"I just got off the road!"
Is this the end? Don’t rush to give me a final conclusion. This is a!
Chapter two hundred and one Exposed
"It’s hard to believe that this is the achievement of a 36-year-old head coach-many people at his age may have just retired as players or just started as coaches, but he has already won the prize … It’s a pity that FIFA has not set the coach of the year award, otherwise I think it will definitely win many awards …"
Breno Pacheco couldn’t listen. He turned off the camera.
This disgusting flattery simply makes people in the same media blush with shame!
You used to be the ones who used to scold the most, but now it’s really diligent to lick your ass!
Pacheco looks down on these people who have no professional ethics and dignity as journalists!
We should have our own position and morality. How can you succumb to that bastard’s arrogance?
Pacheco doesn’t like what Chang Sheng thinks now.
I asserted that Lazio would collapse this season, but Lazio won the league title and won three consecutive championships! Now all the media are saying that they created the dynasty …
Dynasty dynasty … dynasty fart!
Are all these people street-side French fries? ?
A team can be called a dynasty?
Not even a champions league champion is a dynasty!
Pacheco calmed down a little and stared at a photo in his hand.
He laughed.
He has got what he wants, and he is sure that this time it will be an exclusive sensation.
When you are immersed in the joy of three consecutive league titles, let me give you a bigger surprise!
Just as Lazio fans are celebrating the team’s third consecutive championship, Gazzetta dello Sport suddenly broke such a news.
Tiger is about to leave Lazio! 》
"… according to what we learned on the Barcelona line … Lazio have reached an agreement with Barcelona that Fa Erkao will wear a Barcelona jersey at the end of this season! ….. Since Fa Erkao joined the team, his excellent scoring ability has been Lazio’s top scorer for two consecutive seasons … He is deeply loved by fans and others like Lazio … But now Lazio has sold him to Barcelona! "
Pacheco adopted the writing of obviously provoking dissension and gossiping in this press release.
I just want to incite Lazio fans to protest against the fact that the Lazio club has made a big fuss about it, so as to influence the Lazio team and make Lazio play badly in the Champions League.
He now regrets that he didn’t get the exact news earlier, otherwise he might have ruined the Lazio League title …
When this news was reported in a prominent position by Gazzetta dello Sport, it caused a sensation as Pacheco hoped!
For a while, the media stopped talking about the Lazio dynasty and the League title.
Everyone’s attention was attracted by the transfer deal.
In the news, Pacheco also revealed that the transfer transaction amount is about 50 million euros!
"Lazio sold Fa Erkao, the team’s top scorer, who was loved by fans for 50 million euros!"
In order to increase the authenticity, Pacheco also posted a photo of Lazio President Lotito walking out of Barcelona with a smile on his face.
Changsheng usually doesn’t read Gazzetta dello Sport unless the plane has this newspaper.
At home, he doesn’t read Gazzetta dello Sport if he has a choice-who always scolds himself for reading the newspaper? After all, Changsheng is not a masochist.
After the Gazzetta dello Sport reported the incident, he was completely ignorant for about three hours.
He was already in London at that time.
Just settled in the hotel room, and then called Avril to keep safe.
As a result, the two men had just talked for a few words when he received a notice to come.
It’s the kind where when you are on the phone, you suddenly drop one and you know someone is calling.
At this time, if the other party doesn’t hang up, he can wait for his side to end the call or keep the call and then cut over to talk to him.
Of course, most people will hang up and call back later.
But today things are different.
Drop after drop, drop after drop, just like several QQ friends sending messages …
Changsheng really can’t talk to Avril Lavigne. "What the fuck is this …"
"What’s the matter, uncle?" Avril Lavigne asked at the other end
"I have … several waiting for me to answer the phone …"
"What’s the matter?"
"What can happen?"
"Always go and have a look. There’s nothing on my side. I’ll fly to the scene to cheer you up during the game!"