After a glance, her body became blurred faster, and she didn’t fall into the chain of mirror gods! The chain of gods also burst into more dazzling brilliance and finally joined together at the other end of the early boundary screen! to be continued
Chapter six hundred and twelve Smoke the soul
Together, the god chain of the mirror is directly attached to the original blazing white light curtain of the initial boundary, and a gold ring is immediately added. The gold ring does not stop and quickly spreads along the light curtain! In a blink of an eye, the white curtain has become pale gold!
Everyone thought that Xuanyuan Emperor was gradually moving away, but when the blazing white curtain turned into light gold, that feeling finally disappeared, and Xuanyuan Emperor seemed to stop in its original place!
No one here knows that the creation of the boundary is actually a process of not advancing or retreating. It is impossible to say that the creation of the boundary has stopped to take a rest in the middle. At this time, Xuanyuan Huang’s creation of the boundary was forcibly grabbed. Since it failed to move forward slowly, it can slowly retreat.
Although Emperor Xuanyuan has been a world god for many years, he voluntarily gave up the godhead of the barren ancient world at the moment of creation. At this time, only from the aspect of controlling the laws of the barren ancient world, he is already much worse than before, while Nan Yunqing has just advanced half a step. At least, she has grasped the part of the barren ancient world that was created, broken and sealed. In this respect, she is not weaker than Emperor Xuanyuan. The most important thing is that Nan Yunqing has a sealed mirror of the barren ancient world, which can exert much more resistance than when she has her own.
When Nan Yunqing needs to stop Xuanyuan Emperor and create a boundary, if he doesn’t advance, he will retreat from the iron law and will pull back the process of Xuanyuan Emperor’s boundary creation by himself.
So everyone felt that Xuanyuan Huang was getting closer and closer to them at this time, and he was going back to the barren ancient gods from the ectopic surface!
The former sword will disappear completely when it splits into the initial boundary element, but it will definitely not after a while.
"Nan Yunqing! ! ! !”
Xuanyuan emperor shouted out Nan Yunqing’s name for the first time, which seemed to show his greatest strength. His face was extremely ferocious and his tone was extremely angry, but it didn’t show much vibrato in the end, but he betrayed him. He was in great fear at this time!
Of course, he should be afraid that the process of creation will be reversed, so that he can return to the ancient world, where he has a dead end! Moreover, the failure to create a boundary consumes the initial boundary element but will not come back. His strength will be much worse than before!
Xiao Wen didn’t attack the early boundary yuan again because he knew that Xuanyuan Emperor would come back soon and because there was still Nan Yunqing in the early boundary yuan.
At this time, the mirror and Nan Yunqing were gone, and the light golden light was integrated into the initial boundary element.
What’s the difference between attacking Chu Jieyuan and attacking Nan Yunqing?
Xiao asked and stepped back a little to make it easier to shoot again, but looking at the golden light in the initial boundary yuan, he couldn’t help but think, what doesn’t feel Nan Yunqing at all?
At this time, Nan Yunqing seems to have disappeared in the wild ancient gods.
She, her disappearance stopped Xuanyuan Huang from creating a world and let Xuanyuan Huang die.
If she’s really empty from now on, it’s a fair death.
It’s a shame to die today after ten thousand years of clinging to one thought
And what he can do is to let her die and kill Xuanyuan Huang!
Xiao asked the incarnation of the ten-mile-tall giant to raise his twelve swords in his hand! At this time, he is holding the hilt with both hands and making the greatest effort! At the moment, there is nothing left in his eyes, Xuanyuan Huang’s head!
Didn’t even notice that Xiao asked himself that his murderous look was actually affecting the murderous look in the law of the celestial body. He actually released the murderous look law of the celestial body slightly!
Although it is a little bit, the law of murderous look is, after all, from the mature celestial body. At that time, Xiao Wen’s body turned out to be murderous, just like a statue of killing God from the sea of dead mountains and blood!
That kind of mental coercion makes people ignore him. There are many people who want to kill Emperor Xuanyuan on the battlefield, but at this time he is the most dazzling one!
Even Emperor Xuanyuan was really hit by this murderous look. Although it was a spiritual level, it would not hurt him, but it made him realize that if he didn’t do something, he would definitely die in Xiao Wenjian.
So he suddenly gave up his efforts in creating the boundary, stopped Nan Yunqing wrestling and took the initiative to recover the initial boundary yuan!
This sudden change caught many people off guard. In an instant, he has completely returned to the barren ancient gods!
In his hands, he holds a ball shining with light gold. His god is on guard against Xiao Wen’s body and suddenly rushes out!
Even if he breaks the boundary, he can forcibly break the demon boundary and flee to other worlds in the ancient world. He can always live one day after another.
At this time, he needs to guard against Xiao and ask him if he knows Xiao can react.
However, the attention of the crazy department was focused on Xiao Wen, but Xiao Wen did not move!
Xiao Wen’s murderous look is as heavy as killing God and watching him escape.
However, Xiao Wen did not move, but others did! Although the response is half a beat slow, it is a late starter!
Emperor Xuanyuan finally realized the problem. He slowed down!
Most of his things are well known in the early boundary yuan. Even though there is only one tenth left in the early boundary yuan now, he still has the confidence to escape from the tight encirclement temporarily, but he ignores that there is only one tenth left in the early boundary yuan, which is the golden light of Nan Yunqing and the mirror that seals the sky and locks the ground. Nan Yunqing didn’t intend to add it to her at the beginning. This letter is extremely thorough …
Xuanyuan emperor only has one tenth of the first boundary yuan, and most of his power has been blocked. Of course, his speed can’t be fast!
Bai Qionghai and Emperor Xuanyuan, tian hu, ten tail, were the first to attack, but they didn’t dare to ignore them. They couldn’t die because they attacked them, but Xiao Wen-yi would definitely die!
"whoosh! ! !”
Ten tail and tian hu’s ten tails came from slapping, but they saw that Xuanyuan Emperor didn’t simply attack and directly entangled Xuanyuan Emperor’s right arm and then yanked it!
Xuanyuan Huang’s attention was attracted by murderous Xiao Wen, but he failed to escape!
In an instant, Emperor Xuanyuan realized that it was going to be bad!
In his right hand, the initial boundary element directly counterattacked along the tail of ten tail and tian hu, but Bai Qionghai joined tian hu, who stood tall in ten tail, to intercept those initial boundary elements with strong white light.
Then Nan Yunqing ordered the ghost spirit to rush from behind Xuanyuan Emperor, and reached forward with one hand, but pinched Nan Yunqing’s purple sword that had been nailed to Xuanyuan Emperor! That piercing sword is the biggest trauma Xuanyuan Huang has suffered so far. It depends on fate that he wants to hold the tip of the sword and then pull it back!
Where is Xuanyuan Huang still concerned about Xiao Guan’s left backhand? Take a backward shot of the majestic Guanghua of the initial boundary, and the ghost spirit is gone!