"This is what a saint should be able to do."
Standing in the long river overlooking the changes of time, they said excitedly
Chapter five hundred and twenty-four When the source
If we put aside the past, it was time for all saints to overlook the long river, that is, we couldn’t even get in, and it had long been suppressed by the island.
"Let’s act quickly before it’s too late!"
After a long time, they just said excitedly
When tampering!
What a desirable ability.
Speaking of this, this is the first time that they have entered the Changhe River to try to change the past.
Although he was able to pick Jin Xianji before the drill, this ability was completed without any place because of the suppression in Zhoushan.
Until today, when the mountain collapsed, they had a chance to step into the long river and show the greatest power of this great Luo Jinxian.
It’s really exciting to think about it
Several people nodded their heads and went from the present to the past along the long river.
However, at the moment when they just started, the whole river trembled violently, and a great force broke out, causing waves and waves to beat hard at the five people.
This is a long river that eats itself!
How can it be easy to be called the enemy of heaven and earth when you are in rebellion?
It is bound to pay a huge price
It is very likely to fall!
"Little Doyle!"
Five people smiled gently, and the surge of mixed forces spread around, and it was easy to suppress the coming waves, even without moving the magic weapon!
Is Shichanghe strong against itself?
It is not strong.
Pick Jin Xian can easily suppress it, otherwise there will be no saying that pick Jin Xian can be reversed.
Since Luo Jinxian can do it easily, he can certainly do it easily than a stronger mixed yuan.
Laughing and laughing, the five saints suppressed the long river itself and will continue to walk towards the past.
But it came from the long river of time, and they were suppressed, but it came from heaven and earth, and it came at them one after another
When the long river shook, the years stirred up a series of horrible figures, and the five saints came across the waves.
This is pick Jin Xian!
All pick Jin Xian in the wild!
Every statue of Luo Jinxian occupies a timeline, and their breath is like nails, which firmly nail the past in the long river.
When you want to reverse it, the first thing to do is to suppress all the traces in the long river.
Because of the characteristics of the pick Jin Xian, it is more difficult to reverse with each additional pick Jin Xian in the world. I think the first pick Jin Xian was an enemy in the long river when he was born.
If there is no mountain, he can say that he can do whatever he wants, that is, let all living things in the wild be proved by law, and it is not impossible for him to pick Jin Xian.
His handle is bigger than a saint.
It is precisely because of these scruples that Pangu left a bad mountain to prevent future generations from being blocked by the strong in the long river of time.
Saint, trouble is coming!
Think about how many great golden immortals have been born in the wilderness?
At least there are tens of thousands of statues!
They may have fallen now, but they were still alive in the past and still in the long river of time.
Now the sage wants to reverse the long river and stimulate the flood. Luo Jinxian has all appeared in the history.