"However, this is not how in the realm of purple mansion spirit beast is also the peak in one! It can manipulate the earth freely, and it can turn the land into a desert in an instant within hundreds of kilometers in one thought! There is no monster beast that can match the earth-attribute spirit beast! "
Wu Xiao’s expression is very excited. Obviously he can also kill such a monster beast and feel excited and happy. After all, such a top monster beast is not common.
Cheng Sijia looked at Wu Xiao’s expression and was slightly silent for a moment. Then he said primly, "It can be said that the credit for killing the armored earthworm beast is attributed to Lin Yuan and Wu Xiao’s killing of this soil property Dan Zhu, and it should be distributed by the two of them. Do you have any opinions?"
Everyone looked around and nodded. Cheng Sijia said it was right. Without Wu Xiao’s previous attack, the armored earthworm beast was wounded … Without a blow from the forest edge, the armored earthworm beast was killed … It was really difficult for everyone to kill it! There is no objection to Cheng Sijia’s words.
Others smell speech leng leng eyes suddenly flashed a bit disappointed, but immediately nodded and smiled "rightly", but eyes still don’t give up looking at suspended.
When a thin layer of real force wrapped the yellow Dan bead suspended in the earth’s armor, earthworm and beast, Cheng Sijia took it in his hand and handed it to Lin Yuan. "Lin Yuan is here to repair you, and you’d better keep it."
Chapter two hundred and seventy-two-strange assassin
"I don’t want this thing or give it to Wu Xiao. After all, it is he who handles the most. My soil property Dan is enough." Lin Yuan knows that this is Cheng Sijia’s intention, and it’s not much. Anyway, he accumulated enough Dan and Wu Xiao almost gave it to him.
With that, Lin Yuan handed Dan Zhu, an armored earthworm beast, to Wu Xiao’s hand, saying, "You just took it, and you were almost there."
Cheng Sijia looked around again and then said, "This place is not suitable for staying long. Let’s leave first."
They should immediately immediately a few people in the direction of oasis …
This is very strange. There is no sunshine, but it is always on. Cheng Sijia sits on a tree and the forest edge meditates next to Cheng Sijia.
Cheng Sijia’s beauty shows deep concern. Looking at the day ahead, the rest of the people have experienced so much experience. If it weren’t for a group of people, they might have been beheaded.
It’s been quite a few days … These days, people have been stranded in this layer of desert because of Wu Xiao and several other people’s excessive elimination. It’s good that there are few monster beasts around the territory that devours animals before here.
Cheng Sijia looked at Lin Yuanjun’s face in meditation and suddenly turned out to be a little stupid … Her thoughts seemed to fly back to the previous period …
Although the younger brother’s competition is also in danger, the root won’t be in such danger, and the most serious injuries are still remembered. Lin Yuan was brave and heroic at the scene to win the first lucky golden dragon to an unprecedented length.
But she didn’t think of it … but she went through such scenes when she entered the purple mansion. It seems that everyone led in the forest edge unconsciously, and she just saved herself.
At the thought of this, Cheng Sijia felt that her center of the earth was filled with a warm and happy feeling wrapped around her.
When you really face him, you can say a thousand words, but you don’t know that you can finally turn it into a gentle call from the beginning.
Thinking about thinking about Cheng Sijia incredibly puzzling smile looked down at the eyes closed Lin Yuan incredibly dementia up again.
Liu Yun sat on one side and smiled on his face. At this time, it has disappeared and replaced by a deep face. His eyes became very deep and he quietly looked at the forest edge and the front … So he quietly looked at …
Not far from them, Ouyang Yu’s eyes were deeply dim, and he once again looked at Tianhe and Wuxiao and sighed.
"well! ……”
Suddenly, Lin Yuan snorted from meditation, and then a deep and true force broke out in generate, sweeping around and suddenly gathering again.
"Breakthrough!" Wu Xiao asked some doubts. Obviously, he is not sure what the situation is.
Cheng Sijia is still looking at the edge of the forest. The light hum of the edge of the forest woke her up. Some reddish cheeks turned red instantly. Their eyes were attracted by the edge of the forest and they didn’t notice the change of Cheng Sijia.
"It’s okay, it’s been repaired and deepened." Lin Yuan looked around and looked awkward and scratched his head and said.
"It’s really a Uber. It was actually repaired and increased when it came in for a few days." Tang Jie felt incredible. This forest edge repair seems to be increasing at any time
And Tang Jie and all the people also faintly feel that there seems to be an aura around the forest edge, or a kind of real element that can react and absorb heaven and earth at any time.
"Nothing is good. Let’s continue to rest. Wait a day or two and we will enter the first floor." Wu Xiao said with a smile when he looked at the people around him and recovered almost.
Then a line of people also don’t say their continued busy with personal things.
When a little bit in the past, everyone gradually recovered to the peak. Suddenly, the forest edge suddenly gave birth to a warning sign.
Just after the battle, the forest edge reacted almost quickly.
He is like an agile cheetah suddenly jumped out in the direction of Cheng Sijia.
Cheng Sijia felt that a shadow covered her vision at the moment, and before she could react, the whole person was thrown down by Lin Yuan.
She screamed with fear.
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The tip of the thin-thorn sword is as cold as a snake’s words. It breaks her headdress and narrowly grazes her scalp. When she doesn’t respond, she feels very dizzy and rolls around.
Tang days this jump faster than he held Gu Xue like a rolling gourd rushed into the white snow sand in Baishuigou.