This is the first innate law of the universe.
Feng Zichen intends to lay a large array of twelve gods in the deepest part of the Galaxy Zhou Guangda Array in the center of the canyon.
In this way, even if the Milky Way Grand Array and the Mixed Yuan Heluo Large Array are all breached by innate fierce beasts, he can also use the Twelve Gods to turn over the Jedi and slay them all in the future.
Since the innate fierce beasts are afraid of chaos fiend, it makes chaos fiend fear Pangu and they are naturally afraid to the extreme.
Feng Zichen doesn’t believe that those innate fierce beasts can still exert their strength after feeling Pangu’s breath.
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The wind in the center of the canyon, Zichen’s big sleeves, flew out of it with a wave of his hand, and the long banners turned into tens of thousands of feet in a short time, then disappeared into the void.
These twelve long banners are the twelve gods. It is because of their wind that Zichen has the confidence to decorate the twelve gods and evil spirits array.
If not, is this first innate array in the wild so well arranged?
You know, after the fall of the Twelve Ancestral Wizards, even the Wizards have arranged a large array of twelve gods.
This shows that it is difficult to arrange the array method
The Twelve Gods and Demons Array is associated with each other. Without the Twelve Gods and Witches, there will be no Twelve Gods and Demons Array.
Fortunately, the wind Zichen specially refined the twelve ancestors and witches, and they ordered Lingbao to undertake the way
Only in this way can the Twelve Ancestral Wizards be rearranged after the fall of the Twelve Ancestral Wizards, and this first innate array of the universe be revived.
At the beginning, the awning was broken, and the twelve ancestors made up the awning and resolutely sacrificed themselves. The Lich Gate disappeared from the wild.
However, they ordered the spirits to be the gods, but they did not sacrifice together, but kept them to be taken away by the wind.
This treasure is not only as simple as being able to spread the array of gods and evil spirits in the twelve capitals, but also to gather the source for the twelve ancestors to help resurrect.
It is more important that the gods and evil spirits can be chosen as the magic weapon of life by the twelve ancestors of witches, besides the consistency of attributes, or that they perceive this
The magic weapon of life is so important, otherwise, why would they choose the magic weapon that was born at that time?
"This is stable!"
Looking at all the gods in the virtual space, Zichen felt the terrible power contained in it and couldn’t help but nodded with satisfaction.
There are twelve days, and the big array is the master of mixed yuan. If you are not careful, you will lose half your life and you will be directly refined to death.
The first method of the wild is not blowing, but blood.
After all this, Feng Zichen turned and left for the periphery of the canyon to help Fuxi decorate the large array of mixed yuan Heluo.
Arranging the array of twelve gods and evil spirits doesn’t want to be as complicated as arranging the array of stars and rivers. You just need to throw the twelve gods out of them and you can form an array spontaneously.
All the banners of the gods are like arrays, which are really convenient and tight.
So when he didn’t have much time, he arranged the array of the twelve heavenly gods and evil spirits.
Of course, if the treasure falls into the hands of Feng Zichen, he will not pay the price.
Now that the twelve gods have died, we must bear the corresponding cause and effect and try our best to help the twelve ancestors resurrect.
Feng Zichen expressed his pleasure at this.
The Twelve Ancestral Wizards are his most solid allies, who have helped him a lot. Even if they don’t have all the gods, Feng Zichen will be resurrected when the Terran takes the leading role in heaven and earth.
This time
Do a local trap to kill the innate fierce beast
Is an opportunity.