So he stood in Senna’s way with a card and Bibi speaking fluent Portuguese.
Senna looked up and was even more surprised because he found that he was signed by an oriental with yellow skin and black hair.
He doesn’t know which country the other party is from, because there are actually many immigrants from Japan in Brazil.
He pointed to himself and asked, "You want my autograph?"
Ever-victorious nodded with a smile "yeah yeah! Would you like me to sign it? "
Senna took the pen and paper to sign, although he was puzzled in his heart.
He has been in Corinti for one and a half seasons. He hasn’t played a few games in the team, and he doesn’t feel anything. The fans may not know his name yet-this is quite normal. How many players will pay attention to the lack of playing opportunities?
Before that, he was not a famous player. At the age of twenty-three, he didn’t even have a top-level league game experience before, and he didn’t completely change his fate. He still quietly heard that he once moved to a Brazilian giant like Corinti An, which was a good thing for him.
But now he thinks that’s it …
He seriously signed his name-Senna.
Then hand it back to the other party.
Changsheng took it and asked, "am I the first one to ask you for your autograph?"
Senna hesitated for a while and finally nodded "Yes".
"So …" Changsheng looked down at Senna’s signature to confirm that he didn’t recognize the wrong person. Then he looked up and asked, "So would you like to play in Europe, Senna?"
Chapter 70 Center
It’s not so good to say that Senna is actually doing well because Senna is really not doing well in Corinti. Others are willing to leave
Changsheng and Senna finished this conversation in a restaurant near Corinti Ann Training Base.
Changsheng showed his identity to him, saying that he was the head coach of Hertha, the second division of Spanish football. He was impressed by his performance because he saw the Senna game by chance, and he specially sought a door from Spain in the hope of taking him out of Brazil.
The Hertha team Senna has never heard of it before, but the name Spain still catches his eye.
He doesn’t care whether Hertha is a second-division team or a first-division team. Anyway, he hasn’t played many top-division games himself.
In his view, if the Spanish team is better than the Brazilian team, at least that is the European continent, where he can get more bets.
He was promised an absolute first-team position at Getafe because of his constant victory.
He can get a bigger promotion if he plays more games.
This is what Senna values most.
He is almost twenty-four years old, and a professional player at his age has no future without playing a few top league games.
He doesn’t want to hang out in Brazil any more.
There are too many excellent players in Brazil, and he feels that he can’t make a start.
It is better to develop in another place.
Spain is a good choice. After all, the languages of the two sides are close. It is no problem for him to adapt to the language there.
When Chang Sheng promised him that he could play in Hertha, Senaki decided that he wanted to move and leave this hopeless country.
Ever-victorious knew that Senna would go with him. Why didn’t Senna leave because he stayed in the future?
Chang Sheng had already figured out all about Senna before he came here.
He has a record of playing in 16 games in Corinti, which was only a season ago. During the season, he once played in the league.
He has lost the letter from the head coach of Corinti Ann.
At the end of this season, he will be sold to Juventus Tudor, then stay in Juventus Tudor for a season and then be sold to San Catano.
He was 26 years old when he was finally taken to Spain by Villarreal.
The 26-year-old player has a certain reputation in Europe, and Senna is still a pawn for the whole world football …
It is difficult for ordinary people to understand that such people are eager to change their mood.
But he always wins a traveler. He understands.
Speaking of it, he really got to know Senna after watching the European Cup. Senna, the main midfielder of the Spanish national team in the European Cup in 2 years, performed very well. It can be said that Spain won the championship that year and they had a great defensive midfielder Senna who was tireless in running.
I feel excited and excited at the thought that such an excellent midfielder will always win from his own hands.
When Changsheng didn’t stay in Brazil for long, he came here to be Senna.
Although Brazil still has many famous players in the future, such as the famous Kaka.
But Changsheng is not interested at present.
Some well-known Brazilian players may not be willing to come, even if they are willing to come to Hertha, they can’t afford to win. It is clear that Hertha’s financial situation is still in the book of his transfer funds.
Even Senna, he will try to win when Senna moved from San Catano to Villarreal.
In addition, the Spanish team also has a quota limit for non-EU foreign aid.
At present, the Spanish League promotes the registration limit of five non-EU players, which was signed by the Spanish Players Association and the Spanish League Committee of the Spanish Football Association last May.
It is stipulated that the number of non-EU players in each team should not exceed five colleagues, and they hope that this number will drop to four in the next three seasons and to three in the 2425 season.
Last season, the second-division team allowed five non-EU players, and the new season allowed four.
Many Spanish teams are reluctant to find non-EU players because of the quota restrictions of non-EU players.
Because of this quota limit, we should also try to avoid non-EU players when formulating the transfer signing strategy.