The oppressive feeling came back, and mendieta couldn’t laugh.
"No, I think …"
"I think I’m a little too arrogant, right?"
"It’s not …"
"Think I’m lying with my eyes open?"
Ever-victorious mendieta was sweating on his forehead. He was a little tongue-tied and didn’t know what to say.
Whether Pereira or Hiddink or Ranieri, Cooper and mendieta have worked with many excellent coaches before, but they all give people such an aggressive momentum … Constant victory is the first one he has ever seen.
In the end, he had to admit, "well, I think what you said is too confident but not true."
He, he will wait until Changsheng thunders. I didn’t expect to hear him say that, but Changsheng laughed. The smile was very heart-warming, and it was a little weird.
"Then one year, Gezka. You stay in Valencia and have a good look at how I led this team to the championship!" This sentence is always very confident. "If you want to leave after one year, I won’t leave you. If you want to stay, I’m welcome."
In fact, Changsheng knows very well that mendieta can’t play even if he doesn’t go to Lazio and other teams.
At the beginning, he was loaned to Barcelona after a season in Lazio. In Barcelona, he played 33 games and scored four goals, which is not bad. However, this performance is still far from his performance in Valencia. After the season, Lazio tried to sell mendieta to Barcelona to reduce their financial burden. Although they delayed the final payment of the transfer to Valencia, mendieta’s annual salary is still a big burden for them.
But Barcelona doesn’t want it at all.
Netta returned to Lazio and was immediately loaned to Premier League Middlesbrough.
In his first season at Middlesbrough, he scored two goals in 31 appearances, which was not bad considering his current situation of being displaced.
Middlesbrough, on the other hand, is not as picky as Barcelona, and thinks that mendieta’s performance after a season on loan can be acceptable, so he should simply discuss with Lazio to buy him.
Lazio is eager to get rid of this hot potato with high salary.
They were so afraid that they couldn’t get rid of it that they didn’t even dare to ask Middlesbrough for a direct transfer and gave it to Middlesbrough
As a result, Middlesbrough bought it and found out that it was cheated.
First of all, mendieta asked for a high salary. Secondly, compared with the season he came on loan, his straight-line skating injury affected his state and his attendance. After he officially moved to Middlesbrough, he didn’t play a full season. In the first season, he played seven games in this Premier League team, and the second season was slightly better, with 17 games and two goals. The third game returned to the previous seven games.
After Middlesbrough’s contract expired, the team refused to renew it. mendieta finally announced his retirement.
In fact, mendieta’s fame and Valencia’s tactical style are very big.
In Valencia, he is actually a frontcourt free agent with a wide range of activities. The attacking body is designed for him, and his excellent physical fitness just adapts to this positioning.
However, in Lazio, it is difficult to stand on two completely different styles of football collision when it comes to free agent tactics. Eventually, mendieta fell. He tried the winger and midfielder in Lazio, but failed to perform well in Valencia. He was confined to a small room and lost his aura because of the tight pressure of the opposing defender and the tactical restrictions of the coach.
Fan Jiaer, who went to Barcelona, put forward high defensive requirements for him as an engineer in the middle court, but at the same time let him attack freely. These two contradictory requirements made mendieta adapt. Although he persisted in a Basque system and struggled tirelessly, he exhausted his physical strength and the last inspiration in the non-stop running.
Cruel facts prove that once mendieta was separated from Valencia’s tactical system, he suddenly disappeared from everyone.
In the design of a new tactic "Mad Dog" for Valencia, mendieta’s characteristics were also taken into account, which gave him room to play. Although he was located on the wing, he still gave him a lot of activities. He could move freely in the frontcourt. Anyway, there was Leila defense on the right side, so he was not too worried that it would also liberate mendieta.
But other teams don’t have the time to do this kind of thing.
Mendieta suddenly felt a sense of "relief" after hearing Chang Sheng’s words, that is, he needed to stay for another season.
Stay in the team after a season?
Maybe he didn’t even think about it.
He has made up his mind to leave Valencia, and he thinks that nothing can shake his mind.
He seems to be afraid of always winning and going back on his word and asks, "A season?"
"Just one season!" Changsheng nodded affirmatively. "If you still want to leave then, we will never be forced!"
Mendieta looked at Changsheng as if to see if Changsheng had lied to him.
There is no need for Changsheng to lie to mendieta, because what he said is true. If mendieta wants to stay in Valencia as a loyal minister, he is fine. But if mendieta is still determined to leave this season, he will never try to persuade him as hard as he is now.
If you can sell more money then, Changsheng will definitely not be soft, and of course it will not be sold to Lazio!
"I hope you will keep your promise then, sir."
Changsheng shrugged. "I always mean what I say."
Then he held out his hand. "So we can shake hands happily?"
Mendieta hesitated for a moment and held out his hand.
Chang Sheng smiled, "Good. That’s it. After a season of Gatzka, I bet you won’t want to leave a champion team."
Mendieta is noncommittal. Who knows what will happen after a season? You said that if you can win the championship, you will definitely win it. With so many coaches over the years, who didn’t say that he could win the championship? And the result?
He wants to stay for a whole season and then leave here to pursue his football dream on a wider stage.
After the conversation with Changsheng, mendieta took the initiative to call his agent when he was heading for the parking lot and told him that he had agreed with Changsheng.
"I talked to him and he gave me a promise that I would stay in Valencia for another season and then let me go," he said.
"Are you crazy, Gatzka?" The agent was scared for a long time and didn’t know what to say. It took him a long time to suppress such a particularly unoriginal sentence, "You believe a China person?" I tell you that there are two most unbelievable people in this world, one is Jewish and the other is China! "
"Then what should I do? Can you find me a suitable club when the transfer period is closed in two days, Alberto? "
The broker was silent over there.
Obviously, he can’t do it either.
Even a Lazio has ruined his old nose, and he was finally seen by Changsheng. He is very unhappy with Changsheng, and this dissatisfaction has now extended to the entire China population.
"It’s a good thing that we can do this now. We’ll stay for another season."
Alberto Tordera sighed. "Okay, okay, anyway, I agreed to leave the last season no matter what! Damn it … "He was still muttering when he hung up.
Changsheng and mendieta thus reached an agreement or tacit understanding.
Mendieta stayed at ease to continue as the captain of the team and lead the team to fight.
Chang Sheng promised mendieta that he still wanted to leave at the end of the season, so he would definitely let him go.
With this tacit understanding, I am relieved.
If mendieta doesn’t give him any trouble, his pressure will be much less.
Otherwise, the captain of the team has a lofty position in the hearts of players and fans, and hopes that people will really talk to themselves with determination, so the dressing room will be restless from now on …
A traveler who always wins knows too much about this.
A team leader is often a team bully.
In this way, people can play well but also play negatively.
If it is not handled properly, it will be a lose-lose result.
It’s good to win in Valencia, but it’s not good to win the championship and play palace fights with someone.
Changsheng is satisfied with the peaceful settlement of the mendieta issue.
When he left the training base, he felt complacent and felt more mature than before
It seems that I have taken another big step forward from becoming the world’s top head coach!