Thought of here, Feng Zichen not only has some scalp pins and needles, but also secretly decides not to leak any news of the Taoist priest who died in the world before making it into a mixed road.
Pack up the shadow devil’s remains and wind Zichen left here without touching the body.
On Ru
You can’t stay here.
Who knows if the magic Zuluo has left any successors? If he continues to stay here, isn’t it a chance for the other party to betray him?
as expected
Feng Zichen is not far away.
Four and a half steps mixed yuan breath suddenly arrival here.
"fiend flag!"
"It turns out that the magic door is this magic weapon to drive the innate fierce beast."
Virtual stroke Zichen is thinking about the fiend flag.
Although he didn’t refine the secret of the last post-God Ban touching the depths of the fiend flag, the 40 post-God Ban was not refined in vain, which made him know something about the fiend flag.
Chapter five hundred and forty-seven The temptation of the world tree
O flag is the magic door to drive the innate fierce beast treasure.
If it weren’t for this treasure, even if the shadow demon was a quasi-Saint dzogchen, he wouldn’t be able to gather millions of congenital fierce beasts to besiege the Terran.
It’s no wonder that Mo Zuluo was so nervous about this treasure to prevent it from falling into other people’s hands, and even the special fiend flag department left a will of its own.
It’s probably because this is the root of the evil beast launched by the magic door. If this treasure falls into other people’s hands, it can be used to order the innate evil beast.
At that time, it will be much easier to pacify the congenital fierce beasts.
Holding the fiend flag directly makes the innate fierce beasts kill each other, even if it can’t level the innate fierce beasts, it can also greatly reduce the strength of the innate fierce beasts.
As a result, the innate fierce beast strength is insufficient to threaten the universe.
Congenital fierce beasts are confused.
Without the help of the innate fierce beast, the magic door alone can’t stop the big forces from fighting back, and the situation can be reversed in an instant
Can say fiend flag this treasure is enough to change the current situation in the universe.
It’s the magic Zuluo who will never let anyone fall into the wrong hands.
But it is a pity
He looks down upon Feng Zichen too much.
If the fiend flag falls into the hands of others, others may see it, but it is extremely difficult to copy it.
But Feng Zichen is different.
Don’t treasure, he dare not say, but if it’s a demon flag,
Dealing with the perennial chaotic fiend, Feng Zichen has mastered the forbidden situation of forty gods, and can imitate the July 7th even if she can’t finish copying it.
The fiend flag is made by the chaotic fiend road, but if you know the chaotic fiend, Zichen can rank in the top three
That’s why he is so sure about copying the fiend flag.