I don’t want to listen to a demon’s flattery when I let you go. If other players see it, they will be speechless.
The demon is also crying at the moment. At any rate, he is also a demon-the most terrible demon in the world. I didn’t expect to be threatened by a brat. If it weren’t for fear that Luo Yu cut off his penis and ruined his yuan God, he would have slapped the goods to death now, but Nai just left the old man’s soul lock, and now he doesn’t even have a soul body. Otherwise, how can he be so wronged at all?
"What’s the matter? I’ve angered the big uncle, the big hero, the big brother and the little brother. Now I have a collar to display, but I can’t get it out. Do you know?" Speaking of this, the troll cried in front of Luo Yu with a snot and a tear, and told all the stories he had encountered over the years. He was a troll who was attracted by this dead breath but suffered the same situation as Luo Yu, but this guy was not so lucky and finally had to be separated from Yuan Shen before he was controlled.
Feelings, this monster turned out to be a deceiver of his own generation, but the player is still a player. Luo Yu is still very realistic. Although this monster tries to excuse himself, Luo Yu is listening to a little. There are many treasures in this cargo, but he just can’t.
What should we do? How can we make this guy vomit?
"Eldest brother? Brave men and strong men, please leave me alone. "The demon can communicate spiritually now. If he can act, he will kneel in front of Luo Yu sometime, but if he can move, he may have broken the sky."
Luo Yu was stunned. "What did you just call me?"
The big demon nerve is tight. "Grandpa?" Los feather shook his head and he said "a strong man? A hero? " Still shake your head
"By the way, aren’t you a monster? Even without the body, the soul can also customize the contract, right? So if you are my little brother, I will take you out to eat, drink and pick up girls, "Luo Yu said with great temptation."
But how can a demon not know what contract he wants? * * It really hits the nail on the head. It’s even more cruel than killing himself. It’s not bad to say that the goddess of picking up girls is still good. But the thought of being a fierce demon, a demon! ! !
God is afraid of being reduced to * * and I really want to cry for a while.
But when Luo Yu’s long saw dangles around his penis, the big demon wronged like a kannika nimtragol, and the contract came into effect. Soon, a column of spiritual pet was added in Luo Yu’s state, and a column was opened. 【 Ancient big demon 】 The fierce demon-spiritual state was called at the peak of the current level innate state.
The big demon lost his body, but he was born again because he made a new contract. When Luo Yu called, he looked around but didn’t even see a hair. "What about the big demon?"
"Boss, I’m here, here, here?" Flapping his wings and yelling, I saw a slap-sized object dangling in front of Luo Yu’s eyes. Who is this * * not a big demon?
"How did you get so small? Holy shit. "This is a hundred times smaller monster. How did this happen?
The demon looked aggrieved. "It’s all because of signing the contract. Now everything has to start all over again, and the boss, my horse is going to be destroyed. Please keep my magic suit for me."
"Devil suit?" Before Luo Yu could make a move, there was a loud noise behind him, and the monster body suddenly collapsed. A complete set of armor came into view, but just as Luo Yu was about to take it away, three forces outside the hall broke into the house!
Chapter two hundred and ten Three major threats
"The ghost in front of the grass is fascinated. It may be the most important thing to come here. Everybody polish your eyes and don’t make any mistakes again!" There are hundreds of thousands of troops in the big leagues of the three major forces, but now there are less than 10 thousand troops left. Honestly, anyone would be scared.
Along the way, they were killed and wounded, and the worst thing was that they killed each other. This matter was also sealed, and anyone who spoke out would be punished with forbearance.
This is a dead order!
No one dares to disobey, after all, it is agreed by the presidents of all major powers, but even so, the level of nearly 200 presidents is less than half today, and the guild is almost extinct.
However, their trip is also quite fruitful. After all, most of them have robbed others of their income.
But this alone is not enough. They haven’t found the key thing that can directly control the situation. Now the most advanced equipment is red, and it has also been obtained by the three major forces, the other two presidents will naturally not be willing.
Moro is the leader of the magic Luo Tian drought and one of the three strongest fortress.
"Ha-ha, although this is an ancient city, I always feel more like an ancient tomb, and there may be more gains to come. You can go back now if you want." In fact, for some people, they have gained enough, but if they continue to go, they may be peeped at by people around them, but if they really do, they are not willing to do so.
Beitang is one of the three major forces, and his northern lodging is the highest leader of Beitang and one of the three strong ones.
"Brother North is right." Another man who echoed the thin man’s name, Night Shadow, is the leader of the three major forces [Night Stab] and he is also a professional dark devil.
Moro didn’t say anything but smiled indifferently and got the red equipment. How can these two people be content? Moro is not afraid. If there is really a treasure behind this, he can unify the whole fortress, and then he will be a local tyrant and a woman with all kinds of money!
Potential, money and beauty are indispensable things for men, and this is also the fame and fortune that people pursue.
Along the way, they came to the king’s palace, and a group of people broke into houses crazily, and they saw a mysterious man in black picking up a purple light suit! !
Yes, this is not one, but a set of purple!
Purple is the most advanced equipment in color, but it is the real artifact of creation. Red orange, red green, blue, blue and purple corresponds to white gold, red extremely green, odd blue epic, blue hallows and purple artifacts.
That’s the most advanced artifact. How can it be that one person has it in his pocket?
"I’m in trouble this time." Although this is a goblin suit, I can’t do it myself, but it’s purple equipment anyway. This is an artifact. For the mercenary guys in the major leagues, the move they just made has touched their nerves. Unless they take it out, they will never let it go. Even if they take it out, they may be silenced.
But it’s impossible for Luo Yu to give up.
When they broke in, they saw the picture of Luoyu taking it into the bag.
"Who is this?"
"We went through a lot of hardships. How did this man get here?" Everyone was shocked.
Moro, the night shadow, the night shadow, and the three people in the north looked at the black man coldly. They knew exactly how dangerous he had been. In front of him, this man had the same imprint as them, which means that he was a player. They didn’t see anyone who could break through alone.
At the same time, they can’t help admiring the man in front of them. How did he do it? Luck or strength?
And a lot of people are also looking for this man in front of them, but there doesn’t seem to be such a number in their city, but at this moment, a man around Moro suddenly cried, "Black gun! It is you! !”
"Too bad it’s Luo Tianlong", but it’s inevitable for Luo Yu to have Luo Tianlong in the first world war. You should know that he has their crazy artifact. Although he can be a demon equipment, they don’t know it. But if you know that Luo Yu is pregnant with an ancient artifact, you will be jealous to death.
"Black gun!" The voice was shocked.
"You said that he is the black gun that has been raging in the fortress recently?"
I looked at him in black for a while, and the black gun was behind him. I don’t doubt the image.
"You are the black gun?" North Suqian asked
"Yes, I am"
Body petrochemical this * * answer too simply? It makes people feel a little unreal. "It’s better to be famous than to see it at first sight."
"I’ve heard a lot about it", but then the whole hall quietly stopped talking, and the atmosphere was even weirder.
"Dear bosses, if it’s nothing, I’ll walk first. This Wang Dianda is also a younger brother who just came here. If it’s late, I’m afraid there will be no good things." Luo Yu said this, so he really woke up a lot of people, which can make them wary. If it’s really dawdling here, it’s hard for them to find the opportunity.
"Grass, who knows if you are here? Maybe everything is with you. We are not blind. Isn’t that purple light just now an artifact?" How powerful the artifact is!
If it’s an artifact, it’s crazy just to think about it