Today is the time to test the game. Although it is expensive, it can be sold as soon as it comes out. I have to feel the enthusiasm of the Chinese people
Li She is also an angry youth. When she heard that this game can be used in other countries, she was excited and excited. When the blood was over, she woke up. She had no money. If she bought this expensive game helmet, it would cost as much as 100 thousand.
Moreover, after the public beta in January, I heard that there are still millions of game warehouses and tens of millions of advanced game warehouses. Of course, these Li involved can’t even think about it. It’s good to be lucky to get a game helmet, although the thigh is bloody.
These are not the reasons for Li’s excitement. One of them is that the ratio of gold coins to RMB is 11, which means that Li has earned a gold coin in the game. In reality, it is two bowls of ham fried rice.
Li She was forced not to wait until the equipment was connected according to the instructions. She immediately wore a helmet. Li She felt that her eyes were black and it was dark all around. Then the battlefield music sounded and the picture was red. The enemy Bai Ma Yi, who was trapped in the camp, was able to compete with Lu Bu, strong, double Zhao Yunying and outstanding, and so on, which did not shock Li She’s nerves.
As soon as the style of painting changed, Li She seemed to come to a small town in the south of the Yangtze River, where willows and willows competed with flowers and boats. A flower boat and a woman danced and danced unsurpassed; Another pair of stunning sisters are strolling and admiring the flowers. Behind them, a woman looks at the lake and spits the poem "Luo Shen Fu" and so on, which makes Li She too busy to see.
In the end, everything disappeared, and four red characters appeared in Li’s eyes, and the Three Kingdoms competed for hegemony!
As soon as the picture lit up, Li She found herself in a small room with a beautiful woman in front of her.
When the beauty saw Li’s confused eyes, she smiled and said, "Congratulations to the 99999 th player who entered the game. Hello! I am the receptionist Fox. "
Sweat! There are a total of 100 thousand players in the test, and I was the penultimate one. I don’t know who the last one was
In reality, a man riding a motorcycle stopped at the side of the road and muttered, "Isn’t it just two helmets?" Is it necessary to chase it so hard? I was dumped by Brother Qiang. "Then I shouted around," Is young-fly-wang still there? "
"I’m here, Brother Qiang" came from a distance, and a man approached slowly and said, "Brother Qiang didn’t lose his helmet!"
"Of course not. Who is my strong brother?" He said and walked to his motorcycle.
"Er, why is there a box?" Strong elder brother looked at the motorcycle with solitary bound a box and said
"What’s wrong with Brother Qiang?" Young-fly-wang asked before feeling something was wrong.
On second thought, Brother Qiang should have accidentally dropped a helmet when he hit someone. "Nothing, just drop a helmet. Take it first. I’m waiting for a month, and the price of the helmet will come down. I’m trying to find a way."
"How can this work? Although this helmet is made by us together, it is mainly strong. How can I take your credit?"
"But …"
"Don’t what but not only the strong elder brother when you want to know is the reality of money in January game for a year! Brother Qiang, you play games much better than me. You can just take me then, "said young-fly-wang.
"All right, brother!" Strong elder brother moved and said
"Lock the player’s identity," Fox said. "Please create your own name!"
"Li She" Li She used her real name.
"Gender?" Fox asked again
"Male" Li She touched her mouth and said Hu Zha language.
"Whether to adjust the appearance can be adjusted by 50%," said Fox.
"Adjust 50%!" Li She said that in fact, in the final analysis, Li She is a handsome little boy. It is because of this decadent mood that Li She has lost her luster. Now she chooses to adjust her salary by 50% because she doesn’t want to meet any acquaintances.
This is not! The effect is not bad
"Is this really me?" Li She looked at herself in the virtual mirror and accidentally said that she needed to look carefully to find out what Li She’s outline in the mirror was probably the same.
"Congratulations on the successful creation of the player’s character, please enter the game!" Fox smiled and said
Li She felt dizzy again, but she didn’t forget to say, "How so simple! What occupation, race and system didn’t say anything! "
"Please feel for yourself in everything." Fox coolly said a word to these questions, which made Li feel sick.
The feeling of rotation finally disappeared. Li Sheyi appeared in the world of "The Three Kingdoms Hegemony". Before he could have a good look at the world, he immediately vomited on his face.
Very not easy to calm the rolling feeling in my heart, wiped her mouth and muttered, "Mom! This feeling is really more enjoyable than riding a mountain bike. "
After that, I looked at the surrounding environment. The blue weather here is very fresh. Li She appeared in a meadow and was covered with green, which made Li She really want to lie on the meadow and have a good sleep.
The first thing Wang Te did, of course, was not to lie down and sleep, but to make a personal attribute panel in his mind, which read
Name Li She
Level 1 (you can get a little free distribution points for each level)
Force 1 (determines the ability of military commanders)
Intelligence 1 (the ability to determine the strength of counselors)
Physical strength 6 (with a series of influences such as fatigue, injury and hunger, the physical strength value will gradually decrease and the player will die)
Hunger 1 No (the player dies when the hunger value is lower than 5 hunger hunger value)
Lucky hiding
Li was stupefied for a moment and suddenly burst into a big roar. "Are you cheating? This is the attribute of the department! "
"I * * * * * * * * * * * *"
"Hello, player, you have been banned for three minutes for insulting the system!"
Li is involved in "…"
Chapter III Small Village Drawings in Hand
For a long time, Li She finally accepted the reality, shook her head and made her way forward in one direction.
Li she looked at the vast expanse of green ocean and sighed, "when will this end?" How big this grassland is! I won’t be in the Central Plains! "
This is mainly due to the numerous problems of players, so it is impossible for np to be less than players, so it is not enough to increase np land crazily. It is nothing to enlarge the map five times on the original basis, which leads to the situation that Li She is still wandering in the grassland.
At present, Li’s personal equipment is a coarse cloth and even a wooden stick. "What should I do if I meet a wolf?" he muttered.
Before the voice fell to the ground, a dark animal appeared in front of Li She’s line of sight. The animal was lying on the ground in the sun very leisurely.
Li was about to run away when he saw a panic, and he looked at it carefully and said, "It turned out to be a big black dog! Really scared me to death. "
Then he made a detour and stopped when he came to the big black dog. He said, "You scared me and dared to enjoy sleeping so much. See if I don’t teach you a lesson."
Li’s eyes shone with strange light, and he thought it would be better to kill this big black dog.
Eyes are the light of joy after gaining experience, but before Li She walked beside the big black dog, the big black dog’s eyes suddenly opened with red light and struggled to jump to Li She’s mouth and gnawed at Li She’s neck.
"Holy shit!" As soon as Li She finished speaking, her eyes turned black and she didn’t know anything.
"Congratulations to the players! You were killed by the dog big black! " Even the system is cynical.
Grassland Li She originally appeared in that place, and a white light flashed. Li She wait for a while touched her neck. In the game, the senses can be automatically adjusted to enjoy the game helmet, which can reach 10%. The game warehouse is 90% and the advanced game warehouse is 100.
And Li involved in enjoying the fun of the game, and transferred the sensory enjoyment to the extreme of the game helmet, which is 10%, which makes it uncomfortable to be bitten by a dog.
Li was stunned for a while and burst out laughing. "This is what I want to feel!"
If someone were here, they would think that Li was a psycho and was so happy that he was bitten by a dog, not bitten to death!
Li She has always been a fan of the Three Kingdoms. At this time, being bitten by a dog made Li She "deeply" feel that the official announcement was absolutely right and absolutely the same as in reality. Later, the hero couldn’t help laughing when he thought that he could do his best in this world.
Li Shexiao slowly disappeared, his face became gloomy and he said maliciously, "I must kill this evil dog and people!" Run quickly in the direction of the evil dog
The big black dog is still lazy in the sun, lazy and half-closed, looking at a person who is hesitating not far ahead.
What’s the man doing in the dog world? Still want to be bitten?
"How can I play this? This damn grassland doesn’t even have a stone. "Li came with lofty sentiments. At this time, take a closer look at the big black dog’s information and immediately dare not."