"I don’t want to see a former game king lose to a few ordinary high school students in this small competition, and then I’m afraid that those real professional players will be bad for your name after hearing it …" Xia Liuying said slowly after a moment of silence.
Her remarks made Mo Tianyuan put her eyes on the distance.
This consideration Mo Tianyuan did not think that he was sticking to his brothers’ goal of victory, although he knew in his heart that if he finally got off to a bad start, his opponents in the professional arena would laugh their heads off. It is a bit jaw-dropping for a former parkour game king to lose to several high school students in such a small competition.
"So you agreed?" Xia Liuying looked up and looked straight at Mo Tianyuan’s eyes. The girl’s long eyelashes blinked gently. Mo Tianyuan knew that not many people could enjoy this beautiful scenery at ordinary times.
But he shook his head.
"I think I have a good chance of winning if you don’t let other top players in the club play," he said seriously, although there was a smile on his lips.
Xia Liuying also stared at her dark eyes and face without the slightest expression. After a while, she laughed.
"It is not afraid of challenges. This is the proper demeanor of a game king …"
She walked slowly out, as if the conversation had ended in her mind today. "Don’t worry, even if I get into the seventh middle school, I won’t make the game more difficult for you guys, but it depends on you whether you can win."
"thank you"
Mo Tianyuan watched her go away gradually, and at this moment he was grateful.
Of course, he not only thanked her for not deliberately increasing the difficulty of the final game, but also thanked her for thinking so much by herself …
Mo Tianyuan sat down on a bench in this park. He slowly closed his eyes on this winter sunshine. He felt the warmth from the horizon like an ordinary tramp.
Game king?
Hehe, it’s just an empty name, and this empty name will be blown farther and farther by the breeze …
Ye Xingyu is very upset these days. Xia Liuying spoke in the club two days ago, which filled his heart with anxiety.
If you can’t win the game, you will be kicked out of the club?
You know, in the club, you can get paid every month. Even if you don’t take part in the competition or do anything, the club will pay you hundreds of dollars. Although life is not much, it is still money, isn’t it? Besides, Ye Xingyu is also preparing to go to college after graduating from high school to bubble school girls with this professional player status! If we were kicked out at this time, wouldn’t that beautiful idea be wasted!
But Nai is Xia Liuying, who is actually in charge of the club now. Even the manager Ma Hongxin has to be inferior in front of her, which makes him a little player worse. The root is nothing!
Ye Xingyu, the team where the pervert belonged before winning, was really not sure. Although Zhai Ying’s participation made the hope of winning in No.1 Middle School much greater, Ye Xingyu had already had a shadow on the pervert at the bottom of his heart because he didn’t seem to shine in the game before!
After thinking about this, Ye Xingyu secretly gnashed her teeth and said, "Bunny, I won’t calculate with you when I watch this game with new accounts and old accounts!"
However, this encouragement did not bring him much mental relief. Long-term habits at the bottom of his heart made him look at Mo Tianyuan as an invincible person, and when he remembered it, he collapsed.
Ye Xingyu felt worried at the thought of losing the game.
He also wanted to make some tricks to make people in the team in No.7 Middle School have some accidents, but it was not long before he heard that Jialiang, a provincial experiment, had been attacked by grass, which made him hurriedly dispel the idea in his heart.
In case they didn’t clean them up like Jialiang, they cleaned them up. That’s really fucked up!
Fortunately, the winter vacation is more free and upset. He came to the Love Lake Park near his home to relax. However, he wanted to find a stool to rest for a while, but he found that almost all the stools in the park were occupied by those couples who abused singles! There are not many places to come. Ye Xingyu didn’t have the nerve to squeeze with them. Nai Manmu walked forward.
Just then, he found a boy sitting on a stool in front of him, lonely and cold as if he were thinking about things.
Tired of walking, he quickly strode over and sat down on the other side of the stool.
"hey! Dude, borrow a seat and have a rest! "
Chapter 216 Ye Xingyu past deeds
"Lying in the trough!"
Ye Xingyu jumped up like a ghost after seeing the boy’s face on the stool.
"How are you? ?”
Mo Tianyuan looked up and glanced at him faintly, and his eyes were also surprised. Obviously, I didn’t expect to meet Ye Xingyu here and see Ye Xingyu’s reaction. His face brought up a little banter. "What can’t be me? Oh, yes, your home is near here. "
I remember that when I first met Ye Xingyu, he also came with himself several times, but then the number of times gradually decreased …
Ye Xingyu was surprised to see Mo Tianyuan here today. After a while, he finally came to his senses and thought that this is near his home. He insisted, "What are you doing here?"
MoTianYuan lazy swept his one eye face some unabashed irony "what am I doing here … what do you have? Forget it. It’s nothing to tell you. Just now, your boss asked me out to talk, and I came. "
After hearing this, Ye Xingyu was even more surprised. "Miss Xia?"
"Exactly, but she’s gone now, or you can ask for peace."
Ye Xingyu’s face is uncertain.
Look at Mo Tianyuan’s novel. Ten times out of ten * * will be true. Everyone loves beauty. There is a young man at the beginning of love. Ye Xingyu also admires Xia Liuying. Unfortunately, there is no bright spot. He can also cheat those brain-dead women in school.
But Xia Liuying won’t dump him at all!
This makes Ye Xingyu secretly worried that such a big Bai Fumei is in front of his face. Can he not worry? You know, their Xia family can be said to be one of the richest people in the city. If you can get this sister paper, wouldn’t it be a thousand times stronger than those ordinary fat and vulgar powders in the school? Even if it is to let the old man be adopted by wife! Less than half a generation don’t worry …
Don’t say it’s a bubble. Ye Xingyu feels shivering every time I see that cold sister paper. People can’t help but feel that she has an aura all over her. Plus, she often wears a black dress like a ghost from hell, Luo Cha, which makes Ye Xingyu afraid to get close, even though this ghost Luo Cha is beautiful …
But listening to Mo Tianyuan’s novel Xia Liuying actually took the initiative to ask him out?
Damn it, it’s a fucking dog! I can’t eat food, and I can’t believe this little guy beat me to it!
Ye Xingyu couldn’t help but burst into a sour pie mouth. "Do you still want to call our Miss Xia? Let’s talk about it. Let’s touch a nose! Why else would you sit here alone? "
Mo Tianyuan picked his eyebrows and raised his eyes. He gave him a faint tunnel "idiot"
Ye Xingyu was furious to see him so disdainful and threatened, "Give me less M, Mo Tianyuan, if you want to know where this is!"
My hometown is near here. Believe it or not, call a few boys to come and pick you up in minutes!
Mo Tianyuan was amused by him instead and said, "Where is it? Where is this? Isn’t it next to your house? What’s the big deal? "
After what he said, Xing-yu Ye was helpless, and then he thought about his thoughts just now. It’s really childish to look around like a red face. Fortunately, no one else was relieved to hear it.
Think about yourself and Mo Tianyuan for a while, and friends can barely say that they met old friends at the moment, and then say, "You are not so hostile to me. After all, we were friends …"
Mo Tianyuan sneered, "Do you not treat me as a friend or do I not treat you as a friend?"
Ye Xingyu is speechless.
Listen to Mo Tianyuan continued, "I thought that when you were an ordinary student in No.1 Middle School, I took you into the Wind Club, so that you could get the most basic living security from a poor student who knew how to ask for money from home every month. Who gave you hard guidance in the club to change you from a young person who knew how to play games and relax to a professional player who knew how to change your life through games?" But what about you? "
"What’s wrong with me …" Ye Xingyu argued.
"What’s the matter? When Ma Hongxin collected the prize money we won in the competition, instead of discouraging it, you encouraged him to search for it. What’s more, you secretly told Ma Hongxin that our Blast Team took the game by itself so that he could have a reason to bully us! "
Mo Tianyuan seemed to have hit the box at this time and wanted to spit out a foul breath in his heart. "In the end, we took part in the running race and got the trophy. It was a souvenir. It was not worth much money. Ma Hongxin was not ready to ask for it again. Did you persuade him to take it away from us?"