When the opponents’ public opinion has accumulated to a certain extent, then another big accident and catastrophe will ignite the accumulated emotional points from the "life crisis" to the "koo injury and death" fear to the "life without hope" fear.
So they won’t hesitate to send someone to assassinate Comber.
And even this step was predicted by Russell in advance.
Or this kind of body is guided by Russell.
By means of fake assassination, Russell introduced his comb teeth into the topic of the aid society, and invited him to participate in the talk show by the emperor. The concept of "being assassinated by the aid society" will be implanted into their subconscious mind and become their first choice.
They didn’t come up with it, but Russell made them come up with it.
He sent "Heh" to protect Comb Tooth … Even if Comb Tooth can’t beat them alone, he can be saved, and there will be no video recording to go out.
Let Russell didn’t expect that the other party was caught off guard by Russell and immediately worried after two miscalculations in a row.
After their assassination plan failed, people pretended to be at the crossroads of the "Rotary Club" and openly pulled out rifles to shoot the Koo people. This will certainly cause big news immediately, but its doubts will become more and more.
This means that the man behind the trader is already a little anxious.
The man realized that he was secretly manipulating the enemy, and his strength was far stronger than himself. He was afraid that a certain key node would be discovered or destroyed by Russell, so he couldn’t wait for half a day, so he made it more direct and straightforward, but it was also easier for ordinary people to suspect and find radical means.
And this news has become anti-Rotarians’ fresh and powerful ammunition.
Although even people with a slight IQ will realize that something is wrong … but sometimes people don’t want the truth, but want to be able to prove their arguments, so they pretend to be deaf and dumb and use this "evidence" to violently attack the supporters of the Foundation.
However, this kind of obvious loss of wisdom and behavior makes passers-by frown, but pushes objective passers-by to the other side
Because no one wants to be regarded as stupid, passers-by will naturally be more inclined to the "more reasonable" side … or the "less stupid-looking" side, and if this side prevails, they will be more emboldened to express their views.
Therefore, the radical faction of anti-freemasons finally went crazy.
They think that brushing one’s teeth is not appropriate, but the general meaning is right.
The emperor who was cynical about him was also infiltrated into the "Fukien Compassionate School" and "Fukien Supporter School" by netizens because of his attitude, and even went further and made a remark that "he is a member of the Fukien Club"-even though the real emperor would be so cynical about almost all the guests, and this is the main point of the program, they deliberately ignored it.
The result is that after the ice water interview today … something happened to her at last.
Because those people dare not attack the emperor, but the emperor’s daughter is a good target.
It is customary for the chief reporter to interview the big news that street shootouts and armed thugs were defeated by a black demon wind during the day.
-or you can’t call it a gun battle. After all, the two sides didn’t fight at all. It was just a unilateral shooting and attack
Or this armed attack may be a trap …
This ice water trip is also full of armed guards as usual.
Two armed helicopters with machine guns and missiles, a slightly smaller helicopter equipped with two machine guns to transport equipment, and two teams of highly personalized bodyguards.
But when the ice water ended, the interview was broadcast live, but it was not time to board the helicopter.
Suddenly, a group of self-proclaimed freemasons came out and played a gun battle that was more intense than noon-
It seems that they took control of two helicopters with the blink of an eye of a hacker, and rose first.
Two security guards were late, but they managed to get in. The remaining helicopter was also ready to rise to meet, but it was directly bombed by missiles before it left the ground.
After that, the surveillance was cut off by some special force-something gray covered all the cameras, so that the radio equipment could also receive noise.
When the fog cleared, the two helicopters disappeared.
Instead of fleeing or defecting, the vigilantes fought until the last moment-but even the reformed bodies were broken against missiles and machine guns, and they counted almost enough people.
The only good news is that the ice water body was not found. She should have been taken, not killed.
Think about it and it is true.
Because those people want to target the root, it is not ice water, but the emperor ice water. Although she is the chief reporter, she and Bai Xueshi are not as popular as Xiao Liuli, but rather temporarily replaced the "chief reporter". Compared with the emperor, she is of no value.