Chapter 43 Wake up in an earthquake and put a stone stick in it.
Luo Yu struggled to open his eyes and look around. The misty valley is not far away from the stream flowing.
At the moment, he feels sore and weak. He just wants to lift his arm and exhales in pain. "~ It hurts! ….. I’m not dead! "
I looked at Luo Yu, a gown covered in dirty scratches. I knew that everything was a dream bubble before. I just lay down and looked at my eyes. The picture was so real … He returned to reality with a sigh.
Immediately, Luo Yu inspected the injury while observing around and found that fortunately, it was all skin injuries and could not help but shake his head with a wry smile. "I didn’t expect that I would fall off a cliff after all, and I was sad and happy." ….. Well! ? I didn’t fall to death? It shouldn’t ~! "
Luo Yu was surprised as if he didn’t fall to death, which was simply’ God forbid’! You know, he’s familiar with this cliff. After all, someone had a terrible experience before. It seems that he would be fine if he didn’t fall into a’ dog skin plaster’, but the fact is that he suffered some skin injuries!
Thinking of this feather, he looked up and saw that there were traces of broken branches and broken leaves hidden in the shelter of the big tree. Obviously, he fell from the top of the cliff to the bottom of the valley, except for these lush branches and leaves, and then he unloaded the force. He even wondered, "Is it only these branches and leaves that cushion such a high fall?"
Don’t say it’s just these branches and leaves. He estimates that even if it’s twice as high as this cliff, three points will be light without falling into the ground, but now he is still alive! Although doubts in his heart at the moment can be temporarily lost.
Luo Yu was about to get up and look around, but when he got up, he felt a tremor in the stone, and he almost became unstable. The friction and cracking of the rock kept ringing!
Feather suddenly exclaimed "I’ll go! Earthquake! ?”
A shaking of the earth made him dizzy, and suddenly his feet were suddenly lifted by a strong force, and Luo Yu lost his center of gravity and rolled back!
When you look intently at Luo Yu, you suddenly break out in a cold sweat. It turns out that what is the’ big stone’ where he was just now? Fen is the rock monster who pulled himself off the cliff together!
Looking at the broken action now, the rock monster seems to be seriously injured! Los feather heart know corners of the mouth slightly tilted’ call you pull me to do mat now reap the consequences? Look at your honor. You must be hurt. I think you did my’ mat’ …! Then he thought, even so, it’s not that I can compete now! ? Let’s flash before this big guy finds out.’
Look at this guy’s appearance. It’s estimated that he’s stunned for a while, but he can’t react. Although Luo Yu feels glad in his heart, his eyes are staring warily at the rock monster with his back to him at the moment, and his body moves slowly back quietly for fear of making a little noise!
But when he stole a look around, he suddenly turned pale! Dark scold a way’ I’ll go! Are you kidding me? There are cliffs on three sides and the only way out is that a forest is still blocked by this’ big guy’!’ Los feather a nai in my heart.
See at the moment the rock monster is looking at the direction of the dense forest in wait for a while. Luo Yu glanced back at the cliff behind him and saw that there was a mountain crack at the cliff two feet away! Luo Yu secretly praised God’s unique way, and at the same time, he was sure that his perfect figure would enter smoothly.
So he adjusted his figure and prepared to move to the nearby mountain seam.
At this time, the rock monster has been completely established! Luo Yu looked up at the big guy who was nearly ten feet in front of him. Until now, he didn’t feel how small he was before this rock monster! My heart has to admire myself. How can I have such courage to "happeneth" this behemoth?
Los feather now that we have a clear understanding of the situation, he naturally won’t do nothing. Who knows if this big guy will turn his head by the way? So as to find yourself this’ little surprise’!
Although sitting on the ground is not as high as his knees, maybe this guy will come back and take a look directly and put himself in a fart! But obviously, Luo Yu didn’t dare to joke about his life chips. He didn’t fall off a cliff and broke himself into a plaster. How could he let this monster crush himself into a plaster?
Besides, although the mountain seam behind him is two feet away, it is necessary for him to retreat quietly. For the time being, Luo Yu decided to take the risk of moving to the cliff behind him. At this moment, he held his breath for fear of making a little noise, but it is often counterproductive to change as planned.
Luo Yu stretched out his hand and leaned back when he was about to support himself. "Ka ~ ~!" A dead branch breaks and the palm rings! His first thought was ~ ~’ but before he could conquer, he was dead! ……’
Los feather suddenly dead all take black and cold! I didn’t wait for him to think much, but I didn’t go to see the stone monster. He instantly got up like a chicken blood and ran back! At the moment, his waist is not sore, his legs are not painful, and his quick, quick and vigorous posture can’t be seen as a person who is hurt! From the broken branches to the feathers, it will be half a breath.
At this moment, Luo Yu’s face is full of panic and running, and at the same time, she doesn’t forget to shout’ Zhuangshi’. "Fuck you!"
"Ho ~ ~ ~!"
The rock monster instantly received the’ five-character mantra’ signal from Luo Yu, which was very cooperative with the’ reply’ and roared with rage! The huge body turned around in an instant and stared at it as thin as gold thread. His eyes were looking at the moment and he was shouting and rushing to Luoyu.
The long whistle sounded again, and the startled birds fled in the valley! At the moment, Luo Yu is hoping that this big guy can shake for a while and keep calling him down.
It’s conceivable that the reality is limited but it’s naughty!
The earth shakes and trembles instantly! Luo Yu didn’t even think about it, but he knew that the rock monster Bigfoot was wantonly ravaging the ground. All these changes can be said that his hope was dashed again-the rock monster is coming!
At the moment, he wished that he could give birth to two more legs to feel the earth shaking constantly, and behind him, there was a gangfeng blast. He couldn’t help secretly squinting and looking back, but he didn’t look at it. Fortunately, Luo Yu felt that he had three souls and seven spirits and ran away in an instant!
If it weren’t for a tenacious desire to survive, it is estimated that I would have collapsed.
See at this moment the rock monster is like a shell rushing towards itself! Take the flying sand and walk away the dead branches and rotten leaves without telling yourself that the world sprint champion’ shells’ are full of snails! The situation is that he is not even as good as a’ snail’!
But fortunately, I am less than one foot away from the mountain wall!
Looking at the close proximity of the mountain and sewing Luoyu, I have already forgotten the whole body pain and gathered my strength to make a final sprint for survival.
The rock behind him seems to be white! Is also a roar unexpectedly waved the millstone big fist toward los feather brain boom to rapidly! And this just a fierce punch will shorten the distance by half!
Feeling the gust of Gangfeng sweeping behind him made his head ache. At this time, Luo Yu can’t care so much. When he roared toward the mountain seam, he jumped up and made a standard three-step jump!
Gravel splash and dust diffuse … The roar resounds through the valley and reverberates back and forth for a long time!
Sticking to the rock wall, looking at the gap outside the mountain, still roaring and roaring, the rock monster Luo Yu is still in shock.