"If you feel bored here, my brother will take you to the street for a walk." The warm voice raised again and responded to him, except for the slight wind around him.
Luo Yixuan’s eyes flashed and Luo Suluo sat next to him. "Tell my brother what happened?"
"Cold …" Luo Su Luo finally had a reaction. She slowly turned her head to gather her eyes and fell on him. She suddenly hugged her arms and her mouth trembled repeatedly. "Cold … don’t …" She was scared and was completely scared by Huangfuyi’s move that night!
Is Luo Yixuan frowning cold? It’s autumn, yes, but the weather is fine and there is nothing cold.
After a little meditation, he suddenly seemed to understand what "it’s not cold to have a brother with Arrow!" Hugging Lothro, he stroked her back with a little relief. "Do you want to leave here?"
Los Suro nodded. "Don’t see maple from here. Don’t see him …"
"Then get rid of witchcraft and my brother will take you away immediately, okay?" Did Prince Yi say anything to her? Otherwise, she wouldn’t be like this. Even if the man said something, how could he be like this? It’s my sister’s fault, and now she’s still holding …
"Not yet … not yet …" Quit his arms. Luo Suluo got up and walked outside the pavilion. "Not yet … I’m going to dress up for Feng’s birthday today to congratulate him on his happy birthday!" She muttered to herself, lost in thought, and gradually walked away.
Los escape porch looked at her back and felt bitter in my heart.
"I really have a surprise for you, Princess Ye?" The man couldn’t hide his good mood after Li Han and Bo sat in the front yard and looked at the case. He couldn’t help but feel funny. "What surprise will it be?"
Huangfuyi corners of the mouth hook up eyebrow eye is a smile "she didn’t say it’s good to let me in the past"
"I heard from the film that the princess not only drew up the menu herself, but also rehearsed several wonderful programs!" Yesterday, when I met Li Ying, he asked a little. Who knows that girl is also a nifty one, so I won’t say a word or two, but I still don’t know what plans the king has tonight.
"Bo laughed." The princess will surprise the prince and will not disappoint him. "
"I don’t care if there are any surprises. If she does, I will be happy!" Looking out of the window, it was almost time for Huangfuyi to get up and step out of the case. "Come with me to the purlin. Wang Fei has invited many guests!"
"Yes" Li Han should get up from the chair with Bo and walk outside the house behind the Lord.
Liancheng painted her makeup before sitting in front of the dressing table. This is the first time that she has been so calm about her makeup, and it is here.
And what she is going to do tonight is to show him that he is alone!
Put on the eyebrow pencil, she got up and let Mammy Hao Mo Qing Mo Yu help her change her dress specially prepared.
When everything is ready, the room will be silent. Mammy Hao and others’ eyes are full of surprises.
They know that the princess is beautiful and stunning, but at this moment, the princess is simply breathtaking.
Pure and charming, noble and elegant, this … this is just like a fairy …
The most beautiful and beautiful language in the world describes her beauty, and she exudes unparalleled elegance and dignity.
"Qimeng" Liancheng’s mouth tilted as if it were not surprising that everyone reacted. She looked at Qimeng with soft eyes. "Can I let you find a music shop to make an instrument?"
Yee dream smell speech suddenly return to absolute being nodding "ok, the day before yesterday has been done"
Liancheng moment "arranged to go to the show …" Before she finished her dream, she connected "Princess, rest assured that if your orders are ready"
"Mammy Hao …" Looking down at Mammy Hao, she smiled with a beautiful voice. "Nobody stole that cake when I made it, right?"
Mammy Hao smiled. "No, absolutely no one dares to steal the food. Everyone knows that the princess is guarding it for the prince!"
"Well, good!" Liancheng smiled and nodded. "The guests should have almost arrived. Let’s go!"
A case of the central lawn in the sunshine west oblique garden is surrounded by a large circle, and there is also a long table more than one meter high with all kinds of fruits, cakes and drinks.
People who walked into the garden, including Huangfuyi, the birthday girl, were surprised and novel.
Long table? See you for the first time at a table nearly three meters long.
The table is even equipped with two layers of baffles, which are narrower than the width of the table. There are piles of clean and shiny dishes on the surface. Well, there are many exquisite porcelain spoons.
The wine is a glass vessel with many colors, which makes people want to have a taste …
Night falls slowly, but the garden is still bright. Gu Ning and Xiao Rong sit together. Her eyes are full of curiosity and joy. "Sister-in-law, this must be the second sister Jie. She is amazing. I admire her very much!" Silk and bamboo wind music garden reverberates around trees and colorful ribbons overhead, dancing in the breeze like a butterfly. Chapter 31 is born.
Dressed in uniform, the girl kept serving delicious dishes to the guests.
"Yes, I also admire my second sister!" Xiao Rong corners of the mouth echoed with a smile.
"I have just eaten that long table of food and I am full. How can I still serve food?"
"Today, however, the second sister of Prince Yi’s birthday naturally cast a happy and carefree mood, thinking about letting the guests eat, drink and have fun. The most important thing is to let Prince Yi feel from the bottom of his heart!"
"I envy the feelings of the second sister and Prince Yi!"
"Yeah, their feelings are really enviable."
"Why hasn’t my cousin Ning Er appeared yet?" Yun Linglong’s pleasant sound suddenly sounded.
Xiao Rong and Gu Ning looked at her and said "soon"
"Oh!" Seeing that they didn’t say much, Yun Linglong took a sip of orange juice in front of her and added, "I wonder if my second cousin still remembers me?"
Huangfuyi held back the joy of sitting in the bottom of my heart, and the night beads gave off soft light, and the bright moonlight blended all over the floor, which made him look so beautiful that it was not true.
At this moment, dressed in red brocade, he is as tall and straight as a picture even if he is sitting, and it is a enchanting and fascinating painting.
Instead of smiling and talking to the guests after reading the cases, he kept looking at the entrance of the garden, hoping to see the lovely figure as soon as possible.
"Happy birthday to you … Happy birthday to you …" With the stop of the wind music of the bamboo and silk, the more beautiful the woman is, the more beautiful the music is, and it has reached everyone’s ears from far and near.
From the photo, I pushed a strange-looking car with a cake made by Liancheng.
There are six layers in the cake system, and candles representing Huangfuyi’s age are inserted at the top.