Liang Yi and Zhu Yuying are in an instant lag.
"Big Brother" Liang Yi tried to pull out a smile on his stiff cheek, so he smiled easily "Hehe" twice, but he didn’t know how dry the smile was. He smiled and asked, "Big Brother is looking for Yinger … for a question?"
It’s better to ask questions than to be beaten. He’s really scared!
Liang Jin nodded gently and made signal with the lips at the door. "I want to ask her alone when you go out!" "
Liang Yi just to heart is a busy smile apologetically "eldest brother have something though ask is that we are brothers and what can’t listen to? Maybe I can answer big brother! "
"You?" Liang Jin sneered, "You’d better not answer me or we won’t have brothers to do it! Still not going out! "
Liang Yi was stuck in Liang Jin’s arrogance and hard eyes, and he dared not insist on reluctantly smiling and promised to go out.
Liang Jin approached Zhu Yuying step by step, and Zhu Yuying felt a chill in her whole body. She was frightened and wanted to step back and leave, but her feet were soft. "Ah!" Shout low and fall on the carpet
Liang Jin sneered slightly, and his eyes were filled with contempt. He kicked Zhu Yuying back to the ground with a light kick. He stepped on her chest and said coldly, "Where did you get Fangzhou?"
In a word, Zhu Yuying’s spine went away, and her eyes widened in horror, and her face was white and full of fear.
Will Liang Jinru know? No! No way! If he knew, he wouldn’t have done it by himself!
He’s cheating himself! Yes, it must be 183, chapter 183.
Yu-ying zhu breathe deeply two baba way "big, archduke said? I, I don’t understand-ah! "
In the scream of Zhu Yuying, Liang Jin sneered, "Don’t you understand? Will this make your memory better? Hmm? If you still don’t understand, I don’t mind stepping on your ribs one by one and chopping off your fingers one by one. I don’t have much patience and never give people extra opportunities. You should think it over before you speak! "
Zhu Yuying had a severe chest pain and coughed a string of what she hated and feared in her heart. What’s so good about that woman! What? All these men like her as if they were blind!
"Dagong, this is your concern!" Yu-ying Zhu gasped, saying that her voice did not fall, her chest was in a sharp pain, and she was in a scream.
Liang Jin didn’t speak to her again. It was the cold eyes that blew and braved the cold light, and his face was even more livid.
Zhu Yuying was so frightened that it seemed that there were no tricks and tricks in front of this man! This is a cold-blooded, arrogant and unreasonable man!
What he said was definitely not to scare himself.
Zhu Yuying shook her head and said everything, thinking that she was unwilling to sell Deng Menghan, by the way. Why should she bear the consequences when two people do things?
Liang Jin expected that she dared not lie to herself, and after questioning her for a few more words, she withdrew her feet and told her to get out.
Zhu Yuying didn’t care about chest pain, even rolling and crawling in a mess, so she was glad that she finally escaped and didn’t suffer more.
Liang Jin frowned and thought that he had recruited someone to simply tell him a few words and left Nanhai City that night.
Yu dengmenghan? Zhu Yuying is really talking in vain! He has no interest in Deng Menghan. It would be great if Deng Menghan could hook Li Fu away!
Her account will be settled with her when fangzhou comes back!
If you have eyes, find someone quickly!
Buzheng made the atmosphere in the back house terrible and scary.
Seeing that it was dark, Xiao Mu and Luo Guang successively returned and hurried out, but there was still no wife left!
Li Fu’s mood has never been so bad at this moment!
If the first time Lian Fangzhou disappeared, he was more anxious and angry, then this time he was more annoyed and regretted that he had hurt her!
He was careless! Also underestimate that power of the four family in Nanhai county!
He is doing everything according to his and her plan, and everything is under their control. They will not move, and the four families will never dare to make a move! It turned out to be him.
She was right under his nose, and in broad daylight, in such a busy and noisy place, someone took her away!
He sighed deeply and tried to cheer himself up. She will be fine! She will be fine! So many times, she has survived again and again, and this time will be no exception!
When she comes back, he should consider letting her and Xu Er leave here and go back to Beijing! It’s much safer to talk about it in Beijing than here!
By the way, Xu Er must never be careless again, and he must never let anything happen to Xu Er again, otherwise what will he tell her when she comes back?
Li Fuzheng wanted to be utterly confused and thought that Xu Er happened to come.
The little man walked steadily towards Li Fu and called "Dad!"
Li Fu secretly sighed and looked at the son and picked him up before opening his arms. Judo "Why haven’t you slept so late?"
He was secretly a little numb and picked him up for fear that he would ask him for his mother!
Unexpectedly, Xu’s son didn’t ask him for his mother, but he circled his neck with thick soft eyelashes and a pair of clear and bright eyes like black glass. "Dad, will you teach me martial arts?" I practice martial arts with my father. "
Li Fu Zheng couldn’t help smiling bitterly. He had this plan as early as when his baby was still in the womb, and he watched him grow up day by day, and the plan became more and more prosperous in his heart.
If Fang Zhou hadn’t stopped and insisted that the child was still young and tender, he would have consciously trained him in basic skills!
If Fang Zhou is in a family of three at the moment, he is as happy as usual. He doesn’t know what he is happy about saying that! But where is he in the mood to teach his children martial arts at the moment?
"You’re still young," Li Fu said with a soft smile. "I’ll teach you when you grow up in two or three years, okay?"
"no!" Xu son is small mouth a pie stubborn way "I’m going to learn now is not my day to learn! I want to protect my mother and never let bad people bully my mother again! "
Xu’s son flattened his small mouth, and the tears turned straight in his eyes. He wiped his tears one by one and sobbed. "The bad guys took Niang away again, right? Dad, I miss my mother! "
Li Fu’s heart was so sour that he never hugged his son so hard that he didn’t dare to let him see his wet eyes patting him on the back, so he smiled softly and urged, "Xu Er, be good and follow the nurse, and their father will save your mother!" Your mother is so powerful that no one can bully her, right? If Xu Er is obedient, she will come back soon! "
Xu Er blinked, and her eyelashes were wet and quivered. "Is dad really going to save her soon?"
"hmm!" Li Fu nodded judo "Xu Er doesn’t believe in Dad?"
"no! No! " Xu son hurriedly shake head hoop Li Fu neck tight tight on his shoulder busy way "xu son believe dad xu son believe! Xu er will wait for her mother to come back! "
"Darling …" Li Fu sighed and coaxed him for a long time, which made him obedient and go back to sleep with the nurse.
Four big families?
Li Fu’s eyes sank and crossed with a look.
When someone covered his nose and mouth, Fang Zhou didn’t even faint completely, lost consciousness, was boxed and carried by a carriage, and it didn’t take long for him to regain his sanity and wake up.
But what is it? She couldn’t move, she couldn’t call for help, she was awake and endured the turbulence and foul air, which made her close her eyes and try to sleep, but she regretted not passing out.
Very hard, my insides were almost knocked out, and the feeling gradually disappeared. Even Fangzhou was busy and refreshed secretly.
I don’t know where someone lifted the wooden box and put it on the ground. This feeling of finally being next to the ground made her feel a little uneasy.
Followed by a flurry of footsteps, someone came in and made a noise and went out again, but she couldn’t hear clearly what she said, and vaguely heard that the effect was bargaining!
She couldn’t help laughing secretly. She became a commodity! I don’t know what it will be like to wait for her!
Before she completely recovered, the wooden box was lifted again. "Bang!" A dull shock was thrown away, and the carriage creaked and started again.
Lian Fangzhou is almost ready to cry!
According to the itinerary, they have already left Nanhai City. These people don’t let people have a rest, don’t give them a bite to eat, and a sip of water is to toss people to death!
Fortunately, the road seems to be very smooth, except for a slight vibration from time to time, and there is no feeling of bumps.
About an hour later, the carriage stopped again, and the wooden box was carried for a long way, and then it was put into an abnormal silence.
I can’t see my fingers, even Fangzhou can’t judge anything, but the feeling of anxiety rises slowly from the bottom of my heart, which makes her feel scared for no reason.
I don’t know when my mind was stupefied and I was fluttering. Even Fangzhou was suddenly shocked by a sudden shock, and it was easy to concentrate on it. She couldn’t help but be shocked. If she expected it correctly, it was on the boat!
It took her so long to feel the ship’s turbulence and say it was definitely a huge ship!
Associated with the regional characteristics of Nanhai County, even Fangzhou’s heart shrank sharply. If it weren’t for the cloth ball in her mouth, she would have exclaimed. Damn it, it’s probably an ocean-going ship! Where are you taking her?