"He is like this. Besides … I haven’t seen anyone who can make Gdzilla spit it out of his mouth."
Hui Li yi nai Dao
There is a huge gap between her and the cat warrior, but she can also feel the gap between the other party and Lu Chen, and Lu Chen is in an absolutely unfavorable situation.
If it doesn’t work, she can also make fate treasure.
It turned into a team battle story. Because of the origin of the former contract, the three men attacked them, but they could help Lu Chen.
Although that may upset Lu Chen, it is unfair that the warrior is a longer and higher realm in practice.
Leng Yue was silent, too. Was it because she was worried that she shouldn’t?
"Ow, ow, ow, ow-"
Little Jinlong is dancing with joy, which means that my boss is at his peak. No one knows that people like Wu Sheng will suffer.
Dark, silent, empty, black, red, silver and white, two people’s feet wail on the vertical and horizontal avenues of Qi machine.
"Here’s to your predecessors."
Cat warrior face with a faint smile.
Liu Chen regicide half an inch compared with the cat warrior. He is like an indescribable fiend with a ferocious smile. "You are really … arrogant."
With that, his momentum continued to climb, which surprised the cat warrior.
"Arrogant enough to … annoy me."
Lu Chen’s voice gradually sank, and the meaning of blessing the sinner’s soul continued to rise, and it rose again through the feedback of Wu Shen’s body to its temporary attribute.
He stepped in vain. "What do you want to do? Just like the name of our adventure group, we are tourists from all over the world. When we meet a good scenic spot, we want to take in what we often come after."
The secret warrior is magnificent. He doesn’t make a weapon. It is rare and heterogeneous. He has no main weapon.
He looked at Lu Chen. "What do seniors want to say?"
Liu Chen slightly tilted his head and looked at the cat warrior. "I’m a senior, but I don’t feel much awe. Actually, you are much older than me …"
When he stepped in vain, his strength kept rising, and his comprehensive attribute has temporarily reached a limit, which is also the peak of his current situation, and his comprehensive attribute has reached 327 points.
"… I want to say that there are two points, that is, it took you so many years to get this level, which really lost the face of our strong budo."
Lu Chen light way to speak let cat guanyu face a moment weird.
He has practiced for many years than Lu Chen. If all the universal time is counted together, he has practiced for more than 200 million years, but he is definitely not slow in practice.
It’s better to say that no one among the pioneers in the same period is faster than him. Hong Meng is right. The man who ranks first in the nine virtual arenas is not his opponent.
No one is qualified to say that he is slow in practice, but only the person in front of him says so.
Because if it is true, it is a miracle in history that Emperor Wu is probably less than one million years old at this time.
"The second point is …"
Liu Chen’s feet rippled and Cang trembled because of his tyrannical spirit. "Don’t mess with me."
At the same time, Wu Sheng’s pupil shrank and punched out and collided with the dark knife light.
In an instant, the road collapsed and shattered, and everything was wiped out. It was attributed to chaos and emptiness, and two men splashed blood at the same time.
There was a depression in Lu Chen’s chest, and a knife mark appeared in the white clothes of the warrior, which was the root cause of the mutual effect of soul and mind.
The battle broke out in an instant, and the two men fought in one breath. I don’t know how many billion light-years have passed, and all the imaginary roads collapsed and were wiped out in the trembling.
In chaos, one is bright, silver and white, and the other is deep, black and red, which are intertwined to make bloody ripples.
It was a moment of fighting, and Lu Chen was already covered in blood. There were many depressions in his body, which hurt him. The other side also suffered some real damage in the attack and cut, which made him suffer some dark losses. After all, his attributes fell into the wind
Both speed and strength are suppressed by the other side. In the frontal attack, the other side wants to destroy him with kingly play.
But at this time, the cat warrior’s face is not as bloody as the same white dress, so be cautious about this battle.