Nine heavy moves are fast enough. Players who come and go outside the south gate of Tokyo can’t see anything after seeing the figure flash, as if they saw a flickering ghost. Players don’t care what to do as usual.
It’s past ten o’clock after watching the unification incident, and I’ve been tossing around in the national battlefield map for a day before I know it. I just found a remote place from Tokyo, which is very close to Tokyo. For security reasons, I still didn’t exchange my mind and body with Wu Xinlan, but just quit the game in the original line.
Quit the game and go back to reality. Take off the game helmet and see Shen Yue sleeping in his arms without taking off his clothes. Jiuzhong is going to get up and go out to find something to eat. Who knows, Shen Yue woke up as soon as he moved.
"Tiger, you finally came out!" Shen Yue rubbed his sleepy eyes and woke up. "You entered the game in the morning and told me not to bother you. I didn’t dare to call you. You know, hell is crazy!"
"Gollum" nine heavy belly inappropriate to protest.
Jiuzhong touched his belly. "I’m hungry. Let’s eat something late at night and talk about it while eating!"
Two people left the room and came to the living room to prepare some food taken late at night and asked, "Yue Er, tell me, I’m not in Huaxia District. What happened to the crazy flowers in hell these days?" Is the sky still falling? !”
Shen Yue expression coagulation nods "yes, the sky is falling! !”
Nine heavy smell speech leng leng immediately continue to eat, "that you tell me how a collapse method? !”
"Just this afternoon, the" Era "homepage forum suddenly showed up with a large number of video posts reflecting the oppression of our hell-mad players! As soon as these posts appeared, a stone stirred up a thousand waves of forums and games, calling us hellish flowers bullying and bullying. Up to now …! " Shen Yuexiu frowned. "In less than a day, things have deteriorated to the point that over 200 million players in Huaxia District have come out to accuse, oppose and boycott our hell-mad players! These players are even more public, saying that our crazy flower in hell is a cancer in Huaxia District, and we will automatically dissolve the guild on the fifth day unless it is limited by Yongning Day in Huaxia District, otherwise …! "
"Otherwise how …? !” Nine heavy eyebrows a wrinkly way
"Otherwise, they will jointly declare war on the crazy flower of hell and forcibly destroy it!"
"Ah … this is really interesting!" Jiuzhong stopped eating and smiled coldly. "I’m always working hard outside to pick and roll for Huaxia District. I didn’t expect players in Huaxia District to unite and stab me in the back of the old man. It’s really giving me nine people!"
Even after taking several deep breaths, I calmed down my indignation and continued to eat his supper. "First of all, I don’t believe that I will make trouble for no reason, and I don’t believe that so many players will unite to resist the madness of hell! Yueer, you must have sent someone to check it, right? What the hell is going on? !”
"You are right!" Shen Yue nodded. "First, I found quite a few videos posted on the forum. Players inquired and listened to everything they said about bullying. After learning the truth, they did do things in the videos, but they didn’t bully others! All those videos in the forum were not finished before we were born in hell, and we were provoked. After being provoked, we were able to make a big move. These videos did not appear in the forum, which was obviously deliberately cut off! "
"That means someone deliberately set us up!" Nine heavy thoughtful way "must be behind the scenes to encourage the whole Chinese players to boycott us is also these people! Did you track down their identities? !”
Shen Yue shook his head "not yet! The time is too short and the extension of this matter is too wide, which leads to too many players covered by these people in front of the curtain. It is also very difficult for us to trace them! "
"Then don’t check!" Jiuchong ate the last bite of food and wiped her mouth and got up. "It’s always Mr. Wang who sticks his head out or the fox who always shows his tail!" Tianjin game told the players in the meeting to be calm. I will try to get back from the Japanese area as soon as possible. Wait until I come back! " Say take Shen Yue hand returned to the bedroom.
In the private villa of the president of Tianzhao City, the headquarters of the Japanese Great God League guild.
Jiugong Great God is sitting on the couch with a gloomy face like charcoal coming out of a kiln, and his eyes are full of monstrous hatred "-Fang-God-Saint! ! I, the Great God of Jiugong, will never kill you all, and I will never kill anyone! ! !”
Good minister in front of the couch said, "Master, it’s not urgent to kill the sacred party. Sooner or later, we will have the opportunity to kill this sacred party! Now it is urgent to find a way to drive this party out of the Japanese area, otherwise we will have Yongning Day in the Japanese area! Besides, after seven days, we will re-establish the sacredness of the national war. If we stay in the Japanese zone, we will definitely destroy it again! Our current strength … Gennai can’t. Once he comes to destroy our national war again, I’m afraid our new round of national war will fail again! "
"Well …! !” Hear good minister jiugong great god took a few deep breaths to crush his anger to calm himself down. "You said it was good. We need a period of time to accumulate strength. Of course, the most important thing is the national war. We must never be destroyed by him again! Otherwise, our plan will be seriously affected! !”
"Do you have any good way to get him out of the Japanese area? !” Jiugong Great God didn’t think of any feasible idea.
Chapter two hundred and sixty-three Transnational representations
"Now …!" Liang Chen’s face looked solemn. "I think we players can’t stop this sacred party by ourselves. We must ask the Japanese district division for help!" "
"Turn to the system for help? Will there be? !” Jiugong Great God is not optimistic. "It’s not that you don’t know that this game transportation mode belongs to transnational joint transportation. Even if you have the heart, you can’t help us without the consent of other districts!"
"Then let the game company to do transnational representations! Always expel Fang Shen from the Japanese area no matter what! !”
"All right!" Huo Ran, the great god of Jiugong, got up from his couch. "I’ll talk to my father. He should be able to get help from Tongyi Game Company!"
"Young master, you go to the master and I will launch the Japanese players to complain and petition to the system!" Liangchen said, "Let’s do both. I’m sure the game company will submit! !”
"Good that before we split up! !”
When the Jiugong Great God returned to reality, he went to his father to find a way, while Liang Chen mobilized the whole Great God Club players to call on the majority of players in the Japanese area.
Five hours later, the office of the chairman of the board of directors of Sun Games Group, the general agent of "Era" game partition in Riqu.
SHEN WOO Nakagawa, chairman of Sun Game Group, looked at the complaint information from the customer department of "Era" for a full dozen Japanese players, and his eyebrows were locked. Suddenly, when he was meditating, the words sounded and he hung up after a long time.
"What’s the matter with the chairman? !”
"Nothing!" Nakagawa Shenwu pushed down the complaint information of a dozen players in front of him and said, "Ma gave me an application for calling the regional agents of various countries to make international negotiations!"