"The five elements of God Fu Gankun are upside down!"
I feel that the five elements of energy in the five elements of spells are gradually enough, and I dare not delay the spell at all, because the uneasy feeling in my heart becomes more and more intense in the form, as if this uneasy feeling is from my side.
After being blessed by spells, the five-element charm suddenly burns violently and turns into a five-color light group, and then slowly fuses together and becomes a mass of light, and then the surrounding area fluctuates violently.
It turns out that the greatest achievement of these five elements of runes is that they can directly break the virtual information to the place where they want to go, so that even if people are surrounded, they can send out the distress signal. Xuanguang Road is not sure that the gate has been surrounded at the moment, but it is a little suspicious in my heart that the group of The Hunger door ubers just came to test.
Looking at the shaking amplitude around the five elements, the mysterious light road has become more and more fierce. This is just a little relieved. Other top sects will come at the first time when they receive the signal. They and others will rely on the guardian mountain array to resist for a while. When the reinforcements arrive at The Hunger Gate, the remnants are not native tile dogs.
At this time, Yue Haitian Li Yingji and more than 2,000 masters rushed out of the fairy house, with more than a dozen elders taking the lead and pausing slightly, then flashing to Xuanguang.
An elder with a quick temper named Skyfire shouted, "Xuanguang, what did you say?" Someone dares to attack me. Shushan Sword Pine? Has the bloody fire been swept away by the remnants of The Hunger Gate? "
Xuanguang sighed slightly, and the five-line rune has been started, and he no longer needs his mana support. He replied coldly, "Yes, just a group of remnants of shushan came to harass and were driven out by us. If I didn’t guess wrong, these people came to test the real army."
On hearing this skyfire reality immediately fire emit three zhangs eyebrows jump murderous look four now roared "hum! God damn the remnants of The Hunger who dare to come again, I insist that they are powerful and let them know that my Shushan Sword Sect is not the scattered sword repair thousands of years ago. "
Looking at the five elements of the rune slowly sinking into the mysterious light, I finally feel at ease and secretly spit out a sigh of relief. Even if someone breaks through the guardian mountain array and directly kills it, it will definitely not stop this line of runes. Then I said coldly, "You younger brothers want everyone to work together, no matter how many people the remnants of The Hunger Gate will come, we can keep them out."
"You all led your brothers into the big eyes of the Guardian Mountain Array and personally blessed the Guardian Mountain Array to increase the power of the big position so as to stop the remnants of The Hunger and fight for other sects to come to the rescue and win some points."
"Ah, if the mirror of heaven is here, you don’t need to bother. There is absolutely no problem when we try our best to stop the power of the mirror of heaven from injecting incense."
Finally, it was broken by the five elements of the rune, and finally it was about to close up. In this way, I am afraid that the pick Jin Xian also forced the five elements of the rune to come back and see this mysterious and sophisticated brow, which only slightly flashed a glimmer of hope.
But at this time, more than a dozen elders, such as Xuanguang Road, opened their eyes with horror. The virtual hole that was about to close was actually expanding in an inexplicable force.
In the stunned expression, a dark red flame was wrapped in the five lines of rune maser that had already broken away, and at least dozens of low-order masters were in the situation of milli preparation, whether they were strong flesh or carried with them, many magic weapons flying swords were in the blink of an eye.
"Jie Jie, these five broken symbols are not powerful, but they contain five elements of energy, which can be regarded as a supplement."
A few insidious smile appeared in the flame. In the low-order brother’s callous expression, the five-line charm was directly flamed, and the most basic five-line energy was integrated into the dark red flame to become a part of it
"How dare Fang Uber come to my Shushan Sword Sect to run wild?" Skyfire is really furious, and it is a big curse to the skyfire.
"Uber hehe"
A sound as if it came from the outer space suddenly entered the Hushan Grand Array from outside the large array, and it was instantly melted like a paper paste. A thousand left-handed experts with a direct hole of thousands of kilometers immediately rushed in.
Chapter 249 seconds kill
Chapter 249 seconds kill
Frowning, I watched the huge hole being broken in an instant, and the look of Xuanguang Road suddenly changed dramatically. Those masters who were sent to preside over the large array must have been run, and their minds were all connected with each other, and the large array broke the natural law.
Then I saw the blood clouds floating into the large array of Xuanguang Road quickly, and it was even cooler in my heart to scold myself. The crow’s mouth just guessed that it really came true. Those The Hunger Uber really came to test the real drama now.
Before Xuanguang Road thought of a good countermeasure, he just sneered at Jinyang’s single punch and blasted straight ahead. In the puzzled eyes of all, he broke a big hole end to end three meters away in front of him.
Ling disappeared as soon as his body disappeared. When others secretly wondered, Jinyang suddenly flashed out of shape. It was surprising that his shape had appeared half a meter before Skyfire’s real person, and his cheeks were covered with plasma. "Haha, Uber, then go to hell!"
In Jinyang, the instant skyfire reality has already noticed that only by breaking the virtual and teleporting this skill, the skyfire veteran will not dare to have the slightest carelessness, and his face will change slightly. At the same time, he is ready to release a magic weapon of proud defense, first stop the attack of people and try to get away, so that there will be a chance to fight back.
But I felt a terrible pain in my chest before my mind came to destroy the magic weapon of dynamic defense. Although I haven’t tasted the pain for a hundred years, there is absolutely nothing wrong with the pain in Skyfire’s old heart at this moment, and my heart is also frightened. The speed is even faster than my mind. It’s shocking
Skyfire Road looked down and suddenly scared the daylights out of him to see a bloody flying sword carved with a bloody skull. I don’t know if it has been deeply inserted into his chest. A strange cold breath was instantly covered in his preparedness.
Skyfire veteran didn’t know what was going on, and his body lost consciousness because his whole body had been divided into two parts, broken and dirty.
Jinyang’s speed is even more coherent, just like flowing water in one go, and it doesn’t slow down at all. In others’ eyes, Jinyang’s speed is extremely fast, and the instant flying sword broke the skyfire. When everyone saw the lotus flower flashing in front of them, Skyfire’s old body split up.
As soon as the flesh broke a red light, it quickly flashed a little and found out, so it was ready to fly to Jinyang. I knew that this was an old-fashioned life sword tire of Skyfire, and there was still a way for him to just run away. One by one, a golden light blaster came out and turned it into a golden urn. Immediately, I took the sword tire of Skyfire and then flew back to Jinyang’s mouth.
Skyfire road life sword tire was collected, and he carried a few magic weapons with him and immediately broke the flesh and was suspended in the middle. After all, it was not innate Lingbao. Once he lost his master, he was a little overwhelmed.
Jinyang smiled coldly and patted five magic weapons, but all of them were shot off and it was difficult to resist Jinyang’s attack. Jinyang then smiled and nodded and threw five treasures out. He said, "Although it’s not a good baby, it’s ok to give it to his disciples."
A word almost made Xuanguang Road angry to death. The whole Shushan Sword Sect has more than 300 elders, all of whom are sects. Can that magic weapon make do?
Thousands of years of development have made it an unwritten rule of the Sword Sect in Shushan that it is difficult for the top sects to compete because of the poor foundation shortly after the establishment of the Sect. The only way is to plunder. As the saying goes, robbers are well-known and decent in Shushan, and natural law is not strong on the right hand. Those who go left naturally become a thorn in the side.
It can be said that to be an elder, you must be either superior in strength or have a treasure in your body. The real person naturally belongs to the latter. The strength is not strong. It depends on leading hundreds of brothers to annihilate the treasure plundered by the tiger demon in Shanxi for 3,000 years decades ago.
In fact, these five treasures are not all related to the horizon. From the perspective of Jinyang, it is really good that these five magic weapons can not be broken with a pat. However, it is natural to make do with two magic weapons or a congenital treasure’ Jin Jiao Jian’.
Seeing five precious pieces flying off half a mysterious road naturally wants to take them back, but he hasn’t moved yet. Someone has understood the meaning of Jinyang. The Hunger’s master naturally won’t rob them before, but today, following the left-handed experts will naturally not miss such an opportunity. Five colorful figures suddenly turn into five streamers flying off half a smile. "Haha, good baby!"
See this The Hunger old ghost heart white now that you have war also no longer need to say anything directly is hurriedly a roar a way "hand! Have you suddenly become kind by this time? Or are you all cowards? "
In a word, The Hunger’s master, who wanted to start work early, flew into a rage. All of them were excited and trembled and could not help but shout "kill"
The Hunger old ghost immediately smiled and said, "Well, I’m absolutely not a coward in The Hunger Gate. Take out your courage. Everyone will be scattered to see people and kill all the disciples of Shushan Sword School."
"Other Taoist friends, just sit on the sidelines first. If my The Hunger Gate is weak, you will never be late again."
Other left-wing forces followed thousands of people who came to fly around at once, and they didn’t need to work hard and get benefits. Why not?
The remaining more than 3,000 The Hunger door masters’ eyes suddenly shot out the lotus flower. The two factions are a thousand-year-old feud. The Hunger’s master suddenly took out the already refined Yin Lei and ruthlessly smashed it.
The two thousand disciples of the Shushan Sword Sect were almost surrounded by so many left-wing masters in their strength, and they had long been distracted and Jinyang instantly killed an elder, which made them lose their morale and could not play half their strength.
Thousands of thunderbolts were smashed at random, but the masters of Shushan were surrounded, and thousands of people gathered together. In the roar of thunderbolts, at least nearly a thousand low-ranking masters of Shushan Sword Sect were blown out of their wits.
Chapter 25 Bald Lee