King Jinlun realized that the bearer was a young Taoist who was about the same age as his big apprentice. His arms and legs were not thick, and he couldn’t see his martial arts. But just now, Li Zhichang could tell him to talk less about martial arts from the old eunuch. This shows that the young man’s martial arts has reached the point of returning to the original, and people can see the depth of it. King Jinlun thought that he had heard for a long time that there were high-ranking officials in the Central Plains who had skills. Often, old people in their fifties and sixties looked like twenty Xu. This person looks young, and maybe he is older than me.
King Jinlun said, "Are you from a sect? What are you and this old man? "He asked questions one after another to say that Li Zhichang’s name is not famous all over the world, but the Central Plains area is also famous. Both black and white roads on both sides of the Yellow River are regarded as the first master of True Religion. Within ten years, his name will be the first in the world. So soon, it is backed by the first faction of True Religion, and secondly, the Beggars’ Sect has contributed to it. The news that King Jinlun has lived in Tibet for a long time is blocked but he has never heard of it.
The old eunuch said dumbly, "I didn’t expect you to save me for just two years, and you will make such progress. It’s really talented." When he was after Li Zhichang, Li Zhichang was still inferior to him. Now we will meet again two years later. Li Zhichang has left him behind.
Li Zhichang light way "old guy you almost chased me at the end of the road can think of today? Of course, I don’t want to save you, but it’s a pity that you have lost your Juexue even since then. "The old eunuch is not shocked in his heart. He is a eunuch. Naturally, there are laws, but if you can put this martial arts to some extent, you will have a little bit of thoughts, and you will not be afraid of being lonely after death."
Tuo Lei asked the translator to answer the Southern Dynasties alchemist, I don’t want others to shelter me and live. If you want to take my life, you can personally compete with me. If I lose, I don’t deserve Genghis Khan.
Li Zhichang went on to laugh like a roaring mountain forest surrounding the fields, and Song Jun and officials couldn’t bear it. The banner of "Send the Mongolian Qin envoy to the North" was also covered with mud.
There is Tuo Lei’s strong support. "I want to kill him, old monk. Will you stop me?" Li Zhichang pointed to Tuo Lei way
The officer who is proficient in Mongolian got up and translated Li Zhichang dialect to him. When Tuo Lei heard it, it was understood that Li Zhichang wanted to compete with King Jinlun, and if King Jinlun lost, he would die.
Tuo Lei asked the translator to answer, "Wizards from the Southern Dynasties". If you want to come to Genghis Khan’s grandson’s life, you will come to get the gold family in person. No man is a coward and won’t hide from others. Instead, he understands the Taoist priest as a wizard.
King Jinlun jabbered a few words to Tuo Lei, and Tuo Lei didn’t continue to talk. King Jinlun said, "I don’t know if the fourth report and you have any grievances, but you have to kill him. You may say it out and there may be some misunderstanding."
Li Zhichang said, "I don’t have a grudge. I just want to kill him, old monk. Can you stop me?" King Jinlun said, "That Taoist priest has to do it? Good monk company with what will be interesting to see the middle-earth master what’s bad "
King Jinlun took the golden wheel out of his body and said, "Bright weapon". He had long noticed that Li Zhichang showed two hilts behind him. He thought that the bearer must be a two-handed sword. In Wulin, the moves of two-handed swordsmen are bound to be different. The moves he made are unusual. He often fell in love with the enemy without knowing it. However, King Jinlun was good at locking and holding his opponent’s weapon, regardless of whether it was a sword, halberd, spear, whip and stick. When he met it, ordinary people waved their weapons, and he was unaware of the weapons such as Li Zhichang.
Li Zhichang has two hilts, one gray and one black. He draws out the gray hilts, and the golden wheel is the king’s heart. You underestimate me too much if you don’t take both swords. It’s because he looks at the sword in his eyes and asks, "Is this sword made of wood?"
Li Zhichang laughed. "But I’m usually unarmed against the enemy, but I’m afraid I won’t be able to take you for a while, monk."
King Jinlun asked, "Then your other sword is also made of wood?" He is still good at two-handed swords in Li Zhichang.
Li Zhichang said, "This sword is my personal belongings. It is sharp, strong and indestructible. It will never be easily moved to fight with this old man in those days." Li Zhichang pointed to the old eunuch with one hand.
King Jinlun angered in his heart, "Although this old man is a little worse than me in martial arts, you are cruel to him with a sword, but wood blade is cruel to me." He was born in Li Zhichang, Tibet, and he looked down on him. Although the external force of the Song Dynasty is not obvious, there have been several masters in the martial arts that have been renowned for hundreds of years, and they dare not make a move in the Jianghu. They are not determined to defeat Li Zhichang and teach the Central Plains Wulin people to see if they are injured today.
He didn’t know that when Li Zhichang met the old eunuch, he was far from reaching the peak today, and Li Zhichang’s magic was completely hindered. After the sword was dealt with, he was not a master. It seems that Li Zhichang’s martial arts of Jinlun is high and has not yet reached the realm of great masters. This is enough for him to be a small wood blade.
Chapter 44 The matter is brushed away.
Li Zhichang took the lead in making swords and wooden swords. This moment has already produced seven swords. What is even more rare is that these seven swords’ positions coincide with those of Tian Shu, Tianxuan, Tianji, Yuheng, Yang and Yaoguang. This is a killing tactic derived from the Nine Yin Scriptures-‘One Sword and Seven Stars’. Li Zhichang deeply knows that King Jinlun is still slightly inferior to himself, but he does not underestimate wood blade’s enemy. It is a test that he received in February.
When the French king saw that his sword was fierce and murderous, he didn’t dare to jump back in front of him. Immediately, a dusty lead wheel flew past. Li Zhichang raised his sword and cut the lead wheel. It was not dull and very flexible. It was already around him and returned to the French king. It was heard that five wheels flew from five different directions. These five turns turned positive and the five elements in turn corresponded to the five-color wheel of gold, silver, copper, iron and lead. Therefore, the white iron wheel was the fastest to attack first.
Li Zhichang thought to himself, if I avoid sideways, how can I show my earth-shattering means? When I stand still, my sword moves obliquely, I will give it to the iron wheel to swing the French king for five rounds. It is a feint to test the five rounds. Li Zhichang circled around and flew back to the five rounds. The pronunciation is also light and loud. The audience around me was dazzled and agitated. It is not without martial knowledge that Tuo Lei grew up in Guo Jing, but Li Zhichang and the French king of the golden wheel have gradually embarked on the road of being free from vulgarity. His humble opinion is nothing.
The old eunuch watched and saw that Li Zhichang and King Jinlun’s gestures were all in harmony with martial arts, and he couldn’t help sighing that all his kung fu was trained by mistake. Where is the true martial arts foundation comparable to Li Zhichang and King Jinlun’s?
Suddenly, five wheels belong to one green, red, yellow, white and black, and the five wheels collide with Li Zhichang side by side, and the five wheels are accompanied by the golden wheel, the French king and the real strength, but far more than five cows. Li Zhichang’s physical strength has also penetrated into wood blade. If someone carefully observes the wooden texture of the blade, there is a weak Guanghua flow. This is the performance of the skill running to the extreme, and the tip of the sword vibrates. When three rings, Li Zhichang, wood blade picks up the gold, silver and copper three rounds and strikes everyone with a sword, the dust leaps up and the iron wheel and the lead wheel have
The French king roared, "What a Taoist!" Monk robe wind automatically tiptoes to fly to grab has come to the front of Li Zhichang Jinlun French King’s left hand, copper wheel after copper wheel, and flies out again. He grabs gold and silver and dances twice, and slams Li Zhichang on Li Zhichang’s head. Naturally, he won’t let him smash wood blade forward, pointing to the key of Jinlun French King’s chest. The sword is three feet long and seven inches short, but it hasn’t hit Li Zhichang’s head. The sword head is less than half a foot away from French King’s chest.
The French king immediately stepped back. This step forward is very fast, but it is not slower than the previous step. He has stepped back a few feet to the left and back. This is indeed a rare kung fu in Wulin.
When he entered and retired, the master’s demeanor showed no sign of falling into the wind, and the soldiers next to him were not knowledgeable and shouted.
When the wooden sword is delivered and received, Li Zhichang returns to the sword, and when it rings, the copper wheel coming from behind is split in half. The copper wheel has not yet been divided into two halves. The blade swings horizontally and the copper wheel is cut off and divided into four pieces. Although wood blade is brittle and blunt, his transportation capacity is indestructible. When everyone sees the French king’s extremely light achievement, he can still drink a piece. Seeing him, this Excalibur Qiwei is all stunned.
Li Zhichang laughed "the third".
But I laughed at the sudden destruction of the French king’s five rounds and the three golden wheels. The French king was worthy of being a master, but he was not discouraged. It seemed that it was Li Zhichang who fell into the wind at the moment, not him
Li Zhichang secretly praised the monk’s spirit-saving kung fu, which is really serious. I have forced him to this point, but he still seeks to fight back.
The Golden Wheel French King also knew that the golden wheel and the iron wheel danced bravely to attack. Li Zhichang grasped the hilt of the sword and stabbed it. The French king stepped sideways to avoid the sword and returned the wheel. This time, he did not get rid of the wheel, but clenched his hands as a short weapon. Although the method was far away, it was much more solid than throwing it away.
See the golden wheel French king step around Li Zhichang’s side and attack left and right, and refuse to jump vertically and fight, and the two-wheel jump is smart and whining.
However, Li Zhichang and wood blade seem to encounter great resistance, but no matter what the French king does, he can’t bully Li Zhichang in three steps. He can fight for forty or fifty strokes, and the French king’s two wheels are merged. Li Zhichang smashed Li Zhichang’s black iron sword and stabbed it with a click. Two forces have arrived at the edge of the golden wheel, which stirred each other. Li Zhichang felt that the other side collided and the strength was getting stronger and stronger. Li Zhichang’s heart way and the monk’s strength were so deep that both of them jumped back and felt that their arms were faint and numb.
Golden wheel is thought that he will be wood blade after all, and no matter how the material is not as good as my wheel, the French king will hold the golden wheel when he reads it. At this moment, Li Zhichang stabbed a sword, and Yin Lun, his left hand, smashed it into his blade. Li Zhichang saw that he did not give way to the sword and shook it. He was not afraid of the disparity in the material of the two weapons. In an instant, the sword wheel touched like a dragon, and the two juli forces once again resisted each other. Li Zhichang wood blade broke into several pieces, and the French king’s two wheels also flew out and killed several surrounding onlookers. Song Bing was so scared that everyone unconsciously
King Jinlun didn’t know that his gold and silver rounds would be hit by wood blade. I couldn’t believe it. Li Zhichang sighed in his heart. If he was wood blade Dacheng, wood blade would be broken into several pieces. At the same time, he would also break the gold and silver rounds into several pieces instead of hitting his heart far away. Although he sighed, he didn’t hesitate to make a move. King Jinlun didn’t return to his senses. This palm just hit him on the shoulder. It is powerful, but it always takes a moment to accumulate strength when running, but the master struggles. Although the ambassador’s value is not high, Li Zhichang’s martial arts has
Suddenly, the French king’s palm shook in his shoulder, and he was shocked and angry. Immediately, he fit in and pounced on Li Zhichang’s retrogression, but he repeatedly sent three palms to the French king’s chest. It was just another move to destroy his heart and palm.’ Hanging the galaxy upside down’ This is the attention of the French king. His palm plus Li Zhichang’s interest, so he gave a kick to the chest. Li Zhichang’s skill now has great power with a move. Even if the external skill is amazing, the French king will also spit out one mouthful of blood and fall to the ground.
Li Zhichang no longer cares about him. He has come to the front of Tuo Lei before Tuo Lei’s mouth. A good big head has gone up into the sky and then landed in the dust. Li Zhichang turned around and went back to the old eunuch for a long whistle. When everyone opened their eyes again, Li Zhichang had already sat on the back of the statue and listened to the distant sound, "Old monk, you are good at martial arts. If you want revenge, Huashan can come to me and I will wait for you."
I brushed my clothes to hide my name.
The golden wheel French king pulled out the intact gold and silver from the ground and stared at it without saying a word.
Chapter 45 I drive
A Southern Song Dynasty civil servant said, "Kill one person in ten steps without leaving a line, kill a country’s nobles and retire. This man is a fine son, Nie Yinniang, a common sword fairy middleman. It’s a pleasure to see you today. There must be many stories to tell. Everyone in my generation will be famous forever!" Say, put your hands behind your back and walk back to the city. The military attache in Song Bing shook his head. The death of Mongolia’s four princes seems to have much to do again. It’s really a national misfortune for these civilian officials to have a loose temperament.
The condor flapped its wings and flew with two people struggling with the same wind. This mountain and river is eye-catching. Later, Li Zhichang looked away from Xiangyang and found a slightly flat mountain top where the condor fell
The old eunuch asked, "Why do you want to save you?"
Li Zhichang looked down at the mountains and rivers and said, "Do you think there are too few hundreds of thousands of martial arts practitioners in this land of China?"
The old eunuch said, "Chivalry and martial arts violate the ban because there are too many people in the rivers and lakes to wait for the law."
Li Zhichang basked in a smile and said, "Don’t talk about state affairs." He pointed to the mountain road. "There are several people in Wan Li, but they are all mortals. At the foot of the mountain, they are just martial arts people, and on the mountainside, they are ordinary masters who have entered the room. These people are no longer bound by Wang Fake."
The old eunuch sarcastically said, "These people add up to not enough. You dare to go deep into the big hey hey when your martial arts were not as high as today." He said what the dead had in his heart, even if Li Zhichang rescued him, he would live for a while.
Li Zhichang sighed leisurely, "How can a man be the same forever?" The old eunuch silently moved the sea with time and became a changed man.
Li Zhichang continued, "while worldly matters take their turn and ancient, modern, to and fro said that if we can be like you and me, the speaker at the top of the mountain will always die one less."
The old eunuch said, "There will always be more powerful people behind the Yangtze River."
Li Zhichang said, "I guess you are already very good at martial arts at the age of 30, but do you find it difficult to make further progress?"
The old eunuch said, "It’s very difficult to make progress at this stage of martial arts."