Lu Chen is thoughtful.
"It seems that teacher younger brother still knows something about it. No one wants to suffer for a long time. If the law of Acacia University acquires the true meaning, then it is indeed the female who is more dominant. In the early years, when I didn’t join Acacia University, I once traveled with my elders to a certain place in the surface world …"
Rain is falling all fingers on her lips as if thinking about memories. "What’s the word? There are dead cows in the uncultivated land? "
"Sister Mu, your opinion!"
Lu Chen gave a thumbs up.
"This seems to be the natural advantage of the female monk. I feel that it is not a secret law problem, but in practice, the male brother is weaker. In the process of collecting and supplementing each other, the woman may have broken through three realms, and the male brother can break through one realm. If the secret law practice is not enough, he may lose money."
Mu Yuer explained, "After a long time, my boys and girls have all dropped out of school and don’t want to waste time here."
Lu Chen listened to some regrets, which means that the world is nine continents, and everything is a practice. There is really nothing wrong with it, but it is just a part of others’ practice.
Those boys came here to practice and become stronger, but they didn’t have any other thoughts. If they can’t become stronger, they will leave and practice in another institution.
If ordinary men think that this is a good place, it doesn’t matter if they don’t decline or grow, doesn’t it? You can practice with different objects every day here.
But people in the high world can’t always theorize about these things. They seem to be practicing. If they can’t become stronger, it will be meaningless.
Moreover, because their lives are too long and contemporary people are reluctant to have children, they don’t have much desire for this fact. It is ok as a part of spiritual practice, but it is also a process.
"We will arrive at the Dream Palace in a few more areas."
Mu Yu Er led the way and Lu Chen crossed the valley area and arrived at an area.
This area is a hot spring. There are small hot spring potholes everywhere in Yuan Ye. You can see the girls in twos and threes. The hot springs here are full of aura and want to have the effect of washing essence and cutting pulp.
Lu Chen stared at Mu Yuer in the thick steam. "Where are the boys and girls in the school?"
He is now a little embarrassed and urgently needs to see his amiable male compatriots to relieve this inexplicable sense of isolation.
"Teacher Lu’s speeches are really misleading. I haven’t seen a male monk come to our request institution and ask the male brother about it ~"
Mu Yuer looked at Lu Chen’s mouth and smiled. "Isn’t it that Brother Lu wants to pick up yang and replenish it with one hand?"
Lu Chen was embarrassed. "Sister Mu should stop playing tricks on her younger brother. I am curious about the current situation of Acacia University."
Mu Yuer said that he would not continue before poking fun at the explanation that "the male brothers live in a region called the health palace, where they live. Living all the year round is beneficial to physical practice, and it is the best practice place in the Acacia University, and it is also the balanced management way of Acacia University."
Lu Chen silently sympathized with those male compatriots. Although they arranged their practice well, it was a compensatory balance.
Soon they crossed the hot spring area and came to the health palace.
After entering this boundary, Lu Chen feels that the aura of heaven and earth is more abundant and has a strong medicinal fragrance. He can judge that this is a chaotic elixir that has been crushed into slag and steamed for a walk. Here it is to warm the human body all the year round and nourish the vitality.
He took a few breaths here, but he didn’t feel anything because his body was too strong. This drug needs to be absorbed all the year round to have a little effect.
The health palace is built by Shenmu, and the arrangement of buildings coincides with some kind of ancient style, but it gives Lu Chen a feeling of a nursing home.
Although the decoration here is luxurious and fragrant, it feels a bit like Xianjia Dojo, but the atmosphere is lifeless. I can’t hear his laughter when passing by in the first two areas
The whole area of the health palace gives people a sense of death. There is no movement, but Lu Chen feels a lot of life.
Not far away, in the wooden pavilion corridor in front of the building, there is a male brother sitting on the railing. His face is emaciated and his dark circles are very concave. He looks like an addict. It is hard to imagine that this is a monk in the high world.
Such a person has seen more than one here, which makes him have a heart to say, didn’t you just say that boys can also get promoted? Why do they all seem to be squeezed dry?
"Oh ~ Brother Lu is curious about them, right?"
Mu Rain is falling all saw Liu Chen’s doubts and said with a smile, "They are doing all the dregs, not my brother at Acacia University, but just recuperating here."
Lu Chen listened to this word and felt the feeling of uniting the feelings. It is really a great medicine for people.
Mu Yuer smiled and explained, "Isn’t it true? Brother Lu didn’t know that it was not convenient for me to go in and out of Academia Sinica, and it was restricted by the secret method of foreign envoys, so our daily practice was naturally restricted. After discussion, the Lord and the elders recognized the need to make a pattern."
"How to fight in a pattern?"
Lu Chen doubts