Just like in the future, Kuchiki Rukia, a member of big noble, would not be killed even if he violated the rules, but he had to carry it out according to the order of Room 64 of the Central Committee
"Secret mobile forces should be strong enough to complete this?"
Small wooden dragon one could not help but ask.
It is not enough to have two famous names, namely, Instant God and Raytheon, and a secret mobile force to deal with a level aristocrat.
Snow letter also asked, "and there are exclusive teams for nobles to help. Isn’t it better than us?"
The aristocratic exclusive team is also in the second district, and on behalf of the interests of the nobility, it is strange to invite the seven teams instead of the six teams.
Aichuan Luowu explained, "This is because there are too many fighters in the secret mobile army. There are many noble brothers in the secret army. Although the popularity of that class of nobles is not very good, there is always a feeling that when an aristocrat collapses, they are afraid that they will secretly ask if they want to face each other. Even in the 46 th room of the Central Committee, there are aristocratic representatives who are afraid that if they lose the four Maple Gardens, they will lead the vice captain and the pro-guard to fight for help."
Speaking of this, Aichuan Luowu paused and continued, "Of course, the enemy can be annihilated only by sending out forces, but just as Xuexin said, an elder of the rotten wood family of Liufan team is opposed to this important person, and they agree that they can’t be directly executed. This is a contempt for the nobility. The exclusive team of nobles will not only help us but also obstruct it."
I see
The deadwood family is big noble, the first of all nobles, and naturally they don’t want to kill a class aristocrat.
This is not a violation of the resolution, but the punishment. I don’t agree with the hope of imprisonment.
Adding some aristocratic support is not complete rebellion.
At that time, Kutsuki Hiroshi may strike six times, and Kuchiki Soujyun, the vice captain of the team, will also strike, and they will exchange a captain and a vice captain.
In other words, the remaining people can no longer destroy the family, which requires the help of the Seventh Team.
"The main force will be our Qifan team?"
Komamura Sajin asked curiously.
"Let’s kill the noble? Even if it is recognized by most people, it will inevitably be hated by nobles. "
Takashi Komuro thinks more about it, which is harmful to the Qifan team.
"Of course not."
Aichuan Luowu replied, "I and Xiaochun’s vice captain are responsible for containing Kutsuki Hiroshi Pavilion and Kuchiki Soujyun, and the old patriarch and the little patriarch are killed by Yeichi and Maeda Tian Xijin, while the rest are contained by our seven teams of three to ten seats, and killed by Yeichi Sineitai himself."
"What is the strength of the remaining people?"
Komamura Sajin asked gently.
Uemon, the blade of Toona sinensis, replied, "In addition to the old patriarch and the young patriarch, there are about twenty people left in the clan and servants. The wife of the young patriarch is the strongest, but at most it is equivalent to giving four seats to Komamura Sajin to deal with others. It won’t be too difficult for you to cooperate with Sineitai to kill them."
"Twenty people!"
Komamura Sajin eyes a dark.
So many people will die because of the resolution in Room 64 of the Central Committee
Komamura Sajin is kind-hearted and can’t bear to see so many people die.
Uemon, the little toon blade, said softly, "But it is our duty to guard the court and the soul world and abide by the resolution of the Central Committee of Room 64."
"I am white"
Komamura Sajin sighed and made no attempt to say anything.
Things are set, and people can change this ending.
"Captain, when will you act?"
Small wooden dragon asked.
"At six o’clock in the afternoon," replied Uemon, a small toon blade.
"Isn’t that less than an hour?" Komamura Sajin asked with some surprise.
Twenty minutes have passed now, forty minutes to be exact.
Aichuan Luowu nodded and said, "This is the night before asking for fear of leaving the dew."
"A class aristocrat really needs to be careful. If a little wind leaks, there will be huge problems."
Small wooden dragon one can’t help but say
Anyway, it’s a little too cruel to directly destroy a noble.
Komamura Sajin asked, "What is the specific battle plan?"
Aichuan Luowu glanced at the wall clock and said, "Four Maple Gardens will send two Sineitai captains here for a night to introduce the specific plan and will arrive at 5: 30, that is, ten minutes later."
"Captain Sineitai?"
Small wooden dragon a cold hum a said "send captain Sineitai here? You don’t pay too much attention to our team, do you? Especially the captain and vice captain are here. "
"Our battle plan doesn’t include Captain Luowu and Captain Toona. It’s aimed at you. Naturally, we won’t send too many people."
With the voice sounded, two figures appeared in the corner of the captain’s room, walking slowly towards this side.
"When will you come in?"
Small wooden dragon a surprised look at two people didn’t find them come in.
Not only that, but most death people don’t find some embarrassment.
Komamura Sajin said, "Captain Aichuan Luowu said that they would come in after they arrived in ten minutes."
Hearing Komamura Sajin’s words, the two Sineitai captains could not help but look at him with some surprise.
"Then how to come in? Windows and doors should be all. "
Xiaomulong frowned.
"There is a small window there. They came in from there and hid behind the curtain."
When a stereo sounds, people are surprised to see the speaker.
A captain of Sineitai gave a puzzled look at the speaker 2.