His attitude really tickles people’s teeth-why the fuck did you miss the game?
In the face of such cheating, these reporters really can’t do anything.
But it’s not a shame. Anyway, it’s not a day or two for them to be beaten and stumbled in the constant victory.
The winning side keeps a low profile, and Marcos Alonso on the other side shows no weakness.
In the past two days, he was ordered by Jesus Hill to toss and turn, and he didn’t sleep well. He was worried with two dark circles and his fire was constipation. He had to vent his anger at the press conference before the game.
"We will definitely not lose because this is our home, because we are Atletico Madrid, it’s as simple as that."
"Often? He is probably the most ill-bred coach I have ever seen. I think it is very polite to attack a 60-year-old man with such vicious words anyway! I admit that he is young and talented, and Hertha has made good progress under his leadership, but perhaps it is such achievements that he lost his mind and didn’t know that many young people have this stage. I think a key failure will help him clear his head and let him know what he should and shouldn’t do. This is very important … "
Newcastle United once led Manchester United by 12 points that season, but it was finally turned over by Manchester United.
Kevin keegan’s phrase "I will like it very much if we beat Manchester United" became a sign that kevin keegan was incoherent, panicked and confused.
Everyone knows this allusion.
Constant victory now obviously means that Marcos Alonso has lost his mind.
After the tactical meeting on the eve of the game, Chang Sheng went back to his room to make final preparations for the mid-day game-to arrange the skills of the day game.
This skill must be put on the day before the competition. If you don’t put it on that day today, you will take part in the competition with two competition skill fields. Because it is not allowed to do this on the day of the competition, you always win and don’t know what’s wrong. Anyway, it is stipulated that he can put the competition skill on the day before each competition.
Hertha beat Atletico Madrid 3-0 at home, and the winning choice was the skills of "Iron Man" and "Two Wings Qi Fei".
But this time, Changsheng doesn’t intend to continue to play Iron Man.
It’s very simple. At Atletico Madrid, the referee will more or less consciously or unconsciously favor Atletico Madrid. Although [Iron Man] can make his team win more possession of the ball in physical confrontation, he can’t escape the referee’s pursuit of too much physical contact, which will make the referee pay special attention to it. Even if you grab the ball, people can also blow you for a foul. No matter how big the game skills are, it’s worse than not being the referee …
Continuing to make [Iron Man] will make the referee blow himself more fouls and give the opponent more Italian balls, which is not worth the candle.
Maybe some players will be punished in the game for this.
Hertha’s challenge to Atletico Madrid away from home is that the risks are too great to withstand any changes.
Always win to control the risk to a minimum.
[Qi Fei with two wings] is that he must choose to attack by Hertha and rely on Qi Fei with two wings.
In addition, another skill is always winning. I plan to choose 【 Strike Back Sharp 】.
Atletico Madrid will definitely rely on their home court advantage to attack Hertha in a big way, and the constant victory and Hill’s war of words will definitely make Atletico Madrid’s offensive even more fierce, even to the point of "ecstasy"
Therefore, Hertha can also play a defensive counterattack in this game.
Every opportunity in the counterattack is particularly precious.
At this time, the skill of "increasing the success rate of counterattack by 5%" and "sharp counterattack" is very important.
[Sharp counterattack] plus [two wings Qi Fei] These two sets of skills are always tailored to Hertha.
Finalize the skills and put them in the skills column.
Then make sure there is nothing wrong and choose OK.
He doesn’t need to worry about what comes next.
He has done all he should do, and then he will improvise when there is any specific situation in the game tomorrow.