Just then, another figure appeared on the lake and galloped away toward the island in the center of the lake.
The lake screams and screams, and no one dares to cross the line again.
Shirley heavenly sword feather and others are pale and feel glad.
Fortunately, they didn’t make a move, otherwise they wouldn’t be able to escape from many eye fish at this time.
This figure is extremely conspicuous!
"Some people really dare to go without fear of death."
"After all, Chongbao has such a big chance in front. If you can fight for your life once, it is very likely that the fish will leap into the sky!"
"Hum! If you can’t save your life, what kind of dragon will you turn into? "
A friar sneered.
"It’s Tang Ziyi!"
Su Mo frowned slightly.
He just noticed that Tang Ziyi had a conation, and when he saw Qi Xia Xian Shen, his mood also showed a little fluctuation and some abnormalities.
He didn’t expect Tang Ziyi to cross the lake and go to the island regardless of the danger!
Of course, Tang Zi’s assassin is also in excellent control now.
At this time, hundreds of eye fish pay attention to the dozens of monks in the middle.
And Tang Ziyi walked regardless of the consumption of vitality, and his height almost reached nine feet, crossing the heads of all people and heading for the isolated island.
When Tang Ziyi was driving halfway, the lake crashed!
At least thousands of shadows broke through the water and came after the purple clothes in the middle Tang Dynasty!
Seeing this, many monks felt a scalp explosion!
Thousands of eye fish can break through the water and soar to a height of nine feet or even higher!
Tang Ziyi instantly fell into danger!
Tang Ziyi suddenly opened his mouth and roared, and a fairy whale sound broke out.
Chapter one thousand nine hundred and seventy-three fenglei wings
Tang Ziyi’s plan is good. He wants to fight for a little vitality and rush out of the encirclement with the help of the sound of fairy whales.
But among the five senses of the eye fish, there are olfactory roots but no hearing.
Although the fairy whale sound burst is strong, it has no effect on the eye fish!
Tang Ziyi’s look doesn’t change. Suddenly, generate made a series of Lei Guang arcs, and quickly gathered behind her to condense a pair of thunder wings!