On the first day of the confrontation, the two sides had a tacit understanding and launched the most violent offensive in an attempt to destroy each other in one fell swoop. However, due to the equal strength of the two sides, they fought for a long time without winning or losing.
It’s a great pleasure for both sides to fight each other, but it’s the way to tell the winner.
For a long time
The war was so deadlocked.
However, this stalemate did not last long and was soon broken by a sudden change.
That strange man from Qiyao Island, who came from congenital five families, suddenly rebelled and took refuge in Xuanyuan.
This sudden change can be said to have taken Chiyou by surprise.
Similarly, due to the defection of these aliens, the strength of Xuanyuan side has been promoted, while the strength of Chiyou side has been greatly damaged!
As a result, the situation changed!
Previously, the close situation was completely reversed. One side of Chiyou was beaten by Xuanyuan and fled in confusion.
In this issue, Chiyou tried to turn the tide and reorganize the army Xuanyuan to fight to the death, but before he could move to meet him, all the top experts on Xuanyuan joined forces to surround and kill him.
Xuanyuan Nine Days Xuan Nv Road flyover Ying Long and so on a list of quasi-saints joined hands to surround and kill Chiyou.
The result can be imagined!
Even though Chiyou has double combat power, he has not been defeated and captured in the face of so many siege situations.
That’s right. Chiyou was arrested alive by everyone.
You have a chance to blow yourself up when you come to Chiyou.
However, the scene of the ancestor witch’s self-explosion really startled everyone. It was before and after Wu XIII entered the reincarnation that the soil gave him restrictions and made the law self-explode.
And this
It became that main reason why Chiyou was capture.
just think
At the key moment, when Chiyou wanted to blow himself up and end all this, he suddenly found that he could do it himself. At that moment, shock and absence became his biggest flaw.
The sudden absence during the decisive battle of life and death is the main reason why Chiyou was captured.
"Daoyou, what do you mean?"
When Chiyou was caught by mistake, Xingtian said coldly to the peerless figure from Qiyao Island.
At this time, Xingtian was very angry with him. When he spoke, the violent breath in his whole body could not help but pour out and oppress the other side
But the other party is obviously not a good crop!
As for Xingtian’s violent breath, it’s about to be forced to blink, and the beautiful figure from Qiyao Island suddenly leaps up with a mysterious breath, which will completely resolve the pressure.
This whole thing is empty!
Is so Xingtian heart fear to resist the impulse to talk to each other.
Otherwise, Xingtian’s temper would have cut down the other side.
"Ha ha!"
"Xingtian Daoyou said I meant it?"
"Terran affairs have their own terran to solve. Are you an outsider who has a hard time intervening?"
The peerless figure from Qiyao Island ha ha a smile toward Xingtian to encourage.
"I’m here to save Chiyou and interfere with the idea of human affairs."
"Chiyou, who has ancestral witchcraft, must never fall into the Terran."
Cold hum a Xingtian explained.
Just now, I saw Chiyou being caught by mistake, and he hurried to try to save Chiyou, but I didn’t expect him to be halfway, and he was blocked by another teacher Chiyou, a peerless figure from Qiyao Island.
It was also at this time that Xingtian realized that he was mistaken. The strength of the invisible figure who was usually invisible was so strong, not weaker than him at all but stronger than him.
This is terrible!
There are not many people like Terran.
In addition to the ancient Feng Zichen Terran, Fuxi Shennong has such a strong strength.
Which of the three is he?
"Taoist friends know Chiyou’s identity, so why not ask Empress Been?"
"If Chiyou is really in danger, will Empress Hou not do it?"
Xingtian doubt just listen to the man said slowly.
"This …"
Smell speech Xingtian unchanged some indecision.
What happened here was naturally outwitted by the law.
But even so, the ancestral wizard of Houtu still hasn’t made a move. Doesn’t that mean that all this is under the control of the ancestral wizard of Houtu?
Reading here, Xingtian felt a little relieved and felt a little worried.
It’s not urgent for the ancestors of the deceased. What’s his hurry?
Interpretation and then Xingtian heart not raised more doubts.