"Sister, you are amazing. I feel much more comfortable in my heart!" Even ze laughed
"You guessed he would come after you?" Jane asked
Even Fang Zhou laughed. "He just tried his best to cheat. It’s no reason to forget what we have forgotten!"
Jane and even ze zheng ha ha laugh.
The three of them talked and laughed all the way, but they were not lonely, because they were out of their hearts and had a brisk pace, and they didn’t feel tired.
Far away, I saw a arbor set up by the roadside in front of me. A Jian pointed, "We can have a rest in that arbor, where there is mountain spring water drawn from the back hill to quench our thirst!"
"Ok, then let’s walk faster!" Even fangzhou laughed
Because I was thinking that I would arrive soon by car, I didn’t prepare a way to drink water. Who knows that the three of them were really thirsty when they walked halfway. It was a refreshing sound to hear Jane say this.
When I came to the front, I saw the arbor leaning against the back of the mountain, and there was spring water flowing to the bamboo tube to build a section of water, which was clear, clear and crisp, and flowed into the ditch.
There are also long stone benches in the arbor, and the rest place is very clean.
"Elder sister! Brother Jane! Look what it is! " Even ze suddenly pointed to call way
Guess what Lian Ze saw? Well, I’m really bad here. Chapter 71 Pick up the baggage.
Even Fangzhou and Jane looked down at the past as a jade-colored dark satin bag, bulging neatly and tightly, with a lot of things in it.
At first glance, it is not something that ordinary people can afford.
"I don’t know who was so careless to leave the baggage behind!" Even Fang Zhou picked up the bag and pinched it before saying it. It was soft and thick, and it felt like something was loaded with fur.
She opened it and looked at it, except for two shiny and slippery purple minks, a sapphire thick dress and a silver ticket. Even Fangzhou counted five thousand two hundred silver tickets! There is also a beautifully embroidered silver-blue purse with two pieces of broken silver, six or seven pieces of gold leaves and two round pearls the size of fingers.
This is really a huge sum of money!
Three people all froze.
"This man is really careless! Even if the family has money, this is not a small amount! " Lian Fangzhou thought about the sidewalk. "I think the owner will probably come back to look for it. Why don’t we wait here!"
Even Zeyuan’s little face is still a little corrected. He is afraid that even Fangzhou will take these things for himself. Hearing her say this, he is greatly relieved and nods, "Good! Let’s wait! "
Even how much Fangzhou is in a hurry to ask for money, Jane has a look at the face of such a big temptation in her eyes. Her eyes have not changed a bit, and there is no hesitation when she said this. Jane also secretly admire the sidewalk in her heart. "Then wait! Otherwise, even if we don’t take the finger, someone will take it away! "
After about a quarter of an hour, the three of them heard a rush of horseshoes, and at the moment there was a young boy dressed in short brown in Tsing Yi and wearing a square hat rushing from horseback and rushing into the arbor.
Even Fang Zhou sat there with that baggage and saw it at a glance. "God finally didn’t lose it!" Girl, this baggage belongs to my master. Give it back to me quickly! "
He said that he would stretch out his hand to catch the baggage.
Even Ze and Jane are relieved that the owner of the baggage has finally found them, and they don’t have to wait any longer!
"Wait!" Even fangzhou leans away from him.
The page quickly said, "Don’t worry, girl, you are indispensable to thank you!"
"That’s not what I mean! If you want to thank me, wouldn’t it be better for me to take this baggage directly? " Even Fang Zhou said, "How do I know this burden must be you? Tell me what’s in the bag. If you’re right, I’ll give it back to you! Besides, by the way, we can save trouble by missing something in a pair of bags! "
What if he insists that something is missing and insists that he is hiding it?
The page suddenly nasty some impatient way "I have to hurry! I don’t have time to pester you! If this baggage is not my Lord, how can I know that there is a baggage here to look for? Don’t worry, we are innocent and decent people, how can they accuse you of taking things! "
Lian Ze also recovered and said, "My sister is right. Some things are better clarified!"
"But don’t you just say a few words?" Ajian also said
The page looked at Jane, thinking that it was impossible for him to snatch it hard. "But this baggage is my master, and I don’t know what’s in it!"
"It’s easy to ask your Lord!" Lianfangzhou avenue
The page can’t convince them to nod "all right! Three, please follow me! My master is waiting in front! "
Even Fang Zhou agreed to go with him.
After a short walk, I saw a young man in front of the shade wearing a dark green cloak, tall and slim, with his back to them and a maroon horse tied to one side without any impurities.
Hear the rustling leisurely turned around and saw his page led three people come together not zheng.
Even fangzhou looked up and glanced at the man’s dark green cloak with long eyebrows, bright moon and thin lips. It was a dark brocade robe with a silver blue round neck and a jade belt, which made him look even more slender. His face was like white jade, and he was very handsome and exuded a noble spirit, which made him dare not look straight.
"Gong!" The page told the man a few steps ago.
After hearing this, the male couldn’t help looking up at the three men.
The imposing manner brought out by his perfect temperament and handsome appearance also followed. Even Ze couldn’t help but feel a little ashamed. He was slightly blue and didn’t dare to look at him, but Jane was still there casually, oblivious. Even Fang Zhou was generous enough to meet his eyes and smiled politely for the first two steps. "This gentleman wants you to tell us what is in this baggage and we will give it back to you."
When the public saw the different reactions of the three of them, they were secretly wondering that they were ordinary people when they were wearing clothes, so people would not react like this when they came out to see how rich and expensive their families were.
It’s normal for him to take a look at that small teenager’s reaction; The adult man’s steady and natural manner made him feel a little scared instead of showing any fear-awe when these two words floated to his heart, he couldn’t help secretly laughing. How is it possible!
And this little girl looks like she’s just old, but she’s big enough to dare him to look at her supercilious and talk cleanly.
Cui Shaoxi unknowingly laughed and deliberately laughed. "If I don’t remember what is in this baggage? The girl won’t pay me back? "
The man smiles like the east wind blows the flowers and blooms beautifully, and his long and narrow eyes are dyed with filar silk smile, which is really eye-catching.
Even ze is embarrassed to see it.
Even Fang Zhou saw that he was joking, so he got impatient and said, "Do you want to come or not?"! If we hand it over to the yamen, we will go to the yamen and say it ourselves! "
Say hello to Jane and even ze go.
"hey!" Cui Shaoxi busy stopped them and laughed. "I’m just kidding! You’re a girl who keeps her mouth shut. You’re not afraid to see an official! "
Even Fang Zhou felt that he really shouldn’t mind his own business. He should have done it at that time and left directly without seeing this burden.
"Good good I say! Let’s see-"Cui Shaoxi saw that she watched her silent look and felt a little bored. She touched her nose and said," Well, there are two pieces of mink, a satin dress and five thousand two hundred silver tickets. There are some gold leaves, two pearls and a few pieces of broken silver in it! Girl "
He sighed lightly and spread his hand. "I really can’t remember how many things are in my purse!" "
Thank you. I really want to tell you about the reward! An old acquaintance. Oh, hey, Chapter 7 Money is sex.
He takes out all the money when it takes time. Where will he count how much?
"What color is purse? What patterns are embroidered? " Lian fangzhou asked
Cui Shaoxi gave her a look and smiled. "It seems to be silver-blue embroidered green gourd and gourd leaves."
Lian Fangzhou handed him the baggage and said, "Don’t mistake us for taking something when you turn around and check it!"
The page snorted a dissatisfied way "what do you mean? How can my husband be such a person! "
"big mouth!" Cui Shaoxi glared at the page, opened the bag with great generosity, casually ordered a little silver ticket and pulled open the purse. After thinking about it, he smiled at Lian Fangzhou, "I have seen nothing less!"
Page beside the pie pie mouth heart way, you can count things like this?
Even the three of them are not blind. Can’t you see that this male elder brother didn’t count the meaning seriously? What he did was just to deal with even the words of Fangzhou.
Even Fang Zhou felt that this man talked about taking so much money seriously, and even sighed that money is sex! Hey!
"In this case, we will leave when it is returned to the original owner!" Even fangzhou nodded.
"Ah," Cui Shaoxi stopped her and laughed. "What if I said there was something missing here? What about you? "
Even fangzhou saw his one eye service road "if the first thing here is right with you, then say that this burden is not you! We can also send it to the yamen! "
Cui Shaoxi zheng burst out laughing.
When he laughed, even Fang Zhou three people had left.