"Hum envy?" Yin Confucianism squinted at him.
"envy? That’s not true. How about "the clown rolled his eyes"? These two chicks look good. Do you want to play? "
Yin Confucianism saw two eyes clown "what? Look at these two women? "
"That’s not true, but the thought that these two women are Duanmu Ming women must be particularly interesting to play with. Hey hey, what’s worse, Duanmu Ming hasn’t given them * * ….." The clown smiled as he spoke.
"Come on, these two women are very strong-willed. If we push them hard, I’m afraid we’ll commit suicide. Then we’ll lose the only amulet. They seem to have some special prohibitions, and even I can’t break them to control their hands and feet."
"Ha ha, are you scared?" The clown turned over a somersault, and the central floor column and ceiling of the hall were all made of playing cards, which was really a clown style and was specially designed by him.
"Fear is not but …"
"Ha, ha, ha, fear is fear of what I dare not admit, and now I am very scared!" As he spoke, the clown jumped around the hall like a monkey and finally jumped to the ceiling, just like that. God knows how he did it.
"What are you afraid of?"
"I’m afraid he won’t dare to come … hahaha …" Arrogant laughter echoed throughout the hall for a long time.
Yin Confucianism eyes emit greedy eyes and ask "clown … what do you want this time if you succeed?" His treasure? Woman? Or … his body? "
"I’m afraid his body is your dream? Hehe, parasites like you are eager to get a good body. "The clown laughed at Yinru lovingly.
Yin ru’s eyes emit two cold lights. "Don’t worry, I will satisfy you that he has come to the door now!" "
"fear room"
There is a lonely courtyard in a vast Yuan Ye, and the only door frame in the courtyard is written with four big red characters and some gloomy atmosphere around it, which is very scary, but in my eyes,
This arrangement is more comic, which reminds Duan Muming of an advertisement that once banned CCTV.
"Is this it?" Duanmuming asked Juan suspiciously.
"Yes, this is the place, but it turns out that it is not like this. It seems that the other party is prepared." Juan looked at the position to make sure there is no problem
"Then let’s go in." Duanmu Ming was just about to say hello to all the girls to go in together when a sound suddenly rang.
"Dangdang, Dangdang, haha, everyone, please pay attention. This is the fear room game center. According to the regulations of the center, one person is allowed to enter the game venue. Please participate in the game and seriously consider haha …"
At the end of hysterical laughter, Duanmu Ming recognized that it was a clown sound, so it seems that he was also involved in it.
"What about young master?" Juan asked at the same time, the other party had already designed a trap and waited for his master to drill it.
"Hum, it seems that they want to play a game with me?" Duanmu Ming said with a smile that if the Xue sisters were not in each other’s hands, he would have destroyed this place with a big move, but Duanmu Ming, the existing hostage, could follow each other’s routine.
"You all wait outside. Don’t act without me."
"Master, don’t we stay with you?" Starlight quietly asked Duan Muming’s ear that she and jathyapple and Sharla Cheung’s invisibility were absolutely discovered by ordinary people. But this time, the face will be that the strength of the troll will be close to the god level, which has surpassed them. I am afraid that their invisibility will not have a good effect, and it may be counterproductive. Duan Muming shook his head and did not agree with her starlight suggestion.
"Sharla Cheung, don’t come with me." Duanmu Ming was specially told before he left. If you don’t say that Sharla Cheung probably secretly followed Ziji in silence, it took a long time before he nodded. Duanmu Ming went to the demon world. She and Duanmu Ming can often be together, but since Duanmu Ming came back, they have less chance to get along. One is that Duanmu Ming’s strength is too high and she doesn’t need her to guard. Second, because he has more women to avoid their contradictions, he often lets them take turns to accompany him, which also reduces Sharla Cheung’s chances of guarding Duan Muming alone.
Duan Muming saw Sharla Cheung leaned over and kissed her gently to express his apologies. At the same time, Starlight, jathyapple and Juan could not ignore that everyone kissed one before they pushed the "Fear Room" room.
Just as Duanmu Ming entered the room, the back door suddenly disappeared before the eyes of the whole room, as if there had never been a trace of Juan and others, but they did not find any clue. The whole ground was so flat that there was no trace. Sharla Cheung called a palm and hit the whole ground to collapse to form a pit more than one meter deep
There is still no trace.
"Don’t be impatient, I have nothing to wait patiently." Duanmu Mingyin vaguely noticed that several women were in their hearts before they could hear the news that Duanmu Ming was safe, and their anxiety immediately calmed down.
Chapter 10 Anti-fear Chamber
The first floor of the fear room is a circular ring, surrounded by thick columns with dark roots, and there is a bright light in the center around the ring. Everything is arranged as in the advertisement, but the only difference is that the ring is a muscular man.
The 1.9-meter-tall man is naked and wearing a pair of jeans. This person’s muscles are not particularly exaggerated, but they are shining with metallic luster. Like steel, they show great endurance and hardness, and they have the momentum of the American ssf competition.
But this muscular man looks more like a robot.
"Welcome to the fear room. You are very honored to be the first official guest here. Sorry, please allow me to introduce the first bss in front of you, Mr. jnes, a cyborg from the United States. Do you see the back stairs? Of course, you can’t see or ask you to knock this man down, so you can go to a room from the stairs to meet the more severe test. Are you ready? le’sg……”
"…" Duan Muming is too strong for this clown dressed as a conscientious commentator!
The clown’s voice ended. The muscular man with facial expression seems to have received any instructions. His eyes have been sluggish and his eyes have been flexible. He slowly turned to Duanmu Ming’s heart to sneer at the muscular man’s modeling. He had already played with himself. I didn’t expect anyone to like to play. In this case, I will play with them well.
Before entering the ring, Duan Muming first asked for this, shouting, "Don’t be a clown. I have to make sure that the Xue sisters are safe before, otherwise I won’t play this chat game with you."
"Do you have this benefit?" Yin Confucianism comes in due course.
"Do you have the guts?" Duanmuming did not flinch and tit for tat.
Silent for a long time, an image suddenly appeared in the square image of the challenge. It was the Xue sisters who were tied up in two columns, but it seemed that Duan Muming saw them. They also saw Duan Muming and Duan Muming was about to say something to them. Suddenly, the white light flashed and the image disappeared.
Duanmuming looked at it and looked at it again. The game of muscle man is coming.
"Drink!" The muscular man binged and drank all his muscles, and slammed into Duan Muming’s heavy footsteps, shaking the whole ring. Boy, what a bear.
A guy like Duanmu Ming has many kinds of bloodless guys to knock him down, but that’s not interesting. Duanmu Ming wants him to be the best at leading him down, and I’m afraid the other side thinks so …