"Of course I’m happy!" Moon pretending to be happy way
Wang Ming is now in the excitement of just inheriting the ancient mark and restoring his strength, but he didn’t pay attention to the idea that the moon shadow was careful to continue, "Well, come on, the moon shadow, I’ll try my best to help you heal now, and we can leave when your injury is okay."
Sure enough, like the moon shadow, Wang Ming regained her strength. The first thing to do was to restore her injury, and then the two of them will leave here soon.
However, reluctant to return, reluctant Moon Shadow also knows that she can’t be with Wang Ming forever, and here she silently nodded and said, "All right!" Moon Shadow knows that once they go out, Wang Ming will still be her little uncle, and she can also bury everything she has experienced here in her heart.
There is a qualitative difference between the hunter and the blood hunter. Even the six-level blood hunter is on a par with the hunter. What’s more, Wang Ming is a junior blood hunter. This time, Wang Ming feels that the former powerful and mobilized forces are heavy and deep, and these forces can be controlled very subtly.
Although Wang Ming has already advanced, those forces have come back to health, and they have no feelings about the ability of hunters, but now Wang Ming is full of strength and he finally knows the gap.
Moreover, the treatment of Wang Mingxian felt that the treatment effect was a hundred times better than the original one, and he hardly lost the treatment attribute. Although the hunter’s moon shadow injury seemed heavy because of Wang Ming’s great strength, Wang Ming gave the moon shadow treatment almost without hurting the root.
"How do you feel much better? You should try your own strength now. "Wang Ming encouraged Moon Shadow after treatment.
Because of the dirty injury, the Moon Shadow has always used the power method to circulate the strength all over the body, and Wang Ming has cured the shock injury of the Moon Shadow and combed all the meridians. Now that the Moon Shadow is running, there is no pain in the body.
"Well, I almost feel better, and my strength can run," Moon Shadow said happily.
"Well, although you are well now, you’d better not transport your strength easily in the near future. It’s better to wait until the injury really heals, so as to avoid the dirty burden and avoid hidden dangers." Wang Ming, a doctor, charged.
"Well, I listen to you." The moon shadow is clever
"All right, what we have to do has been done, and we have actually got the ancient mark, which is a complete merit. Now we have to go back to the surface, otherwise I’m afraid Jade Bee and Echimonto are in a hurry." Wang Ming smiles.
At the moment, Wang Ming and the shadow of the moon have nothing to clean up, except that Wang Ming’s coat was changed into a dress by the shadow of the moon, and the two people almost left as they came.
Moon Shadow Yuan Wang Ming will take her away from the tunnel where he went hunting! Because there are no high-ranking fierce beasts and there is no danger, it is safest to go out there.
However, Wang Mingxin, Jade Bee and Yiqi Monto know these two people too well. After waiting outside for a long time, these two people will definitely find a way to come in and see Wang Ming and Moon Shadow or go out the same way.
Sure enough, Wang Ming thought it was right, so Wang Ming and Moon Shadow went out of the mountainside and just walked to the mouth of the cave when they went out by the original road, when they heard a fighting sound, they also scolded, "MD, this fierce forest beast is too abnormal, and his front foot has just almost destroyed the 500-member team of the vegetarian family. Now these guys are so difficult to deal with. We are all together and we can’t take him."
As soon as Wang Ming heard this complaint, she knew it was Ike Monto. Since Ike Monto came, I’m afraid the jade bee came back with her. It seems that she also fought with the fierce beast that newly occupied this territory.
Wang Ming and Moon Shadow hurried out to have a look. Not only Jade Bee, Xiang Ji and Yi Qimento, but also all the goddess Valkyria have come back. After all, Moon Shadow Goddess clan is also very high, and it is very likely that in the future, Valkyria will take care of Moon Shadow.
At this time, the fierce beast that fought with them was a huge brown bear with a height of nearly four meters, and this brown bear was not only tall and strong, but also had the ability of soil attributes, so that the brown bear with rough skin was covered with a layer of soil armor, so that the jade bee and others could really take it for a while.
"Master Wang Ming!"
Wang Ming, as soon as they appeared, they found two people, and everyone immediately called out.
At this time, the brown bear also felt the threat behind him. He didn’t know where the two men came from, but it was already very difficult for the brown bear to know that he had to deal with these outsiders. If he was blocked by the two men behind him, it would be really passive.
The brown bear roared at once, and a wall of earth sprang up, isolating him from the outside, such as the broad bean and the jade bee, and then turned around flexibly and ran towards Wang Ming and the moon shadow, and he looked so aggressive that he couldn’t wait to tear two people apart.
At this time, Wang Ming is really different. Seeing the brown bear coming towards him, he even smiled and then gently "wrapped" his fingers in his mouth and gently drank.
With Wang Ming moving, the speed of food release is invisible to the naked eye, which is amazing. Moreover, this time, Wang Ming didn’t always accumulate power in the soil and then break through the ground to surprise him. But now it’s different. Wang Ming just didn’t accumulate power, but he can achieve this speed just by letting plants grow. You can imagine how powerful Wang Mingsheng is.
Brown bear root didn’t notice that Wang Ming still had such a trick, and as soon as he slowed down, he was tied up by vines, so that the brown bear could not move at once.
Of course, although this brown bear has good ability, it still has a big gap with the headstrong BM, so Wang Ming will get it so easily.
"hey! Master Wang Ming, I’m afraid it’s nothing to see you look radiant! " Ike Monto saw that Wang Ming had nothing to do and immediately made fun of it.
"alas! Yiqi Monto said goodbye. This time, I was too careless or a little underestimated that vegetarian Chihiro. I also survived! " Wang Ming saw the crowd sigh with emotion
"Master now if you do such a dangerous thing again, you must take me to know? I said I don’t don’t, I just want to be around you. "At the moment, Jade Bee’s little face is red with pain, obviously a few worries and some regrets for not following Wang Ming.
"After listening to you, you must take you with you!" Wang Ming took a look at the jade bee and immediately held her in her arms to comfort her
"Miss, are you all right?" Moonshadow gawked at Jade Bee coquetry to Wang Ming. How she wished that coquetry was her! However, all this is impossible, and at this time, a small leader in Valkyria called Moon Shadow Two and finally turned his attention back.
Chapter three hundred and seventeen Good news
"ah! I have nothing to do but get a little hurt and then my clothes are damaged. It is good to change clothes. "Moon Shadow replied perfunctorily.
"oh! That young lady, come and put on your clothes! " The leader of Valkyria handed Moon Shadow a shawl to wear, but she was still wrapped in Wang Ming’s coat.
"Well, since everyone is all right, let’s go!" Wang Ming looked around and felt that the number of people was fairly neat. This time, it was not easy to save them from danger.
Wang Ming and his party soon left the forest next to the Mang Animal City and returned to the Mang Animal City. At this moment, the Mang Animal City is already a city, and the city is full of bodies. Although thousands of people have been missing, Wang Ming and others have simply dealt with it, but that foundation is perfunctory. If the city is placed like this again, I am afraid it will be plague.
Wang Ming, they took the salute and didn’t want to live in the headstrong beast city any more, so the group of people withdrew from the headstrong beast city.
"By the way, Master Wang Ming, those spiritual clansmen have all died, and their heads are dead. Do you think that the money they plundered is still a wild animal city?" Ezekiel Monto suddenly had a brainwave and asked
After all, Wang Ming and his family came here to recover the extorted money, but because of a big war, Wang Ming and his family almost forgot about this crop. They all planned to take a salute and quit the wild animal city, but everyone suddenly realized what Ike Monto said
"Yes! Master, so many of them are here waiting for us so sure that the money has not been taken away! " Jade bee also excited way
"Well, maybe! So let’s all go to the castellan’s mansion and see if they don’t let people carry the money away, then it’s the castellan’s mansion. "Wang Ming also nodded his head.
In this way, Wang Ming and his party went from the destroyed residence of the Hong merchants to the backyard of the Duke’s Mansion, which was estimated as a blood sea. They should not be able to put money there, and they looked for it in the front yard.
"Master Wang Ming, you come quickly! Here it is! Here it is! " Echimonto’s excitement is broken, so he shouted.
Wang Ming knew that he must have found Ike Monto when he heard that he was so excited. Wang Ming felt that Ike Monto had found a slant hall in the front yard of the duke’s mansion. Sure enough, there were more than 20 large boxes containing a lot of gold coins, jewelry and even some magic crystal coins, which were valuable as soon as they were seen.
"Hey, don’t say we’re lucky to be ambushed by so many ethnic elements, but we didn’t get hurt, and we also destroyed them with the help of the savage beast, and so many of them didn’t take the money away and left us the money. It’s great that our team was successfully completed." Wang Ming was really filled with emotion! Although I also felt this disaster, I also felt that I was really lucky.
In this way, Wang Ming and his team packed more than 20 boxes, and then pulled these things out of the city and hurried towards Yaocheng.
"Wang Ming, we just go back? Aren’t you going to meet someone else? " Moon is a little curious. After Wang Ming got the money, he immediately chose to go back to Yaocheng to help his group. It didn’t mean anything. Then he asked
"Moon shadow! First of all, our side has finished, so our first priority now is to bring these money back to Yaocheng, so that Wuyuguo can afford to accept those who have surrendered to the city, so that Wuyuguo’s power can be further expanded. If we rashly take money to support his team now, we are likely to make mistakes in our busy work and even lose this money.