Soon after, I heard that the vision of the mountain dissipated, and the Jinwen enchantment of the mountain actually slowly receded.
After tasting the rain and dew for a moment, everyone showed their enthusiasm, and they were ready to rush to pay their respects when the enchantment was over and dispersed. Wouldn’t it be beautiful if they could be seen by the Taoist and be taught by the younger brother every day?
When Bai Lianxing, the goddess of heaven, saw it, she jumped into the clouds and glanced around the mountain crowd. "Who dares to break into the holy land of Wendao Mountain?"
The quartet was suddenly quiet, and although the heart throbbed hard, they still dared not expect anything before the goddess.
Seeing this white love star, he said, "The magic heavenly palace and heavenly guards listen to the order."
Those who guard the smell of Daoshan Tianwei suddenly shake their hands, grab a silver spear and touch their chests, so they should drink "!"
Bai Lianxing glanced around and then waved his sleeve to Wendaoshan "Dare to trespass on Wendaoshan to harass the enlightened ones and kill them".
Hundreds of people on both sides of the mountain guard suddenly looked like a gun, forcing back the crowd near the foot of the mountain and exclaiming, "Kill anyone who dares to break into the mountain and smell it!" Back off! Back off! ……!”
All the Elves saw that the silver guns in the hands of the devils in this day were even more cold, and they all showed their fear and panicked and retreated three feet away from the foot of the mountain to stop their shape.
While Bai Lianxing looked at Luo Yun, Sang Yueyang’s father and daughter and other close people to restore quietly elegant smile and said, "You follow the star mountain."
There are laws and regulations in the magic heaven that it is forbidden for anyone who is not a queen or a goddess to sit outside the celestial spirit road, especially Feiyun Building.
Of course, if these three people promise, they can also enter.
At this time, people naturally want to go to the top of the mountain to see what Luoyu is doing. How can it suddenly be that the whole thing has not happened in ten thousand years? Of course, it is also good for one person to follow the chickens and dogs to heaven and touch some luck.
At this time, Emperor Longqiu, who was covered in scars, was isolated and looked a little lonely.
Now, his Longqiu clan is left out in the cold because of taking the throne of Heaven and having an affair with Mo Ling. Although at the last moment, he learned that his Longqiu clan was lost, but Mo Ling’s grandfather was unfortunately killed in the desperate World War I, which greatly damaged the clan’s strength. It can be said that all ethnic groups pointed fingers at their Longqiu clan and avoided it.
At the moment, although he has awakened, he always feels that his face is not as good as being in a coma for the celestial race …
Thinking of this, he turned around and was ready to leave.
But at this moment, a light spirit came behind him and asked, "Where are you going, Lord Fei Huang?" Different? "
"Goddess!" Longqiu Fei Huang felt a quiver and still turned his back on a face of abandoning all the people and then ChuiShou lonely way "Xie Tiannv gift can fly the emperor is not qualified to enter the holy land of heaven …"
Looking at the limping away, Long Qiu Fei Huang Bai Lianxing sighed.
While mulberry Kerr took a white eye and left Longqiu Feihuang and said, "Just ignore him and let him go."
The injury is still serious. Baicheng Bai Yan helped Lengao, saying, "It’s merciful that the Dragon Qiu family didn’t punish him days later. If it weren’t for his Long Qiu family watching the heaven, how could my celestial clan be taken by the evil spirits?" Hum ~ Rebellion still wants to enter my holy land in vain? "
Bai Lianxing frowned and said, "The city can’t be generalized either. If it weren’t for Longqiu’s last desperate fight against evil spirits and flying emperors, how could he break the barrier to solve our national danger?"
Sang Leyang also nodded slightly and said to the point, "The Goddess of Heaven is right. It is also a sin to discharge the clan’s death. Today, the strength of my celestial clan is greatly damaged, so it is time to put aside the past and unite as one!"
"It’s … the younger generation has been taught." All the people are taught by reason if they want to.
After all, Sang Leyang is the head of the Sangshi clan and the elder of the Phantom Palace. How can they be disrespectful?
But Luo Yun feels that he is not "beyond the three realms in the five elements"!
Seeing that he gave someone a white look, he cut a face of disdain at the same time.
Sang Leyang seems to be used to it, but he doesn’t see the common sense of big players.
But when Sang Keer saw Luoyun disrespectful to his father, how could she bear her bad temper?
She suddenly jumped up and took a slap in the face, and suddenly she gave Luo Yun a slap on the back of her head!
Then he touched his hands and looked like a lady, blinking a pair of clever big eyes. "I can’t be rude to learn from my sister …"
Buried his head and glanced at this’ pervert’ Luo Yun and glared at him. "Crazy women learn from your uncle. Is your brain bad?"
"looking for a fight!" As soon as Sang Keer heard it, she suddenly turned to be a lady and made a arrogant appearance. She caught Luoyun’s head and made a mess!
And Luoyun is willing to suffer? Is immediately fight back at the same time shouted "you you are a woman I dare not hit you? Look at my magical powers’ two pinecone nails’! "
Say’ vomit vomit’ Xiao Luoyun even vomited two pinecone blasters at Sang Keer!
This’ avatar’ Luo Yu suffered a lot in those days, which is miserable …