Obviously, this blue lantern nightmare is profound and forbearing, and it is extremely great.
Moreover, the previous cold thousands of dead guards stormed the first mountain and once overturned the sea potential in Qian Shan, but she has been hiding in the dark and has been slow to appear. It is to observe whether the cabinet owner Huang Lao still has the ability to make moves
If Huang Lao moves, then it is said that the mountain and sea boundary has been restored. This must be a trap!
At the same time, the cat was led by many people, even if Han Qian was punished, she didn’t make a move, because she knew that her physical strength had not recovered, and it was difficult to defeat the converging attack of Qingyun and Keqing, who had good fortune in mountains and seas.
So she safely chose to wait for the strongest Luo Yu, waiting for everyone to relax their vigilance, and then accidentally trapped the Qingyun Keqing in the blue light.
So even if there is a unique machine, she is fully confident that she will defeat it!
Seems unwilling to talk any more.
The blue lantern nightmare has waved the seven huge blue lanterns to the back of the prisoner, and walked away towards the stone steps of Shoushan straight mountain road.
At the same time, I murmured, "The faint blue lantern comes at night, offering sacrifices to refine the blood sea, and taking care of me at night."
As she took a step by step thoughtfully chanting.
Behind it, the suspended half-seven giant lamps burst into flames, and seven people were trapped and screamed in pain.
At the moment, Wei Shang and other human spiritual forces are losing rapidly, even the qi and blood are forcibly pulled out of the body, and the green flames are constantly pouring out of the barriers like fire and rain.
At the same time, suddenly, the roar of ghosts and wolves outside the earthquake barrier is constantly ringing!
The walking dead are breaking through the darkness, and the haze is gathering like Shaqi. The tide is flooding the barriers and roaring towards Shoushan. It is the call of several blue lanterns and night demons to re-start the dead guards.
In the spacious passage, the night tour guards have revealed a ferocious smile and appeared in the field of vision.
However, several sea guards in Qian Shan are unable to even get up and watch the evil spirits trample on them in despair.
At the moment, they have been crippled.
The blue lantern night demon’s chanting is like a curse of hundreds of millions of murders in their ears, which makes them feel a splitting headache …
As Luo Yu said earlier, Han Qian is just a pawn crossing the river and cannon fodder. These dead guards are the real masters behind the night guards, but the blue lanterns and night demons hiding in the dark.
At this time, the Qingyun leader was trapped in the blue lantern and suffered from the devil’s fire and purgatory, which was hard to protect himself.
Qing Yao was plundered in the early days of gas refining, but it was already miserable for Qi and blood to eat and refine.
Nightmare QiuQingDeng seems to enjoy this party’s piercing whine.
She is hiding the sun with the tide of evil behind her, and she has stepped out like a dead wood towards the pale Shoushan in front of her eyes
Boom ~
One step down, the dark green fire has instantly spread around and covered the first mountain, such as the snowy mountain road steps.
This seemingly hard white stone step was suddenly dark as ink, which invaded the dark fire and spread rapidly.
The guards swarmed around and died, offering dark butchers to the collapsed foothills and barriers.
Qiang Qiang! !
Suddenly, when the magic dyeing center of Shoushan was in danger, a high-pitched sword roared from the top of the mountain and shone for nine days!
"the sword is shining ~"
After drinking dozens of silver swords with Jiao, hundreds of feet have been drilled into the mountain dead guards, and after strangling them at night, there is a petite and energetic ghosting that is urging the spirit royal sword to gallop like a human being.
The sword shadow streamer was walking everywhere, and the dead guards were chopped and scattered like withered vegetation.
"Xiao Fan!"
Many people, such as Wei Shang, have seen the ghosting of this fuelling sword shadow, which is exactly what Luo Yu Jian Shi Xiaofan did.
"Little ye is coming!"
At the same time, a flash figure has jumped high from the top of the mountain.
Ho ~
Xiao Long deafening huge white dragon shadow appears at first sight in the semi-commander’s office, holding up Aohun Mountain.
This foot is white dragon and the shadow is small, which is the mulberry cloud.
Although he is not tall, he is in the middle of the middle of the palm, pinching the tactic and hitting it off. "The array is burning in the south ~!"
Half way down the first mountain, it’s already hot and angry, and red fire lines appear everywhere.
Obviously, this eye has been buried in advance.
In a flash, the rhythm of the needle array was connected to the mountainside, and a third-order fire broke out. Then kill array was ablaze, and the flames became tidal, like volcanic eruptions, sweeping away toward the mountains.
Boom ~!
Nightmare Qiu Qingdeng angrily opened his eyes, and when the green lamp in his hand turned, the seemingly prosperous and thundering flame wave was strangely splashed from his front.
But there are several walkers and night guards around, but their strength is not as good as hers. They have been instantly swallowed up by flames and turned into ferocious and terrible people.
Even the screams will be sent out in the future and it will be gone!
Nightmare Qiuqing lamp has no intention to persuade evil beings to die, regardless of the fact that Lapras is killing them from the side.
She stared at the young man who was slowly coming out of the blue at the top of the mountain and mused, "Luo Yu, can you stop Zun like this?"
At the moment, Luo Yu is stepping, and as he stepped out step by step, it was already a mysterious white streamer intertwined and condensed into a mask of primitive simplicity.
The silver sword mark on the forehead of the mask has emerged. "How do you know you can’t do it if you don’t try?"
Behind that faintly visible huge streamer, the golden drum has sounded like a muffled thunder, and the drums are spreading like ripples, and they are dying towards the mountains and seas.
At the moment, Luo Yu’s voice sounds dull, but it seems that everything is expected. "I heard that there are four great statues in the ink spirit, and they are among the desolate spiritual realms; Bloodstained garment E Lai smiled and killed the devil to repair the anger and evil spirit; Crossing the boat in the sea of misery, the golden body method is detached from the outside world. These three should all be punished by God. Only you, the night devil, hate the blue lamp, refine the soul and sacrifice it, and become the devil’s mourning soul. Take charge of the night tour of Qian Shan. "
Luo Yu, it seems that the bland sound is filled with powerful Rowen, such as glaring behind him.
At that time, it was true that Rowen pressure and golden drum waves washed the number of Qian Shan Haiwei to find themselves regained their strength and regained their body control!
They started to fight against the evil crowd with their respective mountain lords calling on them to hold shields and stab them.