Together, the three heavens and the earth are in charge of the array, and the central force is running. The power of the large array of stars on Sunday is bound to reach its peak.
Exhausted starlight convergence
The star has formed a huge whirlpool.
Occupying most of the stars!
Booming …
Unbelievable suction from the vortex of starlight, the vast land set off a huge storm.
Hoo ~ ~
Hoo ~ ~ hoo ~ ~
The wind raged
Set off a huge wave
But strangely enough, the storm was strong, but it didn’t hurt a creature in the wild and didn’t do any harm to the earth.
They seem to have eyes, avoiding all living things and aiming at the innate Shaqi of the earth that permeates the flood.
The wind swept everything, rolled up the diffuse earth, exhausted the innate ShaQi and roared towards the infinite star.
When Zichen saw the strong wind sweeping through the innate ShaQi, she didn’t dare to neglect her heart and quickly made a seal to encourage Pangu God.
Sa …
The man of God Xi Pangu emerged and sat cross-legged in the Yin Star to run the ancient mysterious Sanyuandaojing.
With the operation of Sanyuan Daojing, the innate Shaqi was dragged like a swallow in the forest and poured into Pangu God’s body.
Buzzing …
Exhausted starlight gathers and runs back and forth around the stars with congenital Shaqi, and with the flow of congenital Shaqi, the tracks light up and the stars bloom like human meridians, which is very mysterious.
This is Pangu’s man of God carrying a big Sunday!
Generally speaking, a monk’s exercise involves 100 stars (Qiao points), that is, a small Sunday involves 365 stars (Qiao points), that is, a big Sunday.
A lot of innate Shaqi has been refined by Pangu Shenren in a big Sunday, which has been used to restore the nutrients of the stars on Sunday and expand the nutrients of the primary Yuan Chen Shenqi.
And with the big Sunday running one after another, more innate ShaQi has been refined …
The speed of the earth’s near-marginal innate ShaQi disappeared with the naked eye, and it was rolled up by a huge storm and rushed to the huge whirlpool in the center of the nebula.
Time flies
Thousands of years have passed in a blink of an eye.
That almost swept the whole universe innate ShaQi Milky Way Zhou Guangda array force absorption finally completely disappeared.
"hoo ~ ~"
Ziwei Xingfeng Zichen took a long breath to relax her mind and slowly stopped running the Milky Way and the Grand Array.
Flood crisis
Is temporarily relieved.
After all, this move is a palliative. If the source cannot be solved as soon as possible, the crisis that the flood will face in the future will become more and more serious.