Zhang Yihu has read the newspaper sent by Zhang Yi for seven times, and he is so excited that he screams that the second division and the cavalry division will help him. Will he still be afraid of the Russian army? Will you fight so hard?
This is the elite main force to see how to clean up this group of big noses! Now the old troops are close to 60 thousand, although they are still not as good as the Russian army, but the difference is not much, enough to beat them by themselves!
Now the train from Shengjing to Harbin has been opened and arrived in Harbin in just three or four days, together with two divisions and a strengthening group.
Zhang Yihu took everyone close to the command post and sat down at the conference table. Now Zhao Shixiao, the teacher of the Sixth Division, was too injured to serve, and the whole Sixth Division was handed over to Feng He, the chief of staff.
Zhang Yihu: "First of all, let’s talk about the strategic situation of China and Russia, and then let’s talk about the current battlefield. First of all, the Russian Far East has already formed 100,000 troops, and now it has entered Heilongjiang, and the army has reached the distribution of 10,000 people. Jiamusi, Mudanjiang Harbin is 200 miles east of Datong County. There are 20,000 Russian troops in Jiamusi and 20,000 people in Mudanjiang Army. At present, there are nearly 40,000 Russian troops in Tongxian County. Later, the commander of the Far East Army, Kuropatkin, changed his tactics and relied on our strong forces to start slowly advancing step by step. In this way, our two divisions will not be able to play a hard game. Now the first division is still 12,000 troops, and the sixth division is still 1,000 troops in the town border army. Even if we all supplement, our army is estimated to be 60,000
Everyone is silent. It’s too hard to fight this battle. It’s hard to chew on bring up the rear Roots with more than 40,000 troops in the middle of Kuropat Jindatong County, and how far are the Russian troops in Mudanjiang and Jiamusi from Datong County? Now the Russian troops are waiting for the Qing army to meet them hard.
Jiang Baili, who sat at the back, "Commander, I don’t know if a suggestion can be made."
Zhang Yihu looked up and saw that the three young people sitting there were too young to be twenty years old. Zhang Yihu frowned. When the instructor was in charge of the party, they were just twenty years old and they already recognized the genius of heaven. How come these people were even worse than the instructor? I just listened to which handsome guy next to me introduced one or two people’s names.
Zhang Yihu: "What do brothers call their current positions?"
Jiang Baili got up and answered, "Report commanders, students from Fengtian armament school form an independent regiment, Jiang Baili, chief of staff of the independent regiment!"
Zhang Yihu’s heart was shocked that all the independent groups were armed with school students! It seems that this instructor is really throwing caution to the wind, and the most cherished talents are willing to let these students become an army alone. This requires a shell to hit and lose all future officers.
Zhang Yihu laughed, "Look since you are a little brother!"
Jiang Baili is not afraid of stage fright. "The commander believes that Mudanjiang, the biggest loophole in the Russian army, is almost three hundred miles away from the Russian army in Datong County in the south. It takes less than three days to reach Mudanjiang. If we want to deploy an army to intercept it, we can get less than four days, so we may besiege the Russian army in Mudanjiang. Now it should be feasible for four divisions or fifty thousand people here to eat them."
Zhang Yihu "Don’t forget that we can’t move so many troops to besiege the Russian army in Mudanjiang, so Jiamusi Harbin will be completely empty and difficult to defend."
Jiang Baili replied, "First of all, we don’t need to move too many troops. Is Mudanjiang not close to Jilin? Let’s ask the border troops of Jilin Town to help us. The two divisions here have enough troops to eat the Russian troops there. Even if they don’t eat, they will be weakened." Second, we can’t pull our direction too far. We can choose to give up Jiamusi and hold the two central cities of Harbin and Qiqihar, so that we can adjust our troops more abundantly. "
Zhang Yihu’s face was black and angry. "Confused, if we give up Jiamusi, the other side’s troops will be even more successful. We can directly attack Harbin. Can we stand it?"
Jiang Baili face zheng immediately "that good commander even if the three directions deployment unchanged, want to change the current situation is only a weak link in mudanjiang".
Zhang Yihu pondered for a moment. "It’s good for the young man to have a good future without paying attention to the idea of attacking Mudanjiang less. Mom and Dad don’t know when such talents emerged in the armament school. If I had known, I would have entered the first division so early!"
Tang Keqiang smiled wryly. "A tiger doesn’t know the three of us?" Zhang Yihu asked, "Why are the three of us famous? Do you want to know our three students?" Tang Keqiang laughed, "Ah, the three of us are now famous for being three outstanding men in the shock armament school. That was directly recommended by the general to enter the school, and even more, Cliff, the wood, broke into the intermediate command class! Even the students don’t know and don’t want to think about it. If the two generals can directly order them to form an independent regiment of the armament school? "
Chapter four hundred and thirty-four Debate Zhang Yihu
Zhang Yihu beat his head with regret. "When can Mom keep an eye on the outside and just want to fight?"
Soon Zhang Yihu "that’s the goal. Mudanjiang people must tidy up the children this time and send a message to Master Shi to mobilize a town border army to secretly move in the direction of Mudanjiang, paying attention to the hidden and hidden forces of not less than 1,000 people; The old Pakistani cavalry divisions have sent them to our place. Cossack cavalry is very fierce. It is too difficult for cavalry to contain them. The second division dispatched Tang Dage to attack the main force this time … "
Tang Keqiang nodded. "Good, but it’s not enough to rely on these forces alone. I’m afraid I don’t know that a few days ago, about four or five thousand Japanese troops met in Jilin and fled to Mudanjiang under the cover of Russian troops. Now Mudanjiang’s troops should have reached 25,600. These troops will fight Mudanjiang even if they win."
Zhang Yihu pondered, "That’s so old. Two brigades from the first division will be sent to command the old Tang to be eaten by the Russian army!"
Cai E listened anxiously. "Commander, what about our independent group? What can our independent group suggest to you?"
Zhang Yihu laughed and scolded, "What’s the hurry for Xiao Wang’s eggs? We can be instructors. Baby Gada wants us to lose a lot. Instructors must be alive!"
Jiang Baili also woke up. "Commander, since we have come to the front line, we will never become elite teachers if we don’t come to visit the mountains and fight for water!"
Zhang Yihu was both blocked by one leng one leng nu "shit! Is it so easy to be an elite division? Aren’t we all scared to pee our pants when a group of students lay eggs on the battlefield? Have you ever seen a mountain of corpses and a river of blood? "
Cai E said, "Commanders are going to see it later one day. It is better to see it early. People who are nervous at present can’t sit idle or their classmates will scold us!"
Zhang Yihu "that’s a good command to guard Harbin! Want to go to Mudanjiang mendu! If the dog doesn’t listen to orders, he will clean up the children first! "
Aside Zhang Xiaohuai "forget it, let’s not argue with the commander about baili and Songpo, let’s not go to Mudanjiang …"
Zhang Yihu finally breathed a sigh of relief and didn’t wait to laugh. Zhang Xiaohuai almost didn’t grieve.
Zhang Xiaohuai: "The commanders asked to go to the main road to stop Russian reinforcements. This is always possible!"
Zhang Yihu was angry and angry. "Wang Egg, if we are really besieged by the Russian army, isn’t the Russian army in Datong County crazy? If you don’t want an independent regiment, the main force of the old first division may not be able to stand up!"
Cai E’s face went red. "The three commanders are willing to make a written pledge to fulfill a military order. If they can’t stop the Russian reinforcements from attacking, then they will commit suicide and apologize. The independent regiment has made up!"
Zhang Yihu was angry. "Good dogs are broken every day, and we don’t want to shoot a reinforcements. It will be interesting to see how we can resist the attack of Russian reinforcements one day. Mothers will at least send a brigade to maybe return the cavalry!"
Cai E replied, "Commander, don’t worry, you can’t help the independent regiment with 2,000 people!"
Tang Keqiang laughed aside. "As soon as I get a tiger, I can rest assured that these little guys have been sent out by the generals. I’m sure they will bring some newly developed weapons. What are you worried about when you come out of the armament school and the ordnance research institute is closest?"
Zhang Yihu muttered, "I don’t care about the old scholars. Are all the scholars dead and the instructors still buried alive?"
Shi Dakai, Jilin Province, received a report from Zhang Yihu saying, "It’s a good idea for the main forces to attack the weakest area of the Russian army. It seems that the old man has to help the field again."
Shi Dakai thought of calling here, "Someone will order Zhang Lin to come and see you quickly!"
After half an hour, however, Zhang Lin rushed in. Just a few days after the Jilin War, there were so many follow-up war preparations. Shi Dakai was very old and threw all the daily chores to Zhang Lin to do. The young man was very talented and picked up the administration and the military. Shi Dakai really liked the young man
Zhang Lin came to Shi Dakai and asked, "What are your orders, Sir?"
Shi Dakai "Yuting just sent a message from the commander of a tiger in Heilongjiang, intending that the main force of Heilongjiang and Jilin would attack Mudanjiang and pull out all the Russian troops in Mudanjiang area at one fell swoop, but it is very practical to ask our town border troops to assist in the war. If Mudanjiang is solved, the situation of Russian troops in Heilongjiang will become stable, at least it will not be so difficult, and Jilin will not face the threat from the north. At least Datong County is 600 miles away from the border of Jilin, even if it is marching quickly, it will be a few days away."
Zhang Lin asked, "Sir, what do you mean?"
Shi Dakai "means to lead two brigades to quickly pay attention to hiding and hiding in the north, and don’t be discovered. After arriving at the designated position, wait for the commander Tang Keqiang to order him to quickly occupy the south position and launch a storm on the Russian army!"
Zhang Lin replied, "Good Lord, I’m going to clean up my team and leave tonight!"
Shi Dakai has arranged well here, and the second division of the cavalry division in Heilongjiang has also set out. The cavalry division is divided into three directions. The cavalry division will first lead Mudanjiang to rush to a big battle. Now Mudanjiang is stationed in the Russian army, an eleventh division of the Far East Army, an independent brigade, and more than 20,000 people have been defeated. Now the troops have entered Mudanjiang, and the number of troops has exceeded 25,000. However, the Japanese army’s newly defeated weapons and equipment have been lost, and it is quite impossible to restore combat effectiveness for a long time. Jiang Hohloff, commander-in-chief of the Russian army, Kuropatkin, a veteran of the battlefield, suspected that he had learned the experience of being attacked twice and dared not let the useless leader lead in every direction to give full play to the advantages of the Russian army. Now it is difficult to see the resistance to the Qing army in Mudanjiang. Ji Hohloff has the least pressure.
Chapter four hundred and thirty-five Guild Wars Twin Peaks One
Ji Hohloff suddenly received a report from a scout today that an army of the border army in Jilin Town is rapidly approaching Mudanjiang with about 10,000 people in the north, and now it is less than 100 miles away from the Russian army.
Ji Hohloff looked excited and came to Mudanjiang. In addition to the Mudanjiang War, he also fought a big battle. This time, the town border army came to show its own strength. Just a small 10,000-person town border army didn’t put it in his eyes!
Ji Hohloff directly ordered the Cossack Cavalry Brigade to immediately dispatch Shuangfeng, which is 50 miles away from the army, to give a blow to the town border army. The small town border army is not worth mentioning and always wants to fight the elite main force of the Chinese tiger!
Ji Hohloff ordered the Cossack Cavalry Brigade to roar out and go straight to Shuangfeng, but Ji Hohloff noticed that the target of Ba Gen Cavalry Brigade was also Shuangfeng. Here, the military strategists at the border of Heilongjiang and Jilin competed for it. Zhang Yihu had already expected that once the Russian army found out that the town border army would station troops in the north of Shuangfeng, where would the town border army fight? Therefore, Zhang Yihu gave Ba Gen an order and went straight to Shuangfeng to fight the Russian army first!
By the time the Russian Cossack cavalry brigade reached Shuangfeng, the town border troops had arrived.
Russian cavalry brigade commander Shokhorovsky relied on his cavalry’s quick action to "make the army directly cross the Twin Peaks and March forward to the town. Now the border troops are only 20 kilometers away from here. Just because the Qing army knows that the Japanese can’t beat them doesn’t mean that the Russian warriors can’t charge!"
Cossack cavalry rushed forward.
Zhang Lin’s troops advanced very quickly. During this period, the fighting power of the border troops in Power Town increased greatly. At the same time, Zhang Lin marched and sent five groups of scouts. The detective Lu Fengtian, Jilin Province, grew up and knew the terrain here like the back of his hand. A military literacy general at the edge of this area would not easily give up such a strategic point. Maybe the Russian army would have arrived there and was waiting for him to deliver it.
Just as Zhang Lin’s two brigades were advancing, the scouts in front rushed to Zhang Lin’s face. "Chief of Staff, now the Russian army knows the direction of our March, and the big Cossack cavalry is not 6,000 people away. It’s already 20 miles away!"
Zhang Lin was surprised that this Russian army came so fast.
Zhang Lin drank, "The army stopped advancing, the machine gun battalion immediately advanced, the terrain was favorable, and the combat artillery battalion was always ready for artillery support at any time!"
Shortly after Zhang Lin’s order arrived, the Russian army roared like a whirlwind, which was not stopped by a few heavy machine guns