Song Chang Gung sighed, "Of course not. The nun is said to have not soared yet. I don’t know where to dive. This is of course not a nun’s legacy. I didn’t expect this five-line forbidden method to be so severe. If we were a little slower just now, we would fall into it. This Yu Niang has such a collar that it has been partially banned."
Li Yingqiong beside asked, "Who is that Taoist just now? Are you from here? Her pronunciation is very strange. It’s strange that people want to hear it when they feel uncomfortable. "
Gave her a look at Song Chang Gung light say with smile, "That is the sound of monty. That Taoist corpse is what I said. Yu Niang Cui surplus used to be one of the best people in the Left Road. It is said that she was saved by the Taiyin Thunder who came to this cave a hundred years ago to steal treasures according to the protection of the holy mother. She was prepared in advance to prevent the death of the Yuan God, but she was not injured.
Because she couldn’t bear to part with the beautiful body and wanted to take advantage of this cave to hide from a major robbery, she simply stayed here day and night to attach the Yuan God to the dead body, practice magic and wait for the second armor to recover and then occupy the cave. Now she has been able to sit up for a hundred years, and she will be reborn in another 20 years.
In the past hundred years, she seems to have touched the ban almost. It was only when we fled quickly that we were bound to be confined in Yingnan by her ban law. I mistakenly thought that she was a nun. If we didn’t go, she would have been easily trapped by a corpse. As soon as she was confused by her Yuan God, she lost her sex and became her minion.
This is the secret of magic teaching. It is rare that I don’t want to meet someone here. If I am confused by her monty sound for a long time, I will become a puppet. When she is out of trouble, it will be beyond redemption. At first, I was blasted into saying that the corpse was banned here. I don’t know where it is. If it is not touched by a British man, it is difficult to know the details. "
Li Yingqiong interjected, "What is Brother Mana afraid of? Since she dared to provoke us, wouldn’t it be less but many future troubles if she didn’t take the two of us together to get rid of her before she became a climate?"
Song Chang Gung gave a wry smile. "Where do you know this matter, if you can ruin it?"? First, I’m not familiar with the prohibition here. If I get familiar with it, I don’t know how many months it will take. When I come back, new changes will take place. You new owners of the abode of fairies and immortals should handle it. I said you are the owners here.
Besides, we’re not the only ones here. Did you forget to lead us to the middle-aged Taoist here? They’re still here, but they just don’t know where they’re hiding. If we fight with the corpse, they won’t be able to make a profit. "
"hey! Brother, as soon as you mentioned it, I remembered that since there is such a good Dan medicine in this Dan furnace, why don’t those people take it away? Moreover, although the herbs around here are common, they are not common outside. Why don’t those people harvest since they are here? " Li Yingqiong suddenly asked curiously that she only remembered when she saw Dan furnace just now.
Song Chang Gung saw that the red door had nothing to do, so he turned around and picked up the spirit tactic to control the five-element pagoda suspended in the Dan furnace to crack the ban on the Dan furnace and replied, "Don’t you think they want to?" Since the disappearance of Yi Huan Sheng Gu, there has been no owner here for a hundred years. I don’t know how many people have come here to seek treasure, but Ji has died here and his soul can’t escape.
Even if Yu Niang Cui Ying, who is as powerful as the famous one, was killed and became a corpse, others are even more so. Here, Dan furnace and four medicine po look simple, in fact, there are powerful and complex five-line prohibitions, and this Dan furnace is even more banned. Only when the prohibition is broken can the four medicine po be banned, otherwise the root can’t collect medicine.
And this Dan furnace is banned, and it can’t be cracked. You see, I spent the robbery like this, and there are five elements of treasures that are so strong to break. Others can imagine that those who spent the robbery’s self-respect identity will not come here. I am here because I am with you. You pay attention to the ban and go in and get the Dan medicine immediately. Don’t smell the lotus inside. "
After hearing what he said, Shuangying immediately took out a jade bottle and stared at the three men with rapt attention. When Gao Dan’s furnace saw the five-color brilliance, a piece of auspicious clouds and mist rose. Song Changgeng had taken off the pagoda with one hand and lifted the tripod cover with the other. Shuangying knew that the tripod cover was banned badly and had to go to get Dan quickly. At a glance, he saw a violet mosaic in the furnace fire and disappeared in a flash.
At the same time, the two men smelled a strange fragrance coming out of the tripod, which was even stronger than the dense smell of Huang Yun on the first floor. They dared not neglect each body and sword and flew into the tripod. When they saw the other lotus, there was a jasper lotus stand in the center of the tripod, which contained nine pills of Dan medicine the size of lotus, and the color was as green as crystal. Everyone put away a few pills.
I know that I can’t stay here for long. As soon as they picked up the Dan medicine, they urged the sword light to fly out. Song Chang-gung’s hand was loosened, and when the tripod cover was clapped together, the five-color brilliance flashed and then it was restored to its original appearance.
Volume 29 Find out the magic wave Chapter two hundred and sixteen Touch the mind
Song Chang Gung put away Shuangying handed me the medicine bottle and pointed to the Black Gate and said, "On the left, there is Cui Ying entrenched. For a while, we will represent the heart abode of fairies and immortals through other tunnels. On the right, behind the Qingmen is the breeding and planting place, where there are rare medicinal materials and animals. We will go to this Black Gate first, where there are two fairies and immortals leading to the kidneys."
Shuangying, after Cui Ying faked her corpse just now, never dared to wander around by herself. It was only after Song Chang Gung went with them that she was relieved that the main ban of Dan furnace had been separated by a cross aisle, and the ban of four medicinal herbs Po would not be there. The three people received four medicinal herbs from Gankun bag before they went to Hermon.
Simple salute after knocking at the door, like the yellow door and the red door, the black door is composed of two square columns. When I first entered, the road of the door was almost the same as that before, but after walking for about a few miles, after several turns, the Yong road gradually went deeper and deeper, and gradually the waves came to the ears of the three people.
There are also two small black doors at the end of the road, and three people chose to hit the left. This is a normal door. When you go out and see a few people, there is a wonder in front of you. When you look around, the length and width of this place are about several thousand meters, and the walls are neat and smooth. Non-jade stone seems to be a kind of gypsum-white condensed thing.
It seems that there are thousands of five-color stone emulsions in the walls, with different sizes, such as the stars shining through the holes and the dust penetrating through the holes, but the ground is flat as a mirror, but many stone emulsions protrude everywhere. After some artificial work, they are made into many cases, screens, cloud beds, danzao, decorations, birds and animals with the prototype of the stone emulsion and an axe.
Throughout the cave, apes crouch in the tiger, crouch in the tiger, dance in the phoenix and dance in the dragon pan. Everything in Dou Jie is like a crystal, reflecting the colorful lights and dazzling splendor on the walls. In these storage stone milk racks, people put their books and other things in the majority. Find it again. Just now, I heard that the center of the cave is a ten-acre square pond, and the clouds and lemons in the pond are surging.
Although it is a small pond, the water in it is excited into hundreds of water columns. The scenery is especially amazing when the two of them are staying to watch it. Yu Yingnan suddenly looks up and sees that there are many places near the top of the cave where the water shines and flows away like dragons. It seems that several water droplets fall into the pool and thin water mist rises in the pool.
A closer look at the wonders of the magic wave pool when it is associated with it can’t help but suddenly realize that Ying Qiong also told her that Ying Qiong also gradually broke the mystery after listening to the explanation again and again. Song Chang-geng laughed after hearing them. "Is your inlet water circulating in the big pond representing the stomach?
Later, when we go to see you on behalf of the heart abode of fairies and immortals, we will understand that the overall shape of the fairies and immortals imitates the human body. The water and the flame in the fairies and immortals are circulating in several blood vessels similar to the human body, giving the fairies and immortals a source of forbidden power. At the same time, there are many other wonderful things. Let’s ponder them carefully later.
You see the dripping water at the top of the stone wall because there are cracks that can pass through it and wonderful prohibitions protect the kidneys in people’s bodies. Here, not only is the water source of the whole abode of fairies and immortals, but also the places where the collection, books, magic weapons, pills and other things are returned. Look, the shelves carved by stalactites are all kinds of things.
And the 10-mu square pond is the magic wave pool, and the water source is connected to the ground river. After some special prohibitions, the essence of decyl water emerges in this pool.
You see that the water in that pool is actually simulating the natural water to transform each wave, then it is hydrated and desalinated, and then it is absorbed to the ceiling. From the ceiling, it is forbidden to circulate to the center of the magic wave pool where we came in, and then it goes straight into the depth representing the stomach. After several cycles, it flows back to the pool, and from the ceiling, it turns into water drops and then circulates again.
Here, because of the natural situation, the owner of the cave painstakingly arranged the water line to press the water from the crevices everywhere to the circle of nozzles in the four fields of the surface magic wave pool, making it fly out of these four fields and fly out of the water for hundreds of feet, which is extremely powerful and extremely flat in the central area.
When the water from the four foreign countries reached the center, it became an absolute whirlpool after some turbulence, which led the flood waterfall to the abyss. The people on the surface of a large pool were suspected to be lifted by a giant water column. After the water fell to the depth representing the stomach, it was classified into this square pond and returned to the jet cycle for a rest.
However, the surface of the big flood pool can’t be submerged, and it’s really wonderful. If practitioners don’t like fighting as much as Yihuan Shenggu, but concentrate on building and creating various living facilities, then we won’t be so backward, and maybe we will produce a kind of true writing. "
It’s not white for Song Chang-geng to sigh that the roots of the two little girls are not white, but when I heard that this is the water source of the whole abode of fairies and immortals, I was curious to walk over and see the clear waves rippling on the surface of the pond, but it became darker and darker. Li Yingqiong suddenly wanted to see how deep this surface was. With Song Chang-geng here, she flew up and released her flying sword as soon as her eyes turned, and then her body and sword merged into the pond.
Song Chang Gung certainly knows that he can’t help shaking his head here. These two little girls are really naughty. Li Yingqiong first went to the pond just like the magic wave pool. Soon after, there will be a water. Who knows, the water is deep. She feels that she has not sunk for hundreds of meters, but at the same time, she gradually feels that this pond turns out to be dozens of times different in size.
I saw that there were many sunken deep grooves in the walls, and an extremely long and thin silver chain was dragged across with brilliant light. I didn’t know how long it was. Ying Qiong was surprised to grab the chain and just pulled it, and suddenly she heard Song Changgeng whisper, "Don’t touch it, come back and be careful."
At the same time, I feel that my body is tight and seems to be entangled by something. Li Yingqiong listened to Song Changgeng’s words and was shocked to learn that there was a change. She quickly gave up the chain and flew to the pond along that force. When she felt the waves in the pool suddenly squeezed like an avalanche, although she had a flying sword to protect herself, she was also hit by a few swings and felt a surge of blood.
It turns out that Song Chang-geng was looking at the shelf books, but they were all copied neatly and cleanly. Obviously, the master had a turn of kung fu, and now Li Yingqiong actually sneaked into the water. She couldn’t help but be frightened that she touched the ban and flew over to release her own Ziwei Emperor Juejian and turned it into a thumb-thick string to wear into the water.
It was in such a short time that she had dived for hundreds of meters, and also touched the ban to bring her to the ground. At the same time, Song Chang-geng caught a glimpse of thousands of blue fluorescent dancing in the depths of the water, and how dare he neglect to know that Yi Huan’s holy aunt banned her from carrying Xuangong badly, and cast five lines of spells to quell the ban that earth can hold water, while water can produce wood, and water can shed water.
It took a while for the water fluctuation to gradually subside. It was so simple that a touch made Song Changgeng feel a sense of terror. These prohibitions and laws were borrowed from the power of heaven and earth. The more masters arranged prohibitions and laws, the more they borrowed.
It is said that the Emei school’s dust array of two instruments can be integrated with heaven and earth, claiming that it can turn the world into dust. If a real person like Long Mei is to urge the array to be trapped, Song Chang-geng will also hate it. No matter how powerful it is, people can’t compete with heaven and earth after all. If they can compete with heaven and earth, they will not stay in this world.
Or hidden like the ancient life of Yinchan Reef in the East China Sea, because at that level of power, people can no longer be called people, that is, people have no feelings in appearance. If their feelings have long been destroyed by the forces of heaven and earth, it is already a practitioner’s pole to rob people and human feelings like Song Changgeng.
The next step is to soar to the top, so that Song Chang Gung can suppress his strength and stop making progress. It is because he still wants to be an individual and doesn’t want to abandon people’s feelings and some ideas in his heart, but he doesn’t know how long he can persist, because every time he comes out after practicing meditation, he feels that his feelings are much lighter.
He was fascinated by the feeling in that wonderful realm, but at the same time, he didn’t want to give up on himself, worldly desires, which made him wonder whether to choose which one is to pursue Tao and give up people’s feelings or to continue to be a man and stop at this level.
Just now, when the ban was put down, he suddenly felt that he could also turn his mind to creating all kinds of things here. But when he thought about the future history and his own strength, he felt that what he should do was really contradictory.
When Li Yingqiong came, she saw that Song Changgeng had calmed down the ban and came over with a shy face and shouted, "Hey, brother!" But she didn’t say anything, and she knew it was too rash for her to do it.
Song Chang Gung shook his head and took the opportunity to teach them, "I told you that the ban here is very severe. If we move around normally, there is no problem, but if we want to move something or fly around, it will trigger the ban. The water ban here is not the worst. If it is forbidden by touching the protective hole, I can’t save what you remember. Don’t mess around with me again."
Volume 29 Find out the magic wave Chapter two hundred and seventeen Kunlun rebellion
As for Song Chang-geng’s reprimand, Shuangying knew that he meant well. He shrank his neck, spat out his tongue and made a face, and then he followed him cleverly. In fact, they also knew that there was danger here, but they were still very childish because Song Chang-geng had not experienced too many ups and downs after he intervened in their fate.
If Song Chang Gung didn’t get involved, the white-browed monk would have crossed Li Yingqiong’s father, and then Li Yingqiong would have been taken to Mangcang Mountain by Chicheng. After he got the purple sword, he had a series of adventures and learned that apes would be apprentices, and so on. At that time, his character would have matured rather than being childish like now, and he would not have done things so rashly.
So is Yu Yingnan. Many life and death experiences have been influenced by Song Chang Gung. She is mentally immature, but because she was an orphan since she was a child, she is still much more stable than Li Yingqiong.
Song Changgeng led the two of them around here, and now there are nothing worth collecting, so they come out and turn to another door. This abode of fairies and immortals is exactly the same as just now, and there is also a pond, but so is the collection of things here, which makes Song Changgeng frown. It is reasonable to say that this should be the place where the holy aunt collects treasures, but it is all ordinary things that make people understand.