Sure enough, after dressing, these two old guys went straight to Huangfu Zhantian, and they were crazy to kill them. They are all this old, but they have never been so embarrassed in front of everyone. It’s not only that they were repelled, but also that they ruined their clothes in public and exposed them naked in front of everyone. If they don’t make them angry?
"Be careful!" Any suspection.i war day see these two old guys crazy sample immediately shouted.
But after seeing the mixed yuan converging attack power, although these two old guys were very angry, they didn’t lose their minds. After they came to Huangfu Zhantian and others, they immediately slowed down their speed. Then they didn’t attack at three angles, but attacked others except three angles. They knew that these three angles must be the stronger people of the other side, and the surrounding strength should not be so good. Otherwise, they wouldn’t live if they attacked like that a few times.
"Change the six-pointed star array!" HuangFuZhanTian see their intention when binge drinking.
As Huangfu Zhantian shouted that everyone moved, they were slightly wrong. A hexagonal six-pointed star array was formed and formed. After Huangfu Zhantian and others controlled the six-pointed star array, it turned wildly, like a huge meat grinder madly strangling the two old guys.
The two of them didn’t expect each other to change so quickly. When they noticed that they had been talking all the time, they exchanged a look, and then the two of them directly gathered together. They didn’t kill somewhere else, but directly chased the Huangfu Zhantian’s position and turned up. At the same time, the two big swords in their hands were severely chopped towards Huangfu Zhantian.
"Little mixed yuan chop!" Any suspection.i Zhantian drink out the small fish and small deep and remote near him. After hearing the words of any suspection.i Zhantian, the two of them directly instilled the kick energy into the past. Then there appeared a mass of energy in the hands of any suspection.i Zhantian, and this mass of energy was thrown out. After this mass of energy was thrown out, it directly turned into an ivory light and instantly came to the front of the two men, and it was severely cut off toward the two of them.
The two of them have been frightened by such an attack. Of course, they dare not go to the hard connection. At the same time, they made a very shameful move. Seeing that the two men were lying on the face at the same time, the whole person lay down, while the suspection.i Zhantian just issued a small mixed yuan chop, but it flashed from the scalp of the two of them and directly took away their gray hair. Two strange heads with bald heads and left peripheral hair appeared.
"Little beast, I will kill you!" These two men were finally angered by Huangfu Zhantian. They were insulted once upon a time, but many little guys who were weaker than them actually suffered repeatedly. They were beyond the critical point of anger and the spark of anger was finally ignited.
Seeing these two old guys, I smiled. That’s what he wants. Although he may be crazy in the face of these two old guys, people who lose their minds are often reckless when fighting, so this is their chance.
"defense!" Any suspection.i war day shout at top of voice.
As Huangfu Zhantian roared, the original huge six-pointed star array was instantly reduced to a very compact one, like a cylinder. A few people with strong strength were peripheral and weak. Section 1459: The God Wave vs Double Evil.
See any suspection.i Zhantian defense formation, such as the two old guys are a full face of disdain shape flash directly came to the front of them, two people two swords mercilessly stab at any suspection.i Zhantian azimuth, obviously they are disgusted with any suspection.i Zhantian and will get rid of it.
"Mixed elements hit the shield together!" HuangFuZhanTian growl a those people around him after hearing HuangFuZhanTian words directly put his hand on the people around him and then through the small fish and small you two handed HuangFuZhanTian them.
Just when these two men are about to attack Huangfu Zhantian, Huangfu Zhantian is unhurried, with both hands stretched out and gently squeezed, followed by a huge ivory shield, which appeared in front of Huangfu Zhantian, but the two men attacked at this time.
"Ding Ding!"
Two melodious sounds came to the two men’s big sword stabbing the huge shield in front of Huangfu Zhantian, and they were directly knocked out. The two men almost didn’t hold the sword in their hands. Obviously, the reality of the huge shield in Huangfu Zhantian was too abrupt. They didn’t notice it beforehand [
"Damn it!" The two men turned red and white with anger.
"Little beast, you mountain is a god dzogchen realm the strong is like this? Haha, let you really see the strength of a strong god in dzogchen! " The man with a dark face laughed wildly with a sword in his hand and was directly put into his ring by the two of them.
After doing this, the two old guys made a gesture that made everyone dumbfounded. They saw that the two men were holding each other in a dignified manner, one in front and the other behind, reaching out and hugging the person in front. This gesture was simply ambiguous and weak.
Everyone froze when they saw the two men move.
"Why are these two old guys? It can’t be that they are old glasses! Oh dear! It’s disgusting! " Small fish was a quivering evil cold way
"Be careful, everyone. Something is wrong. They must have done it for a reason!" See these two people move suspection.i war, as I don’t know how to emerge that kind of very bad feeling again, this feeling is stronger than the second time, obviously some have threatened their lives.
I woke up when I heard the words of Huangfu Zhantian. Although everyone was very puzzled about what the two men were doing, they were afraid to make fun of themselves and their companions’ lives. Everyone looked at them with awe.
I don’t know why the two men kept shaking after doing this, as if they had really done that.
However, everyone gathered away the playful expression, because as the two men trembled, a strong and crazy breath came out of them, and as the two men trembled, the strong breath became stronger and stronger.
"It’s not good to attack me!" Any suspection.i war days feel the breath of these two people is getting stronger and stronger, but the bad feeling in my heart is getting stronger and stronger, regardless of the consequences.
Hearing the words of Huangfu Zhantian, everyone’s face suddenly changed, but they didn’t question Huangfu Zhantian’s decision to come for a long time, which gave people a feeling that it was very reliable and formed everyone’s absolute trust in Huangfu Zhantian. Although everyone knows that they have no more power after this attack, they can’t doubt Huangfu Zhantian’s decision at this time.
As suspection.i war days words fall, everyone is crazy to gather up the body energy and instill it directly into Feng Jingyun, the strongest body, but Feng Jingyun’s body keeps shaking because of being instilled by all the people, and his face becomes red.
But as suspection.i war days after they instilled all the energy into Feng Jingyun, Feng Jingyun’s breath was almost the same as that of the two people, but the two people’s breath still rose and Feng Jingyun’s energy was somewhat uncontrollable.
"Let’s interrupt them first!" I’m afraid it will be too late to say anything by that time.
Hear any suspection.i wars would have some uncontrollable Feng Jingyun when I couldn’t bear it any longer. My hands suddenly pushed and there was no movement at all.
Seeing this situation, everyone is puzzled. Did it fail?
But when they saw the reaction of the two men, they knew that they had not failed.