposed because of a touch of so-called stars.
Yun Wan smiled gently. "Princess, don’t be sad! Alas! I really didn’t expect this to happen. If the Second Emperor and the Fourth Imperial Princess didn’t go to Dongwan, it might be known. "
Bailixian’s face was a little cold. "Yun Wan, this is something."
"The princess said this cloud wan is a heart princess! I really don’t know what the second emperor and the fourth imperial concubine want to do when they go to Dongwan. " Yun Wan converges, smiles and is careful with every sentence, because she knows that Bailixian is not easy to buy, and she doesn’t want to say too much. Sometimes a conscious sentence can resonate more.
"It’s getting late, and Yunwan excused himself first!" She leaned over to say goodbye with laughter.
Thyme xian expression just nodded his head.
However, when I heard the cloud turn around, I lamented, "If the four imperial concubines didn’t go to Dongwan Princess, it’s still a secret. Should all this be a coincidence?"
That’s it. That’s it.
Thyme xian was a stiff brow panic instantly receded but a kind of cold.
Although I know that Yun Qing and Priscilla are trying to expose her life story, it would not have surfaced if it were not for their sudden intrusion into Lingxiang Pavilion!
She really hates it! Want to kill this group of people … Has maintained her only pride.
Spring breeze and coloured glaze are sitting on the veranda bar chatting. Suddenly, a man with a jade crown and a bundle of hair in a blue brocade came into view, and then he frowned and looked closely at his arms. Isn’t it the imperial concubine?
Before they almost rolled from the bar, they were worried. It was a matter of conflicting views.
"Miss, is this the case?" It’s not white to jump in the spring breeze. Why go out early and come back late is to be carried back by the temple?
Liuli asked in order, "What happened in the temple?"
Bailiyi didn’t mind them, but let them wait outside and enter the door.
Bailiyi lifted the gauze curtain, put Li Yunqing on the bed, touched her hair and whispered "home"
Gentle words will see from Yun Qing’s brow finally eased.
Close your eyes slightly and shed a sigh from your mouth. It is very distressing for Bailiyi to sit by the bed!
Li Yunqing, do you really want me to worry about that? I didn’t see you for a while, and then something went wrong?