To say that the real precious treasure of the demon race is Di Jun Taiyi Treasure House, which definitely contains many good things.
Looking for them is also looking for them.
Looking for the treasure house of the demon family?
And Di Jun Taiyi Treasure House Feng Zichen, although she doesn’t know their specific location, is definitely a certain sun star.
Is the wind zichen not in a hurry?
The sun star is already in his bag, and sometimes he looks for the treasure house of Taiyi Di Jun.
As time goes by, chaos clock also points out the results.
However, when they saw that they had won chaos clock, they hugged me and told you that you couldn’t get it. They secretly found a chance to break chaos clock into the virtual world.
This chaos clock completely disappeared.
Is a saint
Also can find his trace.
"You …"
Sanqing is going to be mad. Seeing that chaos clock is about to get it, he is being horizontally inserted into Yuanbao.
This cooked duck is really uncomfortable when it flies.
But there’s no other way. You can bite your teeth and swallow this dumb loss until you find an opportunity in the future to give the westerners a reward.
"You should get down to business."
After a moment of silence, the Qing sage said
This business
Nature means tampering with the past.
In recent days, their faces have been completely lost, and almost all of them have become jokes in the wild. If we don’t erase what happened before, how can they preach in the wild?
"It should be like this!"
A few people nodded their heads, and their magical powers were used to draw the long river.
Sure enough, the long river, which was previously rejected by them after the absence of the mountain, is now easily summoned by them
"Go in!"
A few people see this face is more exultation hurriedly flicker into the long river.
There is no end in sight of the long river, and it is running forward.
It’s no stranger to Shichanghe. After all, I’ve been here several times.
When they become saints, the first thing to do is to get rid of the long river of time.